Urban Forest

Urban Forest

URBAN Forest

Architectural Studio MAD Architects from China has developed the project called “URBAN Forest”, which became a logical continuation of the mountainous landscape of the country. This construction is designed as a cylindrical skyscraper made from multiple floors of different shapes and sizes which have been layered slightly off-center from one another. Each floor has a large glass gallery, which is very convenient to overlook the city panorama. Very spectacular idea but at the same time it’s interesting when this skyscraper will be built.

URBAN Forest

URBAN Forest

URBAN Forest

URBAN Forest

URBAN Forest

URBAN Forest


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  1. Neshtoto

    I really want to see this building in real if and when it is ready some day. Such buildings can be the future…

  2. vishaljadia

    how nice it.

  3. Kevin

    These architects know that trees don’t just grow up, right? This design seems to act like roots don’t exist.

  4. Newf

    Looks like a dirty stack of dishes in a sink

  5. Daniel

    I usually love this kind of stuff, but this structure needs some major improvement. Cool concept but it looks horrible. Here is why in my opinion. Each floor takes away from the natural look its supposed to provide and looks incredibly unstable. Like a dieing mutant tree ready to be burned in a brushfire.

    I think its a great idea that just needs to be re-worked.

  6. Jon

    The engineer’s arch-enemy is the architect.

  7. emel

    saya senang sekali melihatnya.
    kapan indonesia punya kota hutan?

  8. m

    i think the core structure is to thin to contain enough elevators for a builidng this high- and there would certainly not be enough space for the emergency exit staircase and all necessairy water and gas pipes as well as secured electricity lines.
    also, it probably wouldn’t be very stable but i guess that could be solved.
    but then again, it appears to be planned that every floor has an outside area, some are mostly outside areas. at such heights being outside would most likely not only be freezing and extremely windy, but I also don’t think that many plants would grow properly, which would be essential, since this appears to be called “urban forest”.
    but i assume that this was just a concept, and it is a rather nice on at that, i think.

  9. Johnson Koh

    Truly unique but still looks pretty unstable to me. Hope it can be real soon.

  10. EcoChampion

    This concept, design and architects is totally mind blowing. If more builds were build like this then our urban fields would be a far better place to be and see

  11. Levinson and Axelrod

    This is a very interesting concept. Good luck to the architects. I’m just concerned about the safety of the structure and well, the crazy plants!

  12. vessolinni

    Looks quite unusual. I’m sure the architects will do their best to make the structure stable despite the odd looking form of it. But odd is good.
    It looks a bit like a stalagmite:)