Creative Photography of Arthur Mebius

Best known for his unique way of monitoring a situation as precisely as possible, Arthur Mebius will never let you down in terms of making an idea at least a little more catching, funny or simply extraordinary. This, plus an absolute love for all that he’s doing from the first sketch of an idea up to the final stroke in post-production, leads to results that are continually rewarded. Not only by the success of his campaigns, but also by the judges of international award shows like D&AD, ADC, Cannes, Epica and the PANL Sony Award. Arthur Mebius lives near Amsterdam with his wife and two children. Besides his work for commercial advertising, he is constantly working on personal projects.

Awesome Illustrations by Nithin Rao Kumblekar

This time we want to show you photos and illustration all-in-one. This artistically inspired series created by Indian illustrator Nithin Rao Kumblekar combines photography with artistic illustration. Each shot in the series has a completely unique theme which makes this set also worth checking out. Take a look!

Stunning Landscapes by Tom Nagy

We’ve show you a lot of different beautiful and stunning photos. And we want to continue to do so. Tom Nagy is well known as talented advertising photographer. But today we want to show you Tom’s the most spectacular photographs – his great landscapes. Take a look and you will be amazed. Enjoy!

Creative Photos by Dave Hill

Famous commercial photographer Dave Hill was born in San Diego and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. The effects (mix of HDR and photo illustration) that he applies to his photographs are truly amazing. Dave doesn’t use a simple Photoshop plugin, he pays particular attention to the lights. His technique requires a combination of good lighting and right moves in Photoshop. Take a look at these really cool photos! You’ll like it!

Dreamlike Photos by Rebeca Cygnus

This lovely weekend we want to show you collection of dreamlike photos created by Madrid based young photographer Rebeca Cygnus. Her photos are some kind of surreal, full of colors and emotions, with interesting compositions. "In 2009 she starts studying photography at TAI. For her photography is a mixture between self knowledge and continuous desire to improve. Her passion lies in living every shot She loves to caught the moment in a premeditated shot days ago." Enjoy!

Amazing Photos by Michael Poliza

Let us show amazing photos created by German photographer Michael Poliza. Michael Poliza is a photographer based in Cape Town and a pioneer in the use of digital photography for illustrated books. Looking at one of Michael Poliza’s photographs, you would never say that he has only been a practicing photographer for the past five years. Before that, Poliza was a businessman in the IT sector. His love of nature and travel was rooted in the expedition he led on the Starship Millenium Voyage, a 75 000 nautical mile voyage around the world that investigated ecological issues in areas too remote to be reached any other way. All photos were taking from his book “Antarctic: A Tribute to Life in the Polar Regions”. Take a look!

Funny Pets Photos by Lennette Newell

Let us show you funny pets photos created by American photographer Lennette Newell. Usually photographers make pets portraits, static photos but Lennette brings some creativity to the process. In this collection of funny pets photos you will see really funny faces, expressive poses and pure dynamic. Lennette Newell is a successful commercial photographer specializing in the lifestyle of animals and people. The following photos are from two Lennette’s collections “Here Kitty Kitty” and “Woof Woof”. Have fun!

Art Photos by Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva

We want to show you the latest delicious photo collection by Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva. Highly proffesional work by masters of art photography will hardly leave someone indifferent. These art work are so amazing that by the first glance you perceive them as a photo-realistic paintings. Photos are created in absolutely different art styles and show absolutely different times. All them are made at the highest level and worthy of attention of the wider audience. Have fun!

Beautiful Photos by Giacchi Dell Erba

Today we want to show you beautiful photos of German photographer Giacchi Dell Erba. Beautiful photos, cute portraits and sensual art nude. Art works of Giacchi consists of many beautiful photos and each one can find favorite theme and enjoy it. Turn your digital snapshots into high quality masterpieces using professional photo printing.

Beautiful Girls Portraits by Peter Nguyen

This time we’ll show you collection of beautiful women portraits by Peter Nguyen. One and the same girl through the lenses of Peter each time looks absolutely different but yet extremely beautiful. These portraits fascinate and you want to look at them again and again. Take a look to these wonderful photos and perhaps they will make your day better!

Amazingly Beautiful Photos of Ophelia Overdose

This time we want to deviate from the rules and pay tribute to a model not a photographer. It’s pretty hard to find universal model which will look natural in absolutely different characters. But it’s possible. Let us represent you beautiful model, talanted designer and performer Ophelia Overdose from Germany. She easily transforms from a funny clown with baloons to a sexy nurse in latex, from a fantasy warrior to a baroness in lace and she looks perfect in each character. She works with many photographers and participates in photoshoots as model and also as visagiste. We’ve tried to select the best Ophelia’s art works but we couldn’t take all her photos. Just take a look and if you want more visit Ophelia’s portfolio!

Amazing Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

Today we want to show you “more than a photo, but not quite a video”. Art works of artists duo: New York City-based fashion photographer Jamie Beck and visual designer Kevin Burg. They created amazing series of animated GIFs called “cinemagraphs”. They really raised the GIF animation to a new level. People on these cinemagraphs are smiling, wind is ruffling their hair… And the first that came to mind is magical photos from movies about Garry Potter. It seems like they will just step out the photo and ask you for a cup of coffee! Just take a look and you will surely enjoy cinemagraphs!

Beautiful Photos by Rosie Hardy

Today we want to introduce you talanted photographer from Manchester, UK Rosie Hardy. Clever photo collages, gentle portraits and beautiful girls – each one will find in this collection photo that will satisfy his taste. Just take a look and you’ll get a few plesant moments!

Stunning “Cloud Collection” by Rüdiger Nehmzow

Clean morning sky, white playful clouds or dark stormy sky. We see the beauty of sky and admire it from below. But the following stunning series of photos will show you the sky from other side. Düsseldorf-based photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow captured these photos of clouds four miles above the Earth through open airplane doors. Just take a look at the these amazing shots!

Beautiful Photos by Christian Plochacki

This weekend we want to show you warm and colorful pictures by photographer from Germany Christian Plochacki. The beauty is in ordinary stuff that are around us but sometimes it’s hard to notice it. And these vanilla beautiful photos discover for us this beauty and give us the happy feeling. Take a look and have fun!

Sweet Sleeping Babies by Tracy Raver

Art works of American photographer Tracy Raver cause tenderness. Tracy specializes in photographing of babies aged about 2 weeks. To get children in such half asleep condition photographer tries to make the studio as warm and welcoming as she can, and moms fed babies right before the shooting. As a result we see absolutely stunning photos of charming sleeping babies. They sleep not only in the crib, but in baskets, socks, dishes … Take a look at these cute pictures and get a positive charge!

Clever Still Life Photos by Klara G

Let us show you mind blowing collection of collages created by Swedish fashion, beauty and still life photographer Klara G. Her portfolio is quite unique, showing that Klara has a wonderful sense of color and composition. The following collection contains a huge range of styles and some still life even may seem provocative. Enjoy!

Stunningly Beautiful Photos by Mikko Lagerstedt

Today we want to show you stunningly beautiful photos by Mikko Lagerstedt – graphic designer and photographer from Finland. Wonderful landscapes, beautiful nature and conceptual photography will be surely interesting for you and will create special mood for weekend.

Anti-Gravity Coffee Time by Egor N

Let us show you amazing photoshoot called “Coffee time” by Egor N. Each fantastic shoot shows us moments that we hardly notice in life. While reviewing this photoshoot we have some questions: what about laws of gravitation and how many cups were broken during the process? But despite these questions “Coffee time” will surely whet your appetite.

Creative and Unusual Photos by Armene

The following creative photos are created by photographer from Russia Olga Zavershinskaya aka Armene. Olga likes to experiment: “I like to search for something new, to try new tendencies both in photography technique and post processing.” While browsing this beautiful collection sometimes you will be amazed, sometimes you will smile and even laugh. Anyway you will enjoy the ideas inside each photo and we hope this post will “make your day”.