Seaplane-like Luxury Superyacht ‘Estrella’ with Three Hulls

Seaplane-like Luxury Superyacht 'Estrella' with Three Hulls

Drawing influence from cantilevered architecture, South Korea-based Yeojin Jung has envisioned “Estrella”, a high-end superyacht. This luxurious seaplane-like vessel provides a dynamic experience to its passengers and occupants by dividing its hull wings into three masses – the central segment, and a floater component on each side. The Y-shaped structure is a mixture of feasible and innovative layout providing an intimate experience with nature.

y-shaped yacht

Although the number of luxury yachts is so far around 5.0000, “Estrella” by Yeojin Jung managed to stand out. Offering a vibrant yet calm experience, the yacht’s passengers can catch different glimpses of multiple points, gazing at the ocean and the sky. The Y-concept yacht defies the gravity thanks to the fin stabilizers – ship control system – installing on both sides of the center hull, to counter any stability issues. The “Estrella” yacht design is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2021.

innovative yachts

supereacht concept

y-concept yacht

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