3D Printed Clutch Inspired by the City of Bern

Venetian brand Maison 203 collaborates with designers on a series of clutches that are entirely 3D printed and they’ve just launched the new one, which was designed by Odo Fioravanti. Bern, made exclusively of 3D printed sintered nylon, was inspired by the urban landscape of the Swiss city that shares its name. An oval shape is the base for the bag with rounded “blades” that undulate over the exterior to form a dramatic linear pattern. The visually dynamic clutch results in an optical effect that changes depending on what angle you’re viewing it from. You can but it here.

Famous Paintings on Bags from New Collection of Lous Vuitton

Louis Vuitton launches a new range of handbags and accessories designed by American artist Jeff Koons. The ‘Masters’ Collection remixes the iconic artworks of the Old Masters and presents them in a way that encourages new interpretations. If the Da Vinci is sure an iconic my favorites are the Van Gogh and the Rubens collection. Koons has brought imagery from his long-standing ‘Gazing Ball’ paintings – a series of large scale hand painted reproductions of works by the Old Masters – to a range of Louis Vuitton products. Great artworks from Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ to Peter Paul Rubens’ ‘Tiger Hunt’ create a canvas on the bags for Koons to adorn the LV monogram, flower shapes, metallic lettering, and a bunny rabbit bag charm.

The Big Bag Theory

Today we want to show you creative advertising campaign called “The Big Bag Theory”. Photosgraper and retoucher is Lucia Giacani. “From the Harrods website: In this issue of Harrods Magazine, we’re celebrating the latest selection of bags courtesy of the most sought-after brands. Our Big Bag Theory fashion pages are a showcase of structured leather totes and miniature evening bags that have been created exclusively for Harrods.”

Mondana Bag Wooden Stool

Italian company Riva1920 designed the this unusual stool, dubbed Mondana Bag, in the form of a handbag, complete with straps. Made of of solid cedar wood, the seat is naturally finished and outfitted with leather and what looks like brass hardware. The design is playful in reference but simple in material, balancing conceptualism with versatility.

Amazing Cartoon Handbags

The Taipei based duo, Tika Lin and Chay Su have created a line of handbags that will make everyone on the street do a double take. These real life handbags are made to resemble cartoons and do just that. The line called JumpFromPaper, are designed to look like bold and colorful 2D drawings that are actually usable. The idea is innovative and looks absolutely amazing!

Playful Clip Bag by Peter Bristol

If you like unordinary things and want to be unique then this playful Clip Bag is for you. It borrows its form from a common office item – the binder clip. Constructed of wool felt and aluminum tubing, the bag functions so well you might forget just how clever it is. Peter Bristol is the clever designer of this unique bag.

Cool Baggy Winecoat by Jakob Wagner

Danish designer Jakob Wagner created a sleek bag that keeps your boxed wine fresh with style. Called Baggy Winecoat it features a non-slip rubber base with a comfortable handle, and its spout will fit all standard taps. It’s large enough to slip in some ice to cool down your beer, soda, juice, ginger ale, and any other drink you want to take with you on the go. Very convenient accessory comes in five colors for you to choose from: black, red, white, lilac, and black leatherette. Enjoy!

Exclusive Metal Bag from Pamela Love

This exclusive metal bag from Pamela Love is created solely from metal and costs $3000. Cilindrical construction is decorated with stainless stell chain strap and signature of the designer. Whatever it will be Antiqued Brass or Oxidized Silver such unique bag will not leave you unnoticed!