Solar Egg Sauna In The Northernmost Town In Sweden


Solar Egg Sauna In The Northernmost Town In Sweden

This Solar Egg sauna in Kiruna, Sweden – the northernmost town in the country – provides residents with a nesting place to warm up in the cold climate. Designed by Swedish artist duo Bigert & Bergström for real estate company Riksbyggen, “Solar Egg” is more than just about being a sauna. It also doubles as a meeting place for residents to discuss the changes that are affecting their town. As a press release states, “The egg shape seeks to symbolize rebirth and new opportunities at the start of Kiruna’s urban transformation, a project that involves the relocation of entire city districts in response to ground subsidence caused by decades of iron ore mining.” The sauna’s facade is covered in faceted gold mirrors, which reflect and fragment its surroundings and represent the many complexities surrounding issues of climate change. On the inside, walls are clad in honeycomb wood panels, and a large wood-heated and heart-shaped sauna stove takes center stage, heating the sauna up to temperatures between 75° and 85° C (167° F to 185° F).


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