Modern Vespa ‘Sei Giorni’ – New Generation of 50’s Iconic Scooter

Vespa’s new special edition named ‘Sei Giorni’, which translates to ‘Six Days’, celebrates the original Vespa sport scooter that won nine gold medals at the international six days of varese in 1951. Based on today’s generation Vespa ‘GTS’ scooters, the limited ‘Sei Giorni’ harks back to the Italian-manufacturer’s iconic style. Such like its 66-year-old predecessor, it features a unique low-mounted headlamp located on the front fender, special handlebars, plus the same colorway, and details inspired by the winning scooter. The Vespa ‘Sei Giorni’ comes outfitted with a seat upholstered in fine, black leather with contrast stitching, and it comes with the same olive green livery as the sport scooter from the 1950’s. A set of blacked-out rims, exhaust, and details including a round number holding plate, and iconic ‘Six’ badges make this scooter truly stand-out from its trusted counterparts. A small plaque with the model’s serial number, plus a USB port located inside the luggage compartment, ABS, and LED lights complete the ‘Sei Giorni’s’ refinements.

Riders can customize their scooter by adding a windshield, front and rear luggage racks, a 42-liter bag, anti-theft devices, a thermal covering, or even a Tom Tom ‘VIO’ scooter GPS unit. The ‘Six Days’ is powered by a 300 cc euro4-compliant liquid cooled four-stroke engine that can create 21 hp, and 22 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm, while it also comes with an electric starter, a twist-and-go transmission, and an 8.5-liter fuel tank as standard.

Vespa Water Purifier Concept

What if Vespa released a water purifier product? In order to create a more fun design, a unique brand concept was applied to the water purifier. “This is the Vespa team’s design. I tried hard to put in the charactrastic of the vespa such as colorful, the shape of secure and roundish, feeling of vintage to water purifier. We designed it added to Italia’s sensibility what vespa have got. ” Designers are garim Kim and PDF [Product Designer’s Forum].

Retro Styled Vespa Segway

Have you ever thought about combining legendary Italian scooter Vespa and a Segway, a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen? Here’s the Vespa, the retro style moped, inspired by Segway. The designers from the Spanish design house Bel & Bel have managed to create Vespa Segway. The product is called Zero Scooter, and is actually made of parts from the classic Vespa. Now it’s available at around $4K US with 5 years warranty.

Hand-Crafted Wooden Scooter “Vespa Daniela”

Today’s post is for Vespa’s fans. The following masterpiece was created by Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto. Called “Vespa Daniela” it’s completely hand-crafted scooter, complete with Napolitan-striped paneling and spinning roulette wheels. It definitely takes a lot of time to complete such a work of art. A forgotten Vespa in Carlos Alberto’s garage was the stimulation to create this masterpiece. He dismantled the pieces of the old scooter and kept the engine, the suspensions and the wheels. The bike was designed for his daughter Daniela and features a functional 50cc motor. Take a look!

Beautiful Vespa Inspired Sculptures

These extremely cute Vespa inspired sculptures are the art works of an Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. Patricia gave to her Vespas a personality and take shape in the form of different animals. These beautiful creatures are molded by an automotive modeler using ABS plastic, automotive paint, stainless steel, leather, and rubber tires. Absolutely amazing and charming sculptures! Take a look!