Delicate Floral Arrangements Are Actually Realistic Porcelain Sculptures

Vladimir Kanevsky used to be an architect in USSR. But when he was in his late thirties, he moved to New York where his skills were no longer demanded. With no connections and no experience, he had to enter upon a job that could bring him money. So Vladimir started making porcelain flowers. He crafts beautiful illusions with intricate flower sculptures. His colorful bouquets feature roses, hyacinths, and peonies that look incredibly realistic but are actually made from porcelain clay. To produce these pieces, Kanevsky first builds them out of copper and then uses casting techniques to form petals and greenery that mimic natural textures and folds. Afterwards, the porcelain is painted by hand and later arranged into vases where it’ll forever brighten up a room. Vladimir’s flowers got to Europe, and some of them ended in some royal collections. When he was almost fifty, he made several customized works for Dior. His meticulous designs also have been admired by the likes of Oscar de la Renta and Albert Pinto. And gradually Vladimir found a balance between his job, making flowers for money, and his passion, sculpting. Now, he says, he considers his porcelain work as a form of art. His works cost $3,000 for a hollyhock to $20,000 for a large cluster of lilacs.

Tiny Whimsical Porcelain Creatures

Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev is a duo of Ukrainian artists creating tiny whimsical porcelain creatures. Each sculpture is painted with a wildly imaginative and creative array of painstakingly detailed and brilliantly colorful designs. Given the tiny size of these creatures (most measure anywhere from 4 to 40cm), it was all the more surprising that Stasenko and Leontyev weren’t actually trained to work with ceramics. One is a graphic artist and the other is a painting teacher. They chose to work with ceramics simply because of economic reasons and because of the relative ease with which the material can be worked. In fact, they are downright humble about their work, stating that it is nothing remarkable, as they aren’t even trained ceramicists. Take a look at their works!

Luxurious Porcelain Eggs by Peter Nebengaus

German jeweler and designer Peter Nebengaus makes handcrafted porcelain things. Feature of his masterpieces is a unique combination of porcelain with jewelry. Unique luxurious eggs by Peter Nebengaus made of the best European porcelain combine elements of contemporary art with ancient stylistic features. They are created using a special application technique of gold and platinum. Organic combination of glossy and matte surfaces enables to achieve a special effect of volume. Masterpieces encrusted with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. And the price is corresponding: the Gold egg is listed for $20,400 and the Porcelain egg encrusted with Swarovski crystals retails for $7,000.

Spectacular Sculptures by Laurent Craste

Montreal based sculptor Laurent Craste creates very unusual sculptures. While creating them Laurent transforms the act of destruction to the act of creation. His beautiful sculptures from porcelain, knives, axes and a bit were done by hand, without the use of forms. All the deformation of vessels he does before sending them into the oven. Take a look at his art works and tell us what do you think about such form of art.

Eternally Beautiful

Manufacturer of porcelain cookware Meissen Porcelain is celebrating 300 th anniversary of its foundation. In honor of this date German agency Scholz & Friends has created a series of advertising posters. They portrayed salute from flowers that stands in vases of Meissen Porcelain. The slogan of this company is “Eternally beautiful”. Simple and elegance ads. And beautiful.