Futuristic Superyacht Styled on a Dugout Canoe by Oceanco

Oceanco unveiled its new 377ft superyacht concept ‘Tuhura,’ conceived in collaboration with Lobanov Design Studio, BMT Nigel Gee and the interior designer Achille Salvagni. Though it won’t get into the list of the most expensive yacht all over the world Tuhura is truly in a category of its own, unlike any yacht on the market. Its design harkens back to ancient times. The exterior styling is reminiscent of early canoes; dugouts and other vessels used hundreds of years ago by indigenous people all over the world. The Polynesians, in particular, famously made long voyage explorations across thousands of miles of open Pacific Ocean in their outrigger canoes. The thinking behind revisiting basic primal forms is to evoke a sense of exploration and discovery.

Luxury Superyacht ‘Nature’ by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

The brilliant team from Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design has just revealed a new incredible project called Nature, a futuristic 120 meter-long yacht concept that might have Kevin Costner begging for a Waterworld sequel. The proposal is a full custom design with a holistic approach that seeks to combine beauty and functionality in a groundbreaking way. The yacht’s name was chosen due to the boat’s conception as a platform for experiencing the natural world. Complete with a garden and observatory decks, the design aims to create a functional yet desirable retreat on the open sea. The lush garden on board benefits from state-of-the-art climate control technology, while the upper deck observatory allows passengers to enjoy unique and memorable views the open waters. Two levels with floor-to-ceiling windows eliminate all borders between man and nature, allowing an overwhelming sense of bonding with nature. Amenities aboard include eight luxurious state and VIP rooms and, a spectacular owner’s suite, and many other bespoke features, like a cool spa deck, with a lovely gym and swimming pool. Building luxurious yachts with nature in mind seems like the proper way to go, although it might seem a bit discriminatory to allow only those of us with deep pockets to enjoy the good life and save the planet in the process. Also we recommend to check other our post World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts.

Batman-Inspired Luxury Hydroplane ‘Alpha Centauri’

Named the ‘Alpha Centauri’, this sharp vessel combines the luxury of a super-yacht with the speed of a hydroplane race-boat. The 8.3m prototype has the looks of Batman’s personal power boat and has enough power to match the looks. A 9.5-liter V8 Big Block Chevrolet engine capable of developing 750 hp is used as power source coupled to a two-stage Scott jet-drive. The result is a mind-blowing top speed of 60 knots. This makes the Alpha Centauri vessel one of the most fastest superyacht tenders in the world. Built from a stainless steel frame, and a lightweight composite structure, the ‘Alpha Centauri’ hydroplane has a total displacement of just 1650 kgs. Interior refinements have been kept to a minimum, with four red leather racing-style bucket seats, bright red detailing, a Raymarine navigation system, and a Rockford-fosgate sound system that includes two subwoofers. Optional extras include heating, air conditioning, and an array of colorful exteriors, for those who’d prefer to give the superhero-styled boat a colorful finish. Also don’t forget to check our post about Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts.

Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce Speedboat

If you’ve been in the market for a super exclusive custom speedboat, but you just can’t find one with enough perks to pique your interest, well then we’ve got good news for you. This highly modified 2017 MTI 52′ Super Veloce speedboat has just gone up for sale and, as a tiny added bonus, it comes with a matching Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster. So, there’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation here, because the boat was actually built to resemble the car – though, to be honest, they both stand on their own as amazing examples of luxury engineering. Whatever the case, the Super Veloce is capable of hitting speeds over 180 mph thanks to its 1,550 HP engines and features a 100% carbon fiber hull and deck – which makes it one of the fastest and most advanced performance boats in the world. It also has a $25,000 stereo system onboard, Garmin GPS, Alcantara leather seating, and a number of actual Lamborghini parts (including real working Lambo head and taillights). So, if you want an absurdly powerful custom boat and a supercar to match, these two can be yours for the paltry sum of $2,199,000.

Futuristic 190-Meter L’Amage Luxury Superyacht Concept

Sourcing a futuristic style that aspires to transcend imagination to become an advanced and modern reality, the “L’Amage” superyacht concept is the work of visionary designer H.Bekradi, founder of HBD Studios. Its exterior displays minimalist profiles with clean lines, such as an inclined character edge running from its helipad to its beach club tender, and touches of personality with large details of complementing wooden decking. With a total measurement of 190 meters in length and 28.6 meters in width, the vessel’s hull design presents an inverted bow that creates a strong and sleek shape. First previewed at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, the 190 meter HBD studios’ “L’Amage” superyacht has a passenger capacity of 28 guests, featuring 14 staterooms, a private apartment for the owner, and space for up to 70 crew members. Furthermore, it is equipped with advanced technologies to push the concept to the forefront of naval design. Claimed to be the “first superyacht project to incorporate the flat panel satellite technology by KYMETA”, the concept replaces the unsightly domes that normally sit on top of yachts. Instead, the flat satellite panels are hidden away behind exterior walls, resulting in a much lighter and purer aesthetic. Enhancing CODAG – an advanced propulsion system which combines diesel engines and gas turbines – as well as controllable-pitch propellers, the “L’Amage” superyacht produces 95,000 hp that pushes it to a max speed of 32 knots. Additionally, the water vehicle has a fuel capacity of 1,500 tons and approximately 6,000 nautical miles of independence. If you want to find out what is the most expensive yacht in the world – we recommend you to check the list of World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts.

Top 10 Gorgeous Superyachts With The Most Exciting Sundecks

A superyacht charter is the ultimate experience. Buying a superyacht also gives you the ultimate freedom. Escape with your family in privacy onboard an incredible yacht with a captain and crew at hand to cater to your every preference. The sundeck is always a popular spot onboard. Many charterers spend all day on the sundeck. All sundecks and all yachts are unique, but on every sundeck there’s enough to keep guests entertained and relaxed all day. Hang out in the Jacuzzi. Enjoy a barbecue or other six-star cuisine freshly prepared to your tastes by the onboard chef and served on the open air dining table. Work out with the onboard gym equipment or enjoy an onboard sunset yoga session – professional trainers and instructors are often on the crew, otherwise specialists tailored to your requirements can be brought onboard.