Coralarium – Underwater Inter Tidal Art Gallery in the Maldives

British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has once again left his mark on the environment with a stunning new installation. Created for the Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi, Coralarium is a semi-submerged art gallery filled with nearly 30 sculptures that will act as a habitat for coral and other marine species. The Sculpture Coralarium is situated in the centre of the largest developed coral lagoon in the Maldives, on the island resort of Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi. The artwork by Jason deCaires Taylor is a semi-submerged tidal gallery space that exhibits a series of sculptural artworks on the skyline, inter-tidal waterline and seabed. As world’s first semi submerged tidal Art Gallery it is cube shaped, six metres tall, with its front façade submerged up to median tide of three metres. The design of the walls is based on natural coral structures and is porous to allow the tides, current and marine life to pass through and the structure to “breathe” within its location. Take a look at other underwater objects: underwater hotel and underwater resort.

Omoshiro Block – Hidden Objects Inside Paper Memo Pads

The Omoshiro Block (loosely translated as ‘fun block’) utilizes laser-cutting technology to create what is, at first, just a seemingly normal square cube of paper note cards. But as the note cards get used, an object begins to appear. And you’ll have to exhaust the entire deck of cards to fully excavate the hidden object. Produced by Japanese company Triad, whose main line of business is producing architectural models, the Omoshiro Blocks feature various notable architectural sites in Japan like Kyoto’s Kiyomizudera Temple, Tokyo’s Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Tower. The blocks are composed of over 100 sheets of paper and each sheet is different from the next in the same way that individual moments stack up together to form a memory. But despite the declining cost of laser-cutting technology, the Omoshiro Blocks are still quite expensive and range from around 4000 yen to 10,000 yen, depending on their size. Getting your hands on one will also be tricky for the time being as they’re currently only available at the Tokyu Hands Osaka location. But you can keep up with updates from the company by following them on Instagram.

Geometric Birds Formed From Bright Folded Paper

Istanbul-based paper artist Tayfun Tinmaz left a career in modeling to begin producing paper art designs, a practice of geometric-inspired works he collects under the name Paperpan. To produce each piece he first individually folds several dozen colorful triangles. Next, he fits these discrete parts together like a puzzle, forming tropical birds such as parrots, toucans, cockatoos, and more.

Most Popular Museums of Modern Art in New York

New York is a lot more than skyscrapers and hotdogs. The hotbed of culture, New York is a haven for those with a creative bend of mind. Modern art is celebrated with great passion here, and the several remarkable modern art museums all over the place are living testimony to that. So if you see deeper than just lines and colors on a modern art canvas, New York is the place for you. Let’s have a look at the best modern art museums of the Big Apple.

Andy Warhol Artworks – Life and Paintings of Pop Art Icon

Art and literature have always done a good job depicting the social-economic conditions and trends of the time. From cave engravings to classical art and modern paintings, art is a medium of expression and creativity. Every major literary movement or age has had its fair share of artists, writers, and painters stirring up the world with their revolutionary ideas and breaking free from their times. Andy Warhol is one such influential and prolific pop artist and illustrator of the post-modern period who combines the best of avant-garde and commercial sensibilities in his art. He was among the most successful and highly paid artists in New York best known for his iconic “Pop Art” such as screen printed images of Marilyn Monroe, soup cans, and sensational newspaper cover stories.

‘Double Exposure’ Illustrations of the Animal Kingdom in Thousands of Tiny Dots

Illustrator and graphic designer Thiago Bianchini reveals a deep reverence for the mystical majesty of the animal kingdom in thousands of intricate ink markings. Inspired by double exposure photography, he uses meticulous patterns of tiny dots to form celestial skies, trees, and mountains within the silhouettes of wild creatures. The dot drawing technique called stippling demands patience and precision, and each piece takes around four hours to complete. The final results are as spellbinding as storybook scenes, at once earthly and otherworldly.

Dazzling Paintings That Glows In The Dark

Cristoforo Scorpiniti is an artist who believes that good art should be visible at every time of the day. Artist Cristoforo Scorpiniti‘s paintings are captivating creations, both when the spotlight is shined on them and when it isn’t. This is because the young artist makes clever use of glow-in-the-dark paint for his masterpieces, allowing them to radiate even when the lights are off. Mainly focusing on animals and dreamy landscapes as subject matter, Scorpiniti’s pieces incorporate dark silhouettes and abstract color combinations to form entrancing new worlds. The Italian real estate agent-turned-artist has found a niche with his nuanced portraits. Bright and playful by day, they transform into darker dreamscapes when the lights go out. Capturing a certain symbolic sense of the duality between light and dark, day and night, his bewitching pieces have a double-edged appeal to them.

Beautiful Graphic Illustrations by Anna Savkina

Today we want to represent to your attention talented graphic designer and illustrator from Ukraine Anna Savkina. Her images differ with their unique style and high quality execution as well as pretty unusual and complicated foreshortening which makes illustration much more interesting and original. Have fun!

Art Photos by Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva

We want to show you the latest delicious photo collection by Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva. Highly proffesional work by masters of art photography will hardly leave someone indifferent. These art work are so amazing that by the first glance you perceive them as a photo-realistic paintings. Photos are created in absolutely different art styles and show absolutely different times. All them are made at the highest level and worthy of attention of the wider audience. Have fun!

Amazingly Photorealistic Paintings by Jonathan Jungsuk Ahn

Jonathan Jungsuk Ahn was born in 1977 in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in Boston. At the age of seven he he began studying under Nancy Angell-Rickenbacker, former student of Pablo Picasso and Oscar Kokoshka, and quickly became her star pupil. Today Jonathan Ahn is skilled in a variety of media, including oil and acrylic paints, charcoal, and pencil, and even sculpture. Jonathan especially enjoys portrait painting and other figurative works. In this collection we’ll show you his beautiful oil paintings of various thematics. Enjoy!

Incredible Pencil Sculptures of
Dalton J. Paul Getty

If you think that pencil is a tool for drawing, painting or writing notes – you’re wrong! 45-year-old carpenter, Dalton J. Paul Getty for 25 years turns ordinary pencils into incredible miniature sculptures. Without using a magnifying glass. “When I was a schoolboy, – says the master, – I made gifts to my friends, carving out their names on a pencils. Later, I decided to try sculpture, and after a long searching the choice fell on a pencil lead.” For such work Dalton uses blades, sewing needles and special knives for the sculptures. However, the material is too fragile and can not allow mistakes: at home Mr. Getty has more than 100 unfinished or broken sculptures. “At first I had a few broken figures, later I decided to keep them all in memory. I call this “cemetery collection”: they are all dear to me, yet I spent alone with them a few months.” Artist could spend a few months at one sculpture. For the creation miniature alphabet Dalton spent 2,5 years. “My patience is simply amazing people, because nowadays everyone wants to be quicker, faster and faster.”

Ghost in the Machine

Represent to your attention very unusual and symbolic series of art works created by imaginative artist Erica Simmons – Ghost in the Machine. Made out of recycled cassette tape with original cassette these works show portraits of legends of music of 20th century. Old tapes and pictures of musicians… From the words of Erica "The idea comes from a philosopher’s (Ryle) description of how your spirit lives in your body." Photos are not very quality but it’s not so important – music lovers will appreciate these art works highly!

Romantic Paintings by Rob Hefferan

Do you remember beautiful painting of Paul Roberts? Today we want to show you another collection of stunning paintings. This time created by talanted artist Rob Hefferan. With extremely photorealistic accuracy he depicted beautiful girls in various interiors. His works are slightly old fashioned but still fascinating and very romantic. We invite you to see this stunning collection and you’ll not be disappointed!

Inspirational Photos by Egon Gade

This collection consist of art works of Danish photographer Egon Gade who’s working for advertising agencies and design studios around all the scandivanian countries. Among list of his client you could find such names as Bang and Olufsen, Fritz Hansen and Malene Birger. Creative, unusual and definetely daring photos are worthy for your attention. So don’t hesitate and jump into the post!

Stunning Photomanipulations of Kassandra

There are a lot of various photomanipulations in Internet. And day after day their amount becomes bigger and bigger. But not all of them are worthy for the attention of wide audience. Because they’re not so qualitive or have weak execution. Artworks we’re going to show you are no such case. These amazing photomanipulations by talanted Ukrainian photographer Kassandra will blow your mind by their creativity. It’s even hard to find proper word to describe these art works. You have to look by yourself!

The Memories Collection of Charles Peterson

Memories… The older we get, the more memories we have. Artist Charles Peterson has devoted a series of paintings to the memories – “The Memories Collection”. While creatine these paintnings he appealed primarily to his own memories, his paintings are close and understandable to all. They allow the viewer back to a carefree happy childhood and remember the taste of mom’s pie, swimming a race in the pond, gentle voice grandmother … For this effect, the artist uses a combination of bright and clear background with faded human figures, more like ghosts. People who might already be dead, but who will always live in our memories and hearts. Series “The Memories Collection” has 60 paintings. Reproductions of paintings-memories were so popular in society, that the American edition of US Art Magazine included the name of Charles in the top ten representatives of the national printing industry.

Magic World of Joanna Sierko-Filipowska

Polish artist Joanna Sierko-Filipowska was born in 1960 in Bialystok. In 1985 she graduated Graphic Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with an honors degree. Artworks of Joanna Sierko invite the viewer into an illusory magic world, full of internal harmony, as well as memories of great holidays from a distant childhood. Looking at her paintings, we can go back there even for a moment.

Life After the Apocalypse

There are a lot of versions in internet about when and how will be the end of the world. Have you ever thought about how our world will look after? What could happen with Moscow and New York after a nuclear war? Talanted Russian artist Vladimir Manyuhin aka mvn78 was able to convey to us his view of such world in his matte paintings. All illustrations were created using various graphic programs such as Photoshop and 3DMax. Looks very interesting.

Beautiful Paintings of Paul David Bond

Today we want to show you beautiful surreal artworks of Mexican artist Paul David Bond. He was born in Mexico but now lives and works in USA. “In my paintings I rearrange familiar objects and elements until they match images mined from my imagination. I am always looking for new visual symbols to reflect an emotion or ideal that I’m entertaining at the moment. Very often a painting is born from something randomly seen from a car window or a line in a novel. If it stirs my curiosity, it finds it’s way into my work.” Artist repeatedly became the winner of competition of young artists, and has been and continues to hold solo exhibitions in galleries in the U.S., and far beyond. If you like such style we recomend you to see Surrealistic Paintings by Vladimir Kush.

Art of Innovation by Geliographic

Continuing the theme of war in art – Moments of War by Mariusz Kozik – we want to represent an unusual series of paintings. “Art of Innovation” is the title of this series by Geliografic, a studio based in Moscow which does illustrations on demand. Extremely detailed unusual composition from a big variety of flowers, berries and deadly weapons is unexpectedly beautiful. Also want to notice fantastic execution of all these paintings. Enjoy! And don’t forget to feel the strong message coming from these artworks…