Bose Unveils the World’s First AR Glasses with a Focus on Sound

The popular audio brand Bose has revealed a pair of augmented reality sunglasses, set to match their new AR platform, the world’s first audio augmented technology of its kind. Bose has worked a lot in these last couple of years on its AR platform, which will also allow others to develop both apps for music, travel and education, as well as wearables, headphones, glasses and helmets. The Bose AR Wearable concept works by interacting with the user and their surrounding, thus allowing them to experience the environment around them in a totally new and cool way.

Aluminum Eyeglasses from EXOvault

EXOvault represents their first eyeglass design – EXOvault Kingsland Eyeglass Frames. “Machined from solid aluminum they are absolutely unique and beautiful. We have been testing the glasses for a month and have found that they draw a bit of attention. If you don’t like being noticed and admired these are not for you! You will be able to choose from a range of finishes including plated gunmetal, bronze, nickel and anodized aluminum. We are now in the final stages of production and plan to have them ready to begin shipping by the end of November. We are offering a limited pre order special price of $250. The retail price once in production will be $600.”

Unique Vinylize Eyewear

Vinylize upcycles old vinyl records into some really amazing and unique eyewear. Not just for music lovers. “Vinylize began because we wanted to make eyewear on a recyclable basis. We experimented by making old vinyl records into frames. The process has been refined over a number of years into a stylish and sophisticated product. We have our own special method of joining vinyl with cellulose acetate which took many years of trial and error to perfect. An example of which you can see detailed in this photo.” Have fun!

“Maboo Shades” by Verde Styles

American brand Verde Styles presented a new series of handmade sunglasses Maboo Shades. All sunglasses in this series are created from bamboo. “The swagger of the streets meets the elegance of nature in Verde Styles new project, Maboo Shades. Handmade from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world, Maboo Shades are eco-friendly, durable and lightweight.” Collection consist of 3 models and each model costs $85. You can but it here.

Sunglasses Fashion

Sunglasses were invented to hide your eyes from bright sun. But in the modern world the main function is no longer the primary. Now it’s trendy accessory. It’s a very simple way to express yourself which sometimes will cost you a lot of money.