Luxury Superyacht ‘Nature’ by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

The brilliant team from Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design has just revealed a new incredible project called Nature, a futuristic 120 meter-long yacht concept that might have Kevin Costner begging for a Waterworld sequel. The proposal is a full custom design with a holistic approach that seeks to combine beauty and functionality in a groundbreaking way. The yacht’s name was chosen due to the boat’s conception as a platform for experiencing the natural world. Complete with a garden and observatory decks, the design aims to create a functional yet desirable retreat on the open sea. The lush garden on board benefits from state-of-the-art climate control technology, while the upper deck observatory allows passengers to enjoy unique and memorable views the open waters. Two levels with floor-to-ceiling windows eliminate all borders between man and nature, allowing an overwhelming sense of bonding with nature. Amenities aboard include eight luxurious state and VIP rooms and, a spectacular owner’s suite, and many other bespoke features, like a cool spa deck, with a lovely gym and swimming pool. Building luxurious yachts with nature in mind seems like the proper way to go, although it might seem a bit discriminatory to allow only those of us with deep pockets to enjoy the good life and save the planet in the process. Also we recommend to check other our post World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts.

Hareide Design 108M Super Yacht

Award-winning studio, Hareide Design, has recently developed a concept for a super yacht that goes by the name “108M,” which comes from the form of the classic 108M mono hull design. Unlike many yacht designs that feel heavy and isolated from their surroundings, this one is designed to offer a number of spectacular views that encourage connections with the natural surroundings. An elevated dining and viewing area, a tranquil garden surrounding a 20m pool and a seamless transition to the water at the stern contribute to a completely new experience. Osn board, some of the design features of the yacht include dining and entertaining areas, as well as a garden, pool and helipad. “Today’s megayachts are most often designed like floating luxury hotels with interiors based on traditional luxury. With this hybrid megayacht concept we want to shift the focus from extrovert admiration to creating a platform for actively experiencing the beauty of nature and the changing elements,” says Einar Hareide, founder of Hareide Design. The “108M” also features high-efficiency solar panels with lithium-ion batteries that supply the large-scale sea vessel with a sustainable source of energy for moving along at a light cruising speed. As an alternative to this, cruising on the mega yacht can also happen at higher speeds with a switch to diesel-electric propulsion. More super yachts you will find in our list of the most expensive yachts in the world.