Patagonia Dreaming – Wild Beauty on Photos of Andy Lee

“Majestic” is one word that instantly comes to mind as you browse through Andy Lee‘s portfolio of landscape photography. Shot on a recent trip to Chile, the photographer’s images of the sweeping scenery embrace the power and solemn glory of the country’s natural beauty. Patagonia is a sparsely populated region tucked into the southern tip of South America. The area is known for its expansive deserts and grasslands, and of course the magnificent Andes mountain range. The majority of Lee’s shots capitalize on these breathtaking, jagged peaks as they puncture through layers of wispy clouds. His use of natural lighting renders emotion from the rocky cliff faces, each photo communicating an entirely different mood. Though the UK-based photographer dabbles in a variety of creative outlets, he states that he finds a joy in photography. This passion is evident within his landscapes, as he manages to create a distinct tone in each shot, properly celebrating the brilliance of the wilderness he photographs.

Paradise Parking by Peter Lippman

American artists Peter Lippman spent two years to find out places in forests where old cars rusts. In the series Paradise Parking photographer shows how nature takes over abandoned creations of human hands, how lying for decades old cars, overgrown with moss and ivy entangled, become a harmonious part of the surrounding space. Take a look!

Wonderland of Kirsty Mitchell

UK base amazingly talented photographer Kirsty Mitchell seems to have taken the magic of color, nature, and space and combined them to create pure magic. Her work has been seen around the globe and for good reason: her composition and creativity push the boundaries at what one can create with a camera. Today we want to show you some works from her series “Wonderland”. “The entire focus of Wonderland was a tribute to my mother who died in November 2008. She was an English teacher, and was the greatest storyteller you could ever imagine. She read to me constantly as a child and well into my teens (which I never admitted to any of my friends). So really the project was to celebrate her gift, the imagination she gave to me and so many other children.” Take a look!

Fascinatingly Beautiful Women from Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Today we want to feature a few photoshoots created by talanted photographers Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva from Moscow. In their portfolio you can find huge combination of styles and ideas and this collection represents only small part dedicated to women portraits. Elegant and seductive, stunningly beautiful women on these photos are undoubtedly worthy for your attention. Each shot is a work of art! Just take a look and you will be absolutely fascinated!

A Matter of Taste

What will happen if you combine footwear or accessories with food? It will be not only stylish, but tasty collection. And if you can not imagine how it will look like, then you simply haven’t seen works of photographer Fulvio Bonavia. In 2008 Fulvio published his book "A Matter of Taste" with the conceptual photos on the theme "Food as Fashion". The most improbable that all the tasty accessories of Fulvio Bonavia – are real! Author by his own hands made models from food for each shot. Unfortunately, all his creations were too short-lived. But it was nice to know that the items captured in photos are the work of human hands, not of the ubiquitous Photoshop. The idea of the author is : “If you do not want to eat it – wear it!” Pictures excite taste buds and sense of style.

Sculptural Photography

This wonderful series “Sculptural Photography” was created by Polish artists and photographers Szymon Roginski and Kasia Korzeniecka for spring-summer collection of fashion designer Ania Kuczynska. To create such unusual works you have to cut the picture into pieces, and then compile it into a three-dimensional space, and again photograph it. Interesting non-standard solution.