“Ze Future” by Ido Yehimovitz

Today we want to show positive and creative project of designer from Tel Aviv Ido Yehimovitz. Called “Ze Future” this project contains lots of perfectly drawn pictures showing how classic cars would look like in future. The main features is absence of wheels. Interesting, huh? Take a look! And if you like this idea then you should definitely check “Air Drive” Series by Renaud Marion.

“Air Drive” Series by Renaud Marion

French Photographer Renaud Marion has captured surrealistic scenes of iconic, classic cars hovering just above the ground, seemingly materializing in an imagined retro-futuristic cityscape. Situated in front of contemporary architectural sites, garages, and residential structures, the sleek cruisers float on the street. The "Air Drive" series includes a hot-red Jaguar e-type, shining silver Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing coupé, and mint green Mercedes-Benz 190SL that drift in place. The recognizable automobiles represent a time when cars were regarded as highly stylized symbols of society, with vibrantly-colored hues and crafted exterior details.