Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper

Every nature and landscape photographer dreams of a home on 4 wheels. However, most motorhomes have low ground clearance and with no 4×4, the flexibility to drive off-road is rather modest. Adventure photographer Stefan Forster commissioned his dream vehicle, a specially designed Toyota Hilux Expedition V1. The custom camper was built by Geocar, Hurter Offroad, and Arctic Trucks Iceland, it is powered by a 225hp engine, and was fitted with a custom-made flatbed camping cabin with all the comforts and tech for long stretches in the wild.

Futuristic Robo-Car From Toyota Which Don’t Need a Driver

Toyota has presented its vision of the future at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with a “warm and friendly” user experience the defining aim of the project. Designed from the inside, out the Concept-i aims to be warm, welcoming, and fun creating an “immersive and energetic” experience for users with an advanced artificial intelligence system at its core to anticipate users needs and even provide inspiration. Over time the AI system will build a relationship with the driver that is more human than electronic, while also commanding the Concept-i’s autonomous systems in concert with driver responsiveness to create a seamless safety net of support. Designed at Toyota’s Calty Design Reseach studio in California, the Concept-i’s AI system has been dubbed Yui, and offers a visual representation intended to cross cultural boundaries, anchored in the centre of the dash. Instead of a total reliance on screens to deliver information, the Concept-i provides visual communications via an advanced head-up display, footwell lighting which changes depending from purple in automated mode to green when manual control is selected, and projectors mounted in the rear of the car to project blind-spot warnings. On the Concept-i’s doors, Yui can appear to greet approaching passengers, while the rear of the vehicle can display more than the usual stop and turn signals, providing messages that can worn about potential hazards. Up front information about manual or automated control can also be displayed, and to make the it more friendly and approachable the Concept-i can wink and blink its headlights, before casting its pivoting doors skyward to allow passengers in.

Long-Awaited Toyota ‘Supra’

Toyota has been working on the model since 2015, but has now begun to move development further forward with the fastback coupé set to arrive in 2018. The next-generation ‘Supra’ will come as the long-awaited successor to the Japanese manufacturers emblematic coupé, which was discontinued in 2002. The new sports car is expected to be considerably more expensive than the popular ‘GT86’, reflecting what is likely to include a more complex powertrain and high-tech construction. The ‘Supra’s’ form will draw its influence from the ‘FT-1 concept’s’ design language incorporating curved, expressive body forms shaped by the wind; inlets, air ducts, and vent features help reinforce its aggressive track stance with airflow management and highly aerodynamic elements.

Toyota Setsuna: New Electric Concept Car Made Entirely From Wood

Toyota have designed an awesome looking wood concept car named Setsuna , that will be debuting later this month in Italy, during Milan Design Week. Toyota engineer Kenji Tsuji and his team, have designed Setsuna as a reaction to the fancy cars of today that have all the latest gadgets and technology. They wanted to create a unique wooden roadster to embody the affection owners grow to feel for their cars, and to show how cars continue to change and offer new value as they’re taken care of with love over time. The body of the car is made from 86 handmade wood panels, that will develop and change differently as the car ages. When repairs become necessary, each of these panels can be replaced. Owners will be able to see where the work has been done, and remember the moment. As the wood slowly bends over time, the shape of the car will take a more pronounced curve, just like on a wooden boat. The car is fully functional, however as it’s only a concept car, it can’t be driven on public roads.

Futuristic Toyota FCV Plus

Toyota is expanding their sustainable systems portfolio with a concept dedicated to hydrogen electricity – the ‘FCV plus’. Compressed hydrogen has a higher energy density than electricity, and can be generated from a wide range of raw materials. Easy to store, Toyota envisages a grid in which hydrogen energy is in widespread use – using this concept to showcase their hope for the future. In addition to the vehicle’s own hydrogen tank, the ‘FCV plus’ can also generate electricity directly from hydrogen stored outside the car. The vehicle can thus be transformed into a stable source of electric power for use at home or away. The car’s fuel cell stack can be reused as an electricity generating device, transcending the traditional functions of cars. the stack is mounted between the front tires and the hydrogen tank behind the rear seat. Together wit the adoption of independent in-wheel motors in all four wheels, this allows for a spacious cabin despite the vehicle’s compact body. By concentrating functional parts at the front and the rear of the vehicle, this next-generation fuel cell toyota ‘FCV plus’ creates an optimal weight balance and a wide field of vision.

Exciting Toyota FT-1 Concept

Toyota have presented at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, the impressive new FT-1 Supra concept. Short for "Future Toyota," the FT-1 is one spectacular looking vehicle, it’s design is inspired by some of Toyota’s most iconic cars the 2000GT, Celica and the Supra, and it’s pointed nose is similar to those on Formula 1 cars. Though exact details on the exciting supecar’s production are not yet available, you can give this beast a virtual test run on Gran Turismo 6, as the FT-1 will be available for download.

Toyota FT-86 II Concept

Featured at the last Geneva Motor Show FT-86 II Concept is a result of collaboration famous auto-brands Toyota and Subaru. Toyota and Subaru are co-developing similar versions of this sports coupe, both of which are expected to be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged boxer-four engine. A six-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive will be standard. The following photosession shows us long-rumored Toyota sports coupe during a photo shoot at a studio in Brussels, Belgium. Toyota says the concept provides a clear look at the styling direction for a production version of this car, and this video affords another look at the concept’s Lexus LFA-like pointed nose and narrow headlights. The gloss-black car looks particularly sinister, with large dual exhausts, small clear-lens taillights, and an aggressive rear diffuser. Have fun!

30 Creative Car Ads

We’re representing to you 30 creative print ads from the auto manufacturers. Perhaps advertising is the most significant place for the creativity. Advertising agencies develop all kinds of posters with extraordinary mind-blowing ideas. Automotive advertising is emphasized with this. Those times when cars advertising was limited with banal car images have sunk into oblivion. Modern car ads is a real explosion of fantasy. Well, admire yourself…