Realistic Celebrity Dolls by Noel Cruz

Filipino artist Noel Cruz is a well known master in painting dolls. He takes ordinary Barbie dolls and with using his outstanding skills creates dolls strikingly similar to Hollywood actors and actress. In his collections you will easily find wonderful “copies” of Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Robert Pattinson and many other celebrities. Noel sells his art works via eBay and if you want to become a happy owner of such masterpiece or if you want to increase your collection with “portrait” of your favorite person visit his page on eBay.

Historical Figures in the Modern World

A group of artists led by historian Suzanne Lipscomb decided to dream up how might look like famous figures of English history in our time. And now we have an opportunity to see unexpected portraits of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare and admiral Nelson. This project is similar to another great project Celebrities in the Renaissance. So if you like this one then you should check both! Have fun!

Amazing Portraits by Alice X. Zhang

Today we want to show you amazing portraits created by artists from Unites States Alice X. Zhang. Alice “graduated the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in Graphic Design, but heartily wish I’d chosen Illustration instead. I am always learning and experimenting as an artist and spend nearly all my free time drawing.” Hope you will like these beautiful paintings!

Celebrities Portrayed as Russian Generals

It becomes more and more popular to mix past and present and add a little celebrity. Do you remember Celebrities in the Renaissance that we’ve shown you some time ago? This time we’ll show you celebrities in the uniform of Russian generals. English portrait artists George Dawe painted 329 portraits of Russian generals active during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia for the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia. And Steve Payne digital copies of these painting and Photoshop creates portraits of his friends, family and celebrities. Today’s post will show you some examples of his work. Have fun!

Celebrities in the Renaissance

Today we want to blow your mind with the following experiment. Let’s imagine that now is the Renaissance. How would look celebrities in the Renaissance? Artists from creative website have tried “to catch the moment” and show us famous paintings but with modern celebrities in the main roles. All these new characters are without celebrity plastic surgery and some of them look very natural in their new roles. Check them out!

GQ Natural Selection Laptops

To find laptop with some specific features people usually check laptop reviews but sometimes the main feature they need is its appearance. Toshiba and GQ Magazine has released a new series of limited-edition custom designed laptops “GQ Natural Selection”. To create creative design of these laptops were invited four celebrities: the legend of Aerosmith Joe Perry, the player of American football team Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward and famous actors Ryan Wilson and Omar Epps. All stars worked on how should look corpus of laptop models Toshiba 505 A, P, M and series Qosmio X. Each received design reflects their lifestyles and personalities. These unique collector’s items will be auctioned off on eBay and as mentioned on Toshiba website auction starts today. So hurry up…