Caribbean Paradise - Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House

Another house in the form of sea shell. And again in the Mexico. In the previous post we told you about Nautilus House in Mexico City. In this one we represent you Conch Shell House in the island of Isla Mujeres. The owner of the house is Octavio Ocampo, famous artist.

The Conch Shell House was built using a fairy traditional material, such as concrete, as well as recycled and found materials.

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House

The interior of house is also remind a sea shell. Living room is pretty unusual because it has no corner – it’s round.

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House

In decoration of the house were used a lot of seashells and items found on the local beach. The upstairs bathroom sink is made out of the base of a conch shell, the faucets are made out of coral.

Conch Shell House

The Conch Shell House contains 2 bedrooms for 4 people, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool. And the most plesant part that this house is available for rent and positioned as the most inclusive place for a romantic wedding.

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell House


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  1. ddmmmoo

    when she is created please???!

  2. l.a.u

    I found it in Isla Mujeres Mexico. saludos genteee

  3. Michelle

    I live in the caribbean and this is our second home (besides Capri) The owner is sweet and the place is better than it even looks

  4. Birkin

    Fantastic, amazing, original – wouldn’t want to live in it though!!

  5. Cynthia Begin

    I thought it was amazing in 2004 and I am still thinking about a revisit to Isla Mujeres

  6. Mobile Marketing

    This is super cool I want a place like this… Reminds me of Dr. Doolittle.

  7. Buy Magic

    My Apologies miss-msry I meant to say Isla Mujeres is Eastern most point in Mexico and not far from the shell house is the Punta Sur. Punta Sur and the Kings Swimming pool are on opposite ends of the island and both worth seeing. Rent a Scooter.

  8. Magic

    I have seen this in person it’s absolutely beautiful. One of the coolest little islands in the Mexican Rivera. And at the southern most point in Mexico.

    • miss_msry

      No it isn’t, it’s right off Cancun. What year was it built? When I was last there in 1995, I didn’t see it.

      • Michelle H

        I have lived in Cancun for 16 years and I havent seen it though I have been to isla mujeres frequently…going to make a habit of going to this seashell house tho…its silly to keep going to Capri and Mallorca when we live right here….(but that wont stop! who am I kidding) this will just make waiting for vacation , more fun here in sleepy Cancun

  9. elizabeth

    gosh dreamy…wish i could spend one night her w/ my prince charming…quiet…ssshh don’t know him yet

  10. mila

    убивают пластмассовые стулья в таком великолепии

  11. amie sugat

    this is fairly awesome!

  12. Lesley

    Fantastic, amazing, original – wouldn’t want to live in it though!!

  13. Sergeich

    Cool 🙂