Truck of the Future – Semi-Autonomus Mercedes Euro-X

This minimalist truck named Mercedes Euro-X was actually designed by Muyeon Cho as an intermediary step between human-operated trucks and absolute autonomy. This difference is most obvious in the cabin. It falls somewhere in-between the extreme minimalism of other driverless concepts and current designs. The Euro-X cabin’s pointed face cuts through air to decrease resistance and improve mileage. You won’t find any windows, but that doesn’t mean nobody is on board! A cozy space for a “driver” has been relocated to the center and lower portion of the cabin where they can monitor systems in between kicking back and enjoying the ride! Of course, they can take over during tricky situations or when more attention is required. Also if you fond of such futuristic concepts – check another futuristic truck concept for Audi.

Orangework Mercedes G-Class Expedition Vehicle

If you’re looking to travel the world in a camper that’s as eye-catching as it is spacious, you won’t find a more suitable ride than this Orangework Mercedes G-Class Expedition Vehicle. The team at the German outfit took an already impressive Mercedes G-Wagon and turned it into what you see here, an off-road and expeditionary vehicle dubbed the Lennson 3C. As interesting as the G-Wagon meets school bus exterior is (you’re never going to lose it, that’s for sure), it’s the interior of this bad boy that’s truly astounding because it’s built to be as full-size as possible. Full kitchen. Full bathroom. Convertible dining / lounging / sleeping area and, most importantly, over six feet of vertical clearance, which is incredibly important if you’d actually like to stand up in your camper instead of constantly crawling around. The Lennson 3C also has more storage space than most NYC apartments, so you’ll have plenty of room for all your important gear and supplies without having to worry about restocking all that often.

Newest Hypercar Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

The Mercedes-AMG ‘Project One’ hypercar makes its world première at the International Motor Show 2017 (IAA) in Frankfurt. The two-seater supersports show car brings the very latest and efficient, Formula One hybrid technology from the race track to the road. This high-performance hybrid is said to produce over 1,000 hp and reach top speeds beyond 350 km/h (217 mph). For the first time a hypercar combines outstanding race track performance and day-to-day suitable Formula One hybrid technology with exemplary efficiency. The German-automaker’s development work was carried out in close cooperation with F1 experts at Mercedes-AMG.

Why Tesla Has Nothing To Do In Luxury Segment Of Electric Cars

Are you fond of Tesla cars? Do you think that they are best ones among electric cars? Then take a look at this unbelievably beautiful luxury car from Mercedes-Benz. This powerful and luxury Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet – is how Mercedes sees electric car of the future. Of course – luxury. By viewing this art work of engineers of Mercedes-Maybach you understand that Tesla has not so much chances. At least in luxury segment.

Impressive Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

Mercedes has decided to unveil its third self-driving sports car at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, in the form of this ravishing Mercedes-AMG GT Concept. Bragging about impressive driving dynamics and high efficiency, this innovative vehicle combines a V8 petrol engine with a small electric motor, powered by a modular battery concept with ultra light batteries. With a total system output of up to 600 kW or over 800 horsepower, this Mercedes will do 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds. The four-door sports car can easily enter supercar territory, although it’s perfectly capable of handling everyday use. The show stopping concept also offers us a sneak preview of the exterior design that will probably be featured on the upcoming series production model. The ‘GT’ concept will be instantly recognizable, thanks to its bold exterior and overall sporty attitude. The ‘Panamericana’ grille. with vertical ribs and red touches, the slim main headlamps and side air gills are definitive for AMG GT cars, and please note the powerful shade of red, which seems to be inspired from liquid metal. The ‘Nano Active Fiber’ technology is a first for daytime running lights, allowing the concept before you to display an autonomous light signature, while at the back, things remain equally recognizable thanks to the extremely slim horizontal tail lamps and the shape of the tailgate. You might have noticed there are no exterior mirrors on this concept, and that’s because their function has been replaced by aerodynamic miniature cameras, while the a-wing of the front spoilers, the rear diffuser, and the side sill panels have been designed from in high-quality carbon fiber. There is no performance data to talk about yet, although we know that the operating strategy of this concept vehicle came from the hybrid powerpack of the Mercedes Petronas AMG formula 1 racing car, which means the battery pack could be charged even when the vehicle is being driven. Impressive, isn’t it? And don’t forget to check our new post about Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

Stunning Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet

Mercedes totally broke the boundaries with this stunning Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, with a ravishing twin-turbocharged V12 hiding under its hood, good for about 630 ponies and 738 lb-ft of torque. This impressive powerplant sends its power to a four-wheel-drive system with front, center, and rear differential locks, allowing for steady driving and improved ground clearance. You have probably noticed the soft-top by now, ideal for observing wildlife on private safaris, but there’s more to this project than that. The cabin allows rear passengers to experience luxury and comfort, even while the vehicle travels on the most difficult surfaces. The soft top can be electrically raised or lowered, as can a glass partition to the driver’s compartment. The two individual rear seats can be fully reclined, and leg rests deploy from below, taking full advantage of the truck’s long wheelbase. The passengers may also benefit from folding tables, 10″ LCD displays, as well as heated, cooled, and illuminated cup holders. Please note that only 99 of these G650s Landaulet will ever be built, with the model set to be on display for the first time at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Stunning Black Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe ‘Edition 50’

After retouching the Mercedes-AMG GT family and introducing the all-new GT C Coupe, there’s a new beast in town – called ‘Edition 50’. Revealed at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Motor City, this special supercar will launch later this year, as part of a very special celebration: 50 years of Mercedes-AMG madness. Powered by the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, developing 550 hp and 681 Nm of torque, this beautiful thing will do 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.6 seconds and max out at 197 mph (317 km/h). The Edition 50 will show off various bespoke features, such as a special paint finish called Graphite Grey Magno, black chrome exterior highlights, trim strips in the grille’s air inlets, as well as cross-spoke AMG forged rims. There’s also an ‘Edition 50’ badge at the rear, marking this very special Mercedes-AMG. On the inside, black and silver elements work alongside Nappa leather and a gray diamond-patterned contrast stitching to overwhelm the driver. And please note the black AMG Performance steering wheel, featuring Dinamica microfiber with gray stitching and ‘Edition’ lettering, that’s surely going to be a treat as well. Furthermore, Mercedes-AMG will also offer the AMG Interior Night package as standard, which means black-finished door sill panels, paddle shifters, and the Exclusive Carbon Fiber Matte interior trim. Let’s not forget about the ‘GT Edition 50’ logo embossed in the headrests. Also don’t forget our newest post – Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World.

The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Concept

Mercedes-Benz is trying to play with your emotions with its new electric vehicle concept, debuted at the Paris Motor Show. The “Generation EQ” it unveiled is a sporty SUV design, which is reminiscent of the Tesla Model X in its lines and overall look. The concept car sits atop a 70-kWh battery pack and its two electric motors produce up to 402 hp of power and 516 lb-ft of torque, good enough for hit 62 mph from a dead stop in less than five seconds. Even with that much performance potential from hosting an electric motor on each axle, Benz says the car is capable of eking out around 311 of range from a single full charge.”Generation EQ is hot and cool,” Daimler design boss Gorden Wagener claimed. Inside, the Generation EQ takes full advantage of the HERE digital mapping Daimler owns (along with Audi and BMW), to push the production car across the line from driver assistance systems to fully piloted driving. Besides being detailed enough to know the exact radii of every turnpike, intersection and bend it might ever face, the mapping also lets Benz put a new 3D digital interface onto the car’s 24-inch TFT high-definition display screen. The system highlights the buildings that are helpful to navigation, but fades the rest to avoid confusion, while the Generation EQ also takes on board car-to-X data from other cars, buildings and infrastructure to keep itself out of trouble “Its fascination lies in a reinterpretation of our design philosophy of sensual purity, the aim being to create an avant-garde, contemporary and distinctive electro-look.” The first EQ production vehicle will be a road-ready version of the Paris concept car. Mercedes-Benz insiders insist the car’s running gear is far closer to production-ready than is typical for one of their concept cars, right down to its chassis layout, which combines steel, aluminum, and carbon-fiber. Every major piece of the Generation EQ’s production engineering will be scalable, allowing Daimler to effectively deliver CLA-sized cars and a silent, parallel S-Class off the same engineering scheme.

New Mercedes AMG GT Roadster

Mercedes is launching a pair of new open-top versions of its AMG GT sports car, continuing its challenge to the Porsche 911. The base model, the AMG GT Roadster, comes with 469 horsepower (a modest jump from the 456 hp made by the base AMG GT coupe) and 465 lb-ft of torque from a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 – that’s enough to get the car from 0–60 mph in 3.9 seconds and up to a top speed of 188 mph. For those who want something a little bit more “turned-up-to-eleven,” Mercedes also has the AMG GT C Roadster, which gets more output and torque (550 horsepower and 502 lb-ft) as well as a wider rear end that makes room for larger wheels and an active rear axle steering system brought over from the AMG GT R that lets the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front. According to the Mercedes press release, it gives “significantly higher agility and increased driving pleasure with less steering input” – though the more usable benefit is a reduced turning circle. Both convertibles have a fabric roof (available in black, beige, and a gorgeous red) that can open or close in around 11 seconds and it can do it while the car is going 30 miles per hour. The two AMG GT Roadsters will arrive in dealers in the fall of 2017. Pricing was not disclosed.

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S by Mansory

The aftermarket specialists at Mansory have developed this outrageous wide bodywork version of the Mercedes-AMG GT S, which was first introduced at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The designers from Mansory focused on the rear end of the GT, where they’ve added a massive rear wing which enhances this supercar’s aggressive appearance and helps it get everyone’s attention, while improving the air flow as well. The powerful rear wing and the remodeled rear spoiler seem to match the existing bodywork design perfectly, with that ruby red shade complementing carbon fiber in a unique manner. The designers from Mansory focused on the rear end of the GT, where they’ve added a massive rear wing which enhances this supercar’s aggressive appearance and helps it get everyone’s attention, while improving the air flow as well. The powerful rear wing and the remodeled rear spoiler seem to match the existing bodywork design perfectly, with that ruby red shade complementing carbon fiber in a unique manner. This supercar now benefits from an astonishing output of 730 horsepower, which is 217 hp more than the standard model, which comes with 503 hp. That’s more than enough to take this supercar from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds and help it max out at 330 km/h. Inside the cabin, there’s a new control center, that blends functionality and comfort with a new sports steering wheel featuring a carbon inlay, new aluminum pedals and the luxurious hand-crafted elements and leather touches all around the cockpit, which add to the high-quality builds that Mansory is well-known for.

Stunning McLaren P1 Supercar

Take a look at the McLaren P1TM, the next generation ultimate supercar from British sports car manufacturer McLaren Automotive. “Designed with one aim in mind, to simply be the best driver’s car in the world, on road and track, the McLaren P1 is one of the decade’s most highly anticipated cars. Inspired by Formula 1 engineering, it will offer exceptional aerodynamics, amazing performance and bespoke design for every owner. McLaren Automotive Regional Director for the Middle East & Africa, Mark Harrison said: “After a successful launch in Bahrain, we are very excited to be bringing the McLaren P1™ to the United Arab Emirates, where our retail partner, Al Habtoor Motors, has confirmed huge interest in this unique car. This year marks our 50th year anniversary, so it is apt that we are gearing up to launch a car that we feel will redefine the parameters for performance, on both circuit and road. This is why we have released these unique and stunning images, taken at the BIC, a location absolutely fitting for this supercar. ”

SF1 Mercedes Benz Concept Car

Take a look at stunning the SF1 Mercedes Benz Concept Car designed by Steel Drake. He recently finished the concept and has released these shots, highlighting the futuristic design and highly stylized body. Featuring a rounded top, tapered edges, a dual pipe exhaust, and a modified Benz logo. It’s hardly to expect that this concept car can transforms to real model but it’s surely worth your attention!

Luxury Mercedes-Benz Style Coupe Concept

At the 2012 Auto China in Beijing Mercedes-Benz will show off its latest creation – Style Coupe Concept. The production-ready sporty executive coupe features a two-liter, four-cylinder, turbo-charged engine that pushes out 211 hp and the automaker’s 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. According to Mercedes-Benz Design Head Gorden Wagen, the new concept “sets a new benchmark for avant-garde design in the executive (compact coupé) segment.” He adds that its proportions, fluid surfaces and sculptural lines represent their "dynamic design idiom.” But the concept not only sets a benchmark for design, but also for in-car technology, believing that the future "lies with cloud computing.”

Wrist Watches from Famous Auto Brands

The tradition of producing wrist watches under auto brand name starts in the early 20 th century when the first wrist watch has appeared. Many legendary car manufacturers produce their own line of watches dedicated to anniversaries and special occasions in the life of brands. Most auto makers have contracts with famous watch companies and produce watches with their labels. But some auto makers such as Lamborghini and Porsche prefer to have their own watch factory and produce their own wrist watches. These watches from the first sketches to design of gift packaging are entirely made by specialists of legendary auto brands. Also we recommend you to check the list of the most luxurious watch brands for men.

Cell Phones from Car Brands – Photo Review

Continuing the theme of cooperation car brands with various industrial companies we want to show you ultimate collection of beautiful cell phones. Featured below phones are result of hard work of designers of luxury car brands and well-known mobile companies. Apart of using expensive materials these cell phones have interesting design and some additional non-standart options.

Luxury Concept Car – Mercedes F700

At the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes-Benz represented its luxury concept car Mercedes F700. This car is so cool that we couldn’t ignore it and do not tell you about it on our design blog. Mercedes always has been an etalon in car design, especially in S-class car design. The current Mercedes F700 has exceeded all expectations, both design and technical characteristics.

Comfortable Mobile Office by LimousinesWorld

Here is a mobile office designed by LimousinesWorld – for the rich, successful people whose work requires constant presence, as well as those who like to travel in comfort. Mobile Office SUV is ideal for working in the road during the long-distance trips and traveling, and being in a car, you can work on your computer, use the Internet, watch TV. There are also work desks, large comfortable chairs, floor and ceiling lights, two 7-inch screen, DVD and stereo, and bar. And enough space inside for the reception of visitors. This exclusive office you can make based on the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GL, Lincoln Navigator, Infiniti QX56, or Ford Expedition.