Decor Type Furniture by Claudio Scotto

Claudio Scotto is a graphic and web designer based in Naples, Italy. In today’s post we would like to feature on of his projects called Decor Type. Decor Type is a furniture catalog with a very special design. It’s characterized by features of the most commonly used typographic fonts by designers. This collection includes chairs, bookshelves, tables and other furniture and each item has some alphabetical symbol in its design. Just take a look!

The Beehive Chair by Graham Roebeck

The Beehive chair created by New Zealand-based architectural designer Graham Roebeck won the inaugural 2011 Formica Formations competition. “Exploring the theme of today’s highly portable art and media –interpreted through the analogy of sculpture as frozen music- the form is that of a non portable guitar pick and a gourd that are rendered immovable. Frozen. Constructed from Lakepine Zero low emitting MDF, Beehive has beeswax polish to the edges, and uses Warm White Formica high pressure laminate to the vertical faces.”