The Planet Chair – Your Special Private Space Place

Ukrainian based MZPA design, have created ‘The Planet’, a piece of furniture that enables someone to have a private space in an open office, hotels, airports, or anywhere where someone needs a little time to themselves. The ergonomic design includes a couple of features, like a USB charging port, led-lamp or tablet holder (seen below), that allows the user to curl up inside and watch a movie, do some work or have a hands-free video call. There’s also a shelf with a small built-in cup holder and an upholstered cushion for maximum comfort.

Lullock – A Lounge That Changes Positions With You

Nicole Hone, Darnar Kruy, James Edwards, Nisha Brunt and Reuben Knauf, all design students from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, have created Lullock, a lounge that responds to the natural movement of the person is sitting on it.

A Lounge Chair Inspired by a Wheelbarrow

Taking inspiration from the outdoors in the form of a wheelbarrow, ONEMANDUO designed a lounge chair named Rapide for Estonian company Borg. Combining a contemporary, curvy form with the functionality of being able to move it, the chair makes for a practical seating option. The oversized, wooden wheels not only transport the chair from place to place, they also add a decorative element that ties in the two legs and handle on the back. Now you can easily haul your chair to another room without scratching your floors to breaking your back.

Contemporary Etazin Lounge Chair

Take a look at the impressive Etazin Lounge Chair – a contemporary alternative lounge chair that embodies function, aesthetics and high-quality into an eye-catching chair design. Designer Kate Brown saw this swivel/hammock chair as an artistic expression of comfort and flexibility and shares her vision in a rotating steel shape. A curved and padded lounge area was fixed on the chair’s innermost ring, inviting to comfortable contemplation and relaxation. About 8 1/2′ tall and wide, rotating its inner ring 360 degrees, this steel masterpiece engages with the landscape in a very personal and welcoming manner. An interactive piece of furniture perfect for the outdoors, the Etazin Chair is on permanent installation at Taliesin West, the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in Arizona if any of you want to take a closer look at its elegant, imposing curves. After that, you can decide if you want to buy your own Etazin outdoor lounge chair.

Creative Mandarin Pouf

Playful “Mandarin” pouf was created by designers Vyacheslav Chupakhin and Gennady Martynov and presented at iSaloni Worldwide 2013 in Moscow. A spherical structure, soft and flexible composed of eight segments, mobile and comfortable elements connected together by zippers. A multi-purpose solution with a soft and playful line, an unusual design to interact with, able to furnish and decorate with simplicity different environments, from home to office, and to adapt to different uses, transforming from an ottoman to a comfortable armchair, from a sofa on which relax in bed on which to sleep, or separating the various elements to obtain additional sittings of different shapes and sizes which can accommodate up to eight people.

Abstract Mosaic Chair 02

Take a look at this gorgeous Mosaic Chair 02 by designer Benjamin Rollins Caldwell. Stunning combination of abstract basis and extremely soft looking cushion force you to at least seat down and check is it so comfortable as it look like. “Inspired by the abstract nature of stained glass windows, this lounge chair consists of half inch frosted tempered glass inset in a steel frame finished in a black auto paint. The Goose down cushions are upholstered in red dyed lamb shearing.” Fantastic lounge chair, don’t you think?

Modern Lounge Chair RIO

Today we want to show creative chair that combines scandinavian design, functionality, innovation and high quality. Designed by Flemming Busk and Stephan B. Hertzog this modern lounge chair is called RIO. The curves of this piece make it look so invitingly comfortable, its colors and shape truly make the cake when it comes to modern Scandinavian-inspired design. Rio is available in two colors (lime and blue) starting with September 2012 on SOFTLINE. Take a look!

Modern Lounge Daybed Lagoon by Solpuri

Chic modern lounge daybed by Solpuri called Lagoon is perfect for summer lovers! It’s stylish, not too expensive and very functional. Equipped with LED lighting , the circular daybed is waterproof and is made of polyethylene. Topped by a removable shade, this innovative design takes you from "fun in the sun" to "made in the shade" with ease.

Beautiful Bloom Chair from Kenneth Cobonpue

The unusual Bloom Chair created by Kenneth Cobonpue was the winner of the “Coup de Coeur” Award at Maison et Objet Paris, September 2009. Made of deep soft folds of handmade microfibre fabric stitched into a steel base, the chair is available in Red, Moss Green, Light Green & Yellow. This lounge chair will make you feel like fairytale Thumbelina in a beautiful flower.

Beautiful Lounge Chair by Kyle Buckner

This comfortable lounge chair was created by american designer Kyle Buckner. He made it made from 152 layers of pine wood, which has been carved and finished with a red mahogany stain and cushioned leather upholstery pads. Simple line of this lounge chair and its beauty will surely attract your attention.