What If Guys Were Social Networks

Vanichi Magazine has partnered with Los Angeles-based photographer Viktorija Pashuta to create a sequel to her photography series, “What If Girls Were Internet Browsers”. The new project, “What If Guys Were Social Networks”, is a concept fashion photo shoot that pictorially answers the question: “What would popular social networks look like, if they were actually human?” Viktorija explains, “With the age of social media and its influence on everyday life, we feel its direct presence and the necessity to use these channels as our main source of communication and sharing of content. While socializing with friends, relatives, and colleagues online, the actual online platforms sort of become ‘alive.’ And then I thought: ‘What would happen if I tried to humanize well known social networks? The idea was not only to use the social media logos as a visual reference, but also to transfer their qualities and usability functions into human character portrayed through fashion.”

“Follow me to” by Murad Osmann

Russian photographer Murad Osmann has posted lots of Instagram pictures featuring his girlfriend leading him by the hand to various parts of the world. Each picture of the couple is always taken from behind with Osmann’s hand clasping tightly to his partner’s as she guides him across the world. Big Ben in England, Disney World in Hong Kong, streets of Venice, beautiful beaches. Lots of people have taken the journey with them, following along vicariously online. Don’t waste your time and travel with these creative pictures too!

Instagram Logo Mascot Toy Design Concept

Today we want to show you some really cute example of toy design. “Designed by JC Rivera and digitally sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider, this charming little guy is for all the lovers of the great Instagram iPhone/Android app. While only a concept, the pre-production images have ignited quite a lot of interest, and we’re doing everything we can to make him a reality. Shinbone Creative is reaching out to designers and artists with unique creative vision, and JC Rivera is exactly the kind of energetic individual that we love. We’re interested in getting together with anyone or any team that would like to turn their own strong character design into more wonderful, fun toys. ” Have fun!