Stunning Concrete Espresso Machine AnZa

When it comes to kitchen apparatus and the materials used in its construction, concrete isn’t one that you’d typically think of but the AnZa Coffee Machine bucks this trend and does so in considerable style. The AnZa Coffee Machine looks like something lifted from the set of the Flintstones and is crafted in Berkley, California, and is a fully operational coffee maker that will add a considerable level of visual appeal to any kitchen that you choose to deploy it. With concrete, quartz and porcelain the key materials used in its construction, it is a rugged looking construct. Coffee machines are inherently cool for the most part but, it’s fair to say, you’re unlikely to come across many more unusual and devilishly stylish than the brilliant looking AnZa Coffee Machine. For anyone looking to really enhance their coffee making credentials and on the lookout for one of the coolest contraptions imaginable, you really need look no further.

Cute Coffee-Coloured Cats Popping Out Of Cups

for Russian illustrator Elena Efremova each coffee drink whether it’s an espresso, an Americano, or a sweet coffee-and-ice-cream treat has its own personality that comes through in its flavor. And to capture that, she’s created portraits of cats with some very distinct personalities. Elena uses an everyday beverage, enjoyed by millions, to create clever, unique works of art. She also brings in the sense of taste into her artwork, using the flavor as inspiration for each cat’s personality. On her Behance page, Elena writes: “Here are my coffee cats. Each has its own character, as well as every type of coffee has its own flavor.”

Vespa Water Purifier Concept

What if Vespa released a water purifier product? In order to create a more fun design, a unique brand concept was applied to the water purifier. “This is the Vespa team’s design. I tried hard to put in the charactrastic of the vespa such as colorful, the shape of secure and roundish, feeling of vintage to water purifier. We designed it added to Italia’s sensibility what vespa have got. ” Designers are garim Kim and PDF [Product Designer’s Forum].

Alternative Trapéze Kettle

The Trapèze Kettle by designer Fraser Leid aims to be a simpler interpretation of the modern electric kettle, relating closely to traditional stovetop kettles by incorporating higher quality materials as well as straightforward functionality and aesthetics. The open trapezoidal shape is the kettles most unique feature. The handle is directly inline with one of the kettles leading edges which acts as its pouring lip. The open top indicates where the kettle should be filled and importantly, visually promotes the disposal of stale water and cleaning the interior more often. The body is a single sheet of folded Aluminium, with a reinforced underside. The interior is coated with Stainless Steel The handle comprises of hollow, matte Polypropylene which follows the direction of the kettles body. The base, which houses the electromagnet componentry, comprises of injection moulded Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The boiling aspect of the kettle is performed by induction, which is more electrically efficient than both standard hob kettle boiling and electric elements. Though a new development, induction heating is a system that will have a great impact in the near future.

Star Wars Coffee Cups

Just in time for the Star Wars revival, the Dark Brew is a coffee line for you Vader aficionados. Choose between the strong and black Darth Vader coffee cup, or the more light Trooper coffee cup. The brews also match, with their signature dark side blends. Designers are Spencer Davis & Scott Shenone.

Funny UHO Mug – Perfect for Morning Coffee and Great Mood

Upstairs Shop was formed in 2013 by Product designer Pavel Sidorenko and graphic designer / ceramist Maria Sidorenko. “Our aim is to create functional and playful products that retains its simplicity, interacting with the space and user. To create not only incorporate pragmatic necessity, but also transmit an emotional quality within the everyday environment.” They have created this creative collection named “Uho”. “Uho” translates from Russian to “ear”, the body part has been interpreted as the handle for the series of playful mugs used for your daily hot drink! Simple, and available in black or white, each piece is hand-made using the highest quality porcelain.

Incredible Paintings Created by Using Coffee

Maria Aristidou is a United Kingdom-based painter who creates incredible portraits of famous figures using a surprising material: coffee. She’s experimented with a variety of brands and consistencies to develop the range of colors that enables her artistic freedom. “Firstly made by accident, coffee painting has really grow on me,” she says. “Painting like I would with watercolors, I use many different blends and brands in order to get the right shade, depending on the design.” Aristidou usually chooses recognizable photographs to replicate. Due to her medium of choice, the pieces turn out in sepia tones, which give the pictures a warm, old-fashioned feel. Take a look!

Alchemy Coffee Co. Branding

Graphic designer and letterer Ben Johnston in collaboration with industrial designer Mark Simmons have created ultramodern design for Alchemy Coffee Co. “The Alchemy Coffee set is all about ritual; from running your fingers across the lid of the handmade wormy maple box, to neatly arranging all the components on the leather lined serving tray, to grinding and brewing the perfect beans, to spinning the ceramic cups and watching the morning light reflect off the facets as you contemplate life. It’s all black because we wanted something that would match our v-necks. Throughout the project the goal was to emphasize craftsmanship. Whether it was machine-made or handmade, we wanted the level of detail and quality of execution to be apparent. Leveraging the appropriate process for each element and seamlessly combining them; 3d printed ceramics, laser engraved illustration and branding elements, hand tooled and dyed leather, handmade wormy maple parts and CNC’d leather embossing stamps. We were intrigued by the concept that craftsmanship is not limited to things made by hand; perfectly forming a bezier curve on a tablet or modelling a nice facet in CAD, can be just as valid and beautiful as hand carving a wooden spoon.”

Elegant Cold-Drip Coffee Maker EIFFEL

If you love both coffee and architecture, then Dutch Lab’s Eiffel 2000mL cold-drip coffee maker is a perfect solution for you. Its French-inspired beauty provides a way to hold the coffee-making mechanisms such as the tubes and drip valves. The combination of its black, full-aluminum body with brass plating and glass makes for an elegant statement piece in any room. Designers of the Eiffel 2000mL are not only concerned about its aesthetics, but they want it to make the best cup of coffee possible. So, they use a method called “cold-drip,” which doesn’t need any electricity or hot water to run. Three flasks align vertically and the force of gravity allows water to run through them. Water starts at the top and gradually filters down into a lower flask that contains specially-ground Dutch Coffee. As the liquid and grounds combine, they culminate in the lower glass orb. Dutch Lab recommends that you start the entire process at night so that your coffee is waiting for you the next morning. In addition to the 2000mL system, Dutch Lab sells other (smaller) versions of the Eiffel, including 500mL and 1000mL coffee makers.

1,000 Lattes for a Stop Motion Animation Love Story

Japanese coffee company Maxim Stick has put together a stop motion animation video that uses latte art to tell the fictional life stories of two people in love. The company says more than 1,000 individual lattes decorated with powder were used to create the playful video, which follows a couple throughout their lives, including falling in love, marrying and becoming parents. Happy New Year!

Practical Coffee Mug ‘Goat’

desnahemisfera have designed Goat, a sustainable coffee mug that pays homage to the goats that discovered coffee. “Goat is a practical and sustainable coffee mug, paying homage to the goats that discovered coffee. Its horn shape not only tells the original story of coffee but also helps you drink the last sip and makes you look good. The leather holder simply turns into a coffee mug stand, so you can easily keep the mug on your desk. Goat comes with a set of two straps (short and long part combine into one), so you can simply attach it to your bag or just let it fall across your shoulder. This way you can carry your books or bags and talk on the phone while carrying your coffee around. It’s 100% leak proof so don’t worry about getting coffee stains on your jeans. It’s also safe for your health because it’s BPA free.” If you are interested in supporting this project, you can see the Kickstarter campaign – here.

Steampunk Coffee Shop in Cape Town

TRUTH is the most beloved coffee shop chain in all of Cape Town, created by connoisseur David Donde. Designed by Haldane Martin, the interior brings to vivid life the down-to-earth, cozy hominess that has become synonymous with TRUTH’s brand and reputation.  The companyэs name reflects their core mandate of honesty, inspiration and transparency, and the interior design is a perfect reflection of that. Every inch of the coffee shop is packed with visual candy from large saw-blade tabletops to beautiful overstuffed booths and an ornate array of coffee making equipment that looks absurdly complex, almost like interior of a World War 2 submarine. If that wasn’t enough, Martin also crammed the space with vintage typewriters, Singer sewing machines, and old candlestick telephones. The design even extends to the restrooms which have exposed copper pipes, old extending mirrors and victorian tap levers.

The Barisieur – Morning Coffee Maker

The Barisieur by Joshua Renouf is an alarm clock that will wake you up with a bespoke cup of coffee right when you need it most. It challenges all 5 senses, easing the user into the day with the subtle movement of stainless steel ball bearings that boil water via induction heating, accompanied by the smell of freshly brewed coffee or tea. Nightly prep encourages a “ritual” before bed, signaling the body & mind that it’s time to unwind and that there’s something to look forward to in the morning! Better yet, it makes for a stunningly beautiful bedside piece.

Marvelous 3D Printed Sugar Cubes

3D printing has become almost ordinary thing in contemporary world. And now you can even drink cup of coffee or tea with 3D printed sugar. Don’t believe? Then check this collection of complex 3D printed sugar creation from The Sugar Lab at 3DSystems. The Sugar Lab creates designs for extreme geometric complexity and then uses their customized 3D printers to print them into reality in sugar. The sweet designs are still 100% safe to use as sugar for your coffee or tea. Just imagine how would look like your cup with these stunning sugar cubes. It will be very aesthetic spectacle! But at the same time it will be very hard to drop these artistic creations into hot drink and watch it melt into nothingness.

Piamo – The World’s Smallest Coffee Machine

Piamo perhaps is the world’s smallest coffee machine! The tiny coffee maker creates a fresh cup of delicious espresso within 30 seconds. All you need to do is fill the chamber with water, put in an espresso pad or grounds, screw it onto the attached cup, and microwave-it! Voilá, a tasty and ready to drink espresso. A great alternative for the office, at home or for traveling. Project realization is done by gemodo coffee GmbH, a young company having the goal to create new modern alternatives for preparing hot beverages. Products for daily use being progressive, practical and personal. The driving force behind piamo and gemodo coffee is Christoph Meyl. He loves to turn crazy ideas into new alternatives and innovative products.

The Coffee Break by Amidov for Monkey Business

A coffee cup shaped sugar bowl divided into two, convenient for serving different sweeteners and for raising a smile. Made of ceramic. “The Coffee Breaks birth as a product lies at the end of a relatively unconventional design journey. From 2011 onward we produced a series of studio works, consisting of sectioned ceramic table ware such as tea pots, coffee cups, plates and vases. Ceramic vessels were sourced from the local flea market and with the aid of a gem-cutters saw, the vessels sides were cut away leaving only the center most portion of the vessel. The outcome had an almost two-dimensional existence, free of volume, devoid of the ability to contain, they were almost a graphic representation of themselves. These works were shown at several galleries and museums as a kind of ‘designers studies’.”

Sucabaruca Coffee Set by Luca Nichetto + Mjölk

The “Sucabaruca” coffee set is rich in cultural and formal references that come from the influences of several people involved in the project. The main cone-shaped body is reminiscent of “Carmencita”, the famous character created by Armando Testa in 1966 for the tv show “Carosello”. The patterns, hand-engraved by hand in the ceramic, are meant to emphasize the uniqueness of the pieces, as well as for the tray, manufactured using materials such as Canadian maple wood or marble, which always reveal new and unique patterns when carved. Just like in a game, the set elements can be stacked and combined as desired, indulging in the different personalities offered by 3 colour palettes, from total white, inspired by the fashion designer Martin Margiela, to pastel tones, characteristic of Japanese architectures, and eventually pop colours, a tribute to the eclectic artist Jean-Paul Goude.

Morning Collection of Coffee Images

There are not so many things that connect people all around the world and one of such things is coffee. What can be better than cup of hot coffee in the morning? “Two cups” – real coffee lovers will surely answer, and they will be absolutely right. Today we want to bring some joy not only for coffee lovers but also for ones who love quality art photos. Someone will simply enjoy the collection, the other one will make himself or herself a cup of coffee and there will someone who will scroll to the end and found a good source where he could find more coffee photos, and not only coffee. So enjoy the images of fine coffee and don’t forget to add this page to bookmarks – who knows, may be someday, in the morning, it will be a good help when there is no cup of real coffee.

Sugar Skull by Snow Violent

Coffee at the morning is an everyday ritual. And design team Snow Violent thinks that coffee should be without sugar since it’s a harmful addition to a coffee. To make it more visual they developed skull-shaped sugar cubes. Another purpose of this project is a some kind of surprise that would be an entertaining way to start your day. The unique concept began as a simple sketch and was later developed into a prototype by DR.HC to feature meticulously carved details that resemble an actual skull. The final product is a combination of grainy sugar and a creative design that dissolve together into one delicious treat. Take a look!

Flip Coffeecup Chair

Daisuke Motogi Architecture has added a new chair, shaped like a coffee cup, to its growing Flip furniture collection. Flip furniture changes function when flipped. Coffeecup is a low table that turns into either a small armchair or higher chair with a low back. Made of lightweight urethane, the chairs are easy to flip, so light a child can flip them without any help. In addition to Flip chair, Flip stool and Flip rocking chair, the series now includes; Flip-coffeecup, Flip-table and Flip-chair-kids.