Owl Headed Concrete House in South Korea


Owl Headed Concrete House in South Korea

In the South Korean port city of Busan, architect Moon Hoon has completed a four-storey house that resembles a perched owl. Completed for a client who works in the security industry, the imposing concrete dwelling takes on a defensive and protective appearance with carefully positioned apertures providing external views out, while simultaneously ensuring residential privacy. After seeing the distinct style and original approach of Moon Hoon’s artistic work, the client requested a house for his family that also included a series of fun spaces for his young child. While the uppermost storey resembles the owl’s head, the circulation space and staircase forms the bird’s wing. At night, the light from within the home illuminates the windows, forming two glaring eyes that overlook the neighborhood. The ground floor contains some commercial space as well as provision for car parking. The majority of the living accommodation is found on the level above, with a lounge, a small kitchen, and dining facilities. The third storey includes an outdoor terrace alongside a communal family room and a larger kitchen. The family’s sleeping accommodation is found at the uppermost storey.


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