Bi-Directional ‘Symmetry’ Luxury Yacht Concept

Dutch yacht firm Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design (SEYD) presented at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, a bi-directional maneuverable concept yacht, ‘Symmetry’. The layout of the megayacht works from the center outwards, which has advantages over a traditional linear setup. the spacious, balanced and symmetrical concept is a showcase of the future of yacht design to come. “The yacht’s layout is created by symmetrically building up from the center, instead of using the traditional linear setup,” describes designer Sander Sinot of SEYD. “Functions on the decks are organized around the central void with an intuitive logic. The symmetrical shape of the hull allows for a bi-directional course at sea, tight maneuvers and pivoting, ensuring comfortable tender transfers on the lee side of the lower deck’s mid-ship beach lounge. It was our aim to create a synergetic balance of functionality, beauty, engineering, and design. symmetry reflects a genuine owner-centered philosophy of the yacht as a custom-designed private estate, moving freely over the world’s oceans, offering an abundance of space to welcome beloved ones to indulge, work, play and enjoy life.” Thanks to the symmetrical setup and shape of the hull, ‘Symmetry’ can accommodate the owner and his or her guests in a way that is rarely shown in yachts. the six decks can host 34 guests and 48 crew, with every deck built for a specific function and character. SEYD generated a 3D model of the project and shared this with the naval architect at BMT nigel gee who confirmed technical feasibility of the ‘Symmetry’ yacht. Based on their comprehensive input, Sander Sinot and his design team further enhanced the renderings of this both technically and aesthetically innovative project. If you like this yacht you have to check our post about world’s most expensive yachts.

Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht

The Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht is a massive 377-foot submarine concept created by design firm Motion Code: Blue. It features super-luxury features such as a helipad, a two-story owner’s suite with its own private patio, and eight VIP suites. It also contains a huge beach club midship, featuring a pool, bar and plenty of desk space. It also dives up to 787-feet deep into the ocean, allowing passengers to view the spectacular sites that the deep ocean has to offer. According to its designers, its not an impractical design, either, as there are similar builds currently available. There isn’t a potential price available for it yet, but a similar 377-foot class attack sub costs over $2.3 billion to build, so don’t even bother going into your piggy bank.

Dubai Floating Luxury Villa ‘Floating Seahorse’

Launched at the Dubai International Boat Show, Kleindienst Group‘s “Floating Seahorse” is a contemporary marine yacht that boasts underwater rooms with breathtaking views. Intelligently designed, engineered and developed in Dubai, the unique concept will be limited to just 42 units. The aquatic style retreat’s master bedroom and bathroom will be totally submerged in the clear sea, delivering pictures of the surrounding coral reef and ocean life. Moving up to the luxury boat’s sea level, the accommodation which includes a fully-fitted kitchen with a dining area and an open plan living area, has floor to ceiling windows, offering uninterrupted ocean scenes. Furthermore, when the glass façade is open, the sun deck becomes an extension of the living space. On the upper deck, the floor is suitable for alfresco dining and relaxation, featuring an informal bed, mini bar, kitchenette and a glass-bottomed jacuzzi. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2016. CEO of Kleindienst Group, Josef Kleindienst comments, “since launching the floating seahorse we have been inundated with local, regional and international inquiries. we are excited to not just offer people a once in a lifetime investment opportunity in dubai but on a global scale. the floating seahorse is not restricted to dubai waters and can be designed and fabricated in Dubai for other resorts and destinations worldwide.” Josef explains “the seahorse is an endangered species and we will create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed. Very soon, people will be able to see up-close and personal, the beautiful and elegant arabian horse of the ocean – the seahorse!”

Top 10 Most Luxurious Airlines

The service quality of flights tends to differ exponentially from one carrier to another. Not all flights offer the same level of amenities and it is not uncommon to have a negative experience aboard a certain flight. Your departure might get delayed or even calcelled. Marek Janetzke, Managing Director of, says: “Airlines mostly leave their passengers without any information about it or even negate that their customers are entitled to compensation.” You could wind up sitting next to a person who is not at all in the mood to share his armrest. Another frequent problem that most of you will experience at one point or another is the passenger right in front of you who won’t stop tilting his seat into your knees. These sorts of scenarios are commonplace in the economy class section of a flight, but head a little further beyond the curtain and a whole new world awaits you – First Class.

Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat

Many of us have dreamed to explore one of the legendary rivers Amazon. So why not to do it in Aqua Amazon style from Aqua Expeditions team. You will enjoy a chic boutique hotel that floats on Amazon. Yes, we love to enjoy nature, but not all of us can abandon the comfort offered by large five-star hotels. But now there is Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat. This hotel-ship offers 12 luxury suits with lovely views from each one. The hotel accommodates up to 32 guests along with all the staff. 147-feet vessel was designed by well-known Peruvian architect Jordi Puig. Hotel was made from a simple boat. Jordi Puig also added to the project recreational room, hot tub on the open deck , a gym for daily exercise and fitness, and of course, a gourmet restaurant. Restaurant has its own captain – famous chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. Are you already thinking about a luxury river cruise on the Amazon?