M. Hostomme Abysse Ocean-Aged Champagne

A steady temperature and lack of light is an ideal environment for aging Champagne, but only a few houses in France take that to the extreme by aging their liquid underwater. Abysse is one of those, a Grand Cru Brut that 12 months under the sea off the coast of Southern France locked in a steel cage, after 48 months of aging on the lees in stainless-steel tanks and Burgundy French oak barrels. Abysse is the only ocean-aged Champagne being exported to the United States, with only 60 bottles being made available. And don’t forget to check Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

Moët & Chandon “Link Your Love”

Under the concept “Link Your Love”, Parisian graphic designer and illustrator, TYRSA collaborated with Moët & Chandon to update their Impérial Rosé packaging. Taking inspiration from the signature black tie that adorns the neck of each bottle. “Taking inspiration from the signature black tie that adorns the neck of each bottle, Tyrsa created a ribbon-like lettering for “Link Your Love Rosé.” The new look dresses up the champagne’s packaging and will feature across a wide range of Impérial Rosé gift packs.”

Champagne Cork Forniture

When having the standard sized bottle of bubbles just isn’t enough, there’s furniture for a real large dose of the good stuff. A champagne cork cage blown up to a life-sized scale and crafted into side tables is the ultimate in surreal furniture design. This unique piece of furniture is a part of a series of furniture that includes cork side tables in the champagne or wine variety, and even a nifty little side piece made up of tons of standard sized corks as well. The champagne cork cage table is crafted from high grade Portuguese cork and is suitable for use both indoors and out. You can buy it here.

Exclusive Champagne Armand de Brignac

Famous alcoholic brand Armand de Brignac has released a truly luxurious collection of champagne. One bottle of Prestige Cuvees costs about three hundred dollars, and the high price of drinks is quite understandable. Each luxurious finished bottle is stored in a special black briefcase. The collection of Armand de Brignac includes three types of champagne: Champagne Rose, Champagne Blanc de Blanc and Brut Gold, each have a different flavor. For example, Brut Gold Champagne is a very subtle and delicate drink with the aroma of roses, green apples and nutmeg with notes of white pepper and soft, long plum finish. The champagne Armand de Brignac is perfectly complemented with fresh strawberry, pear, sour apple, cream cheese.

One Glass for Every Drink

Modern life become more and more multipurpose. But I bet you didn’t even think that such multipurpose can touch such item as glass. Sven MILCENT and Utopik Design Lab have invented cup that can be used for four main types of drink: water, cognac, wine and champagne. It’s called “One Glass for Every Drink” and uses the same head for each drink but with different base. Exellent idea don’t you think?

Beautiful and Unique Bottles for Luxury Drinks

If you’re our loyal reader you should remember our post about creative bottles designs of Sparkling Wine Collections “Colier” or Balblair Scotch Whisky 1989 Special Edition. Today we want to show you wider collection of unique designs of bottles. But with one little nuance: all featured bottles belong to only luxury alcohols. Cost of each luxury bottle is from a few thousands of dollars and up to $1,000,000. Sometimes price depends from the quality of the drink and sometimes a bottles are more expensive than liquor. But each and every bottle is worthy for attention! Enjoy! Also you should check Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

Sparkling Wine Collections “Colier”

Every limited edition pieces have spectacular design. But some of them are worthy for additional attention. “Colier” is a limited edition of sparkling wine targeted to business women. And design of its package is stunning. It was created by united team of two designers from Ukraine – Reynolds and Reyner. There are exist two variants of design: 23 luxury sets “Brut” which consist of bottle and presentation box and 5 premium sets “Vintage Brut” which consist of handmade bottle and cocoon container. Cocoon container is also interesting. All the weight is focused in its bottom part that’s why it don’t turn upside down. And it also keeps cold inside before opening. So as a present champagne “Colier” will be unforgetable!