Surrealistic Paintings by Vladimir Kush


Today we want to show you beautiful artworks of Russian artist Vladimir Kush. This surrealist inspires by the works of Salvador Dali and you can see it in his paintings. According to experts, Vladimir perhaps is one of the most talented surrealists of our time. Each painting is fascinating by stunning fantasy stories, game with metamorphic! If you are a fan of surrealism, you’ll get a real pleasure by watching artworks of this talented author!


Sunrise by the Ocean



Breakfast on the Lake



Construction Upstairs



Daisy Games



Fashionable Bridge



Fish in the City



Golden Anniversary



Journey Along the Edge of the Earth



Last Supper






Treasure Island



African Sonata



Arrival of the Flower Ship



Born to Fly



Butterfly Apple



Departure of the Winged Ship



Eye of The Needle



Forgotten Sunglasses



Horn of Babel






What the Fish was Silent About



Fauna in La Mancha


  1. His paintings are so intriguing. The african sonata was painted in which year and where?

  2. I bought my first Kush pieces today in Las Vegas, very expensive even for the prints to say the least, but I’ve been a fan for a long time and needed a show piece for the living room. Mythology of The Oceans and Heavens plus Departure of the Winged Ship are the two I got, mainly because Mythology encompasses so many key elements of Kush pieces and incorporates many of the smaller works into it. It’s just a stunning piece. I’m a big Dalí fan, he’s long been my favorite artist, but Kush is arguably even more interesting and as I delve more into his work I appreciate it even more. Sadly I think it’ll be a while before I can afford more pieces ha ha.

  3. I need to know if departure of the winged ship, metamorphosis and Fauna in La Mancha were created by Vladimir Kush or Salvador Dali. Please help I am so confused.

  4. can any one tell me what year Breakfast on the Lake was painted, or what medium was used?

  5. It seems to me that several of these are actually Dali’s paintings. Not that they are similar, but that they were actually painted by Salvador Dali…

    1. where did you find that some of these paintings are by dali ? go to valdimir’s official website and see for yourself that all of them are painted by him.

  6. I need to know the name of his painting, that has the brain in the water with the boat. My daughter is doing her senior project on Vladimir Kush and needs the name of this painting. Thank you for your help. Mr. Kush’s paintings are amazing.

    1. the painting you are referring to is called ‘Everyman is an Island and we belong to the same sea’ 🙂

  7. omg i was blown away so amazing its rlly amazing cant say how just wow this is

  8. What an amazing artist, with a glorious imagination and the gift to be able to create such works of art, I am in awe!!!

  9. I think it’s the modern Surreal art.They’re work of arts.Fantastic !DREAM ON!

  10. The colors and images look indeed a lot like Dali…. I just love Dali!

  11. If you are a spiritual person, you understand the art of Kush. Ok – there is at the first glance a similarity between his art and Dalis art, but there are worlds between. Kush is on a different level and has actually nothing to do with Surrealism.

  12. The colors and images look indeed a lot like Dali…. I just love Dali!

  13. I love the way you name your pictures. You make life very rich in your imaginations of the real art and nature. These are stunning creations of yours, Vladimir! You are amazing!Thank you for sharing. I wish you the best of all your wishes!!!

  14. and the Departure of the Winged Ship is a total copy of Dali’s…wtf…is that legal?

  15. I’m sorry I can’t…The second ones back is a copy of Dali’s work…I hate this kind of thing…Is he claiming it to be his work???

  16. I truly liked your incredible content. Please keep up the good work. Thank you very much!

  17. Last Supper and Golden Anniversary made me laugh a bit. Very talented artist. I also liked African Sonata. 🙂

  18. this is a bit random I guess, but this guy should illustrate One Hundred years of Solitude by Marquez.

    I always wondered if it was possible, and this guy makes it seem so.

  19. there is a difference between inspiration and, well… copying a style…

    “The secret to creativity is knowing how to HIDE your sources.”
    Albert Einstein

  20. this is BEAUTIFUL. i really love it. i’ve never seen his artwork, so i’m really glad i stumbled on this 🙂

  21. His skies are wonderful. He captures the colors of near sunset and early twilight perfectly. His crescent moons are always correctly aligned with the light.

  22. Golden Anniversary cracked me up, but is still a wonder. I like Kush’s work a lot. Makes you think of what the rest of the world is like in each painting, it’s peoples and histories

  23. It looks like Dali , but sometimes the philosophy of daly is replaced by simple ornaments

    1. It does NOT look anything like Dali.Kush is sui generis and if if you were operating a brain you ,like all others would know it at the first glance.

  24. AWAITING MODERATION? never mind, don’t post my comment you *****….
    your gonna censor peoples opinion on art? what is the f***ing point, you should move to china already…..

    1. That’s why we moderate comments. You don’t even know how many people write with obscenities like in your last comment. This is the only way to keep our site clean and positive.

      1. It’s a good policy. If you have something good to say, you shouldn’t have to use vulgar language to say it (unless you’re Morgan Freeman).

    2. If your comment was a thoughtful one, no doubt it would be posted instantly. Apparently the level of cognitive power you showed was not immediately obvious.

  25. there is a difference between inspiration and, well… copying a style…

    “The secret to creativity is knowing how to HIDE your sources.”
    Albert Einstein

    1. He’s not all Dali.
      Additionally, I just find it mildly ironic that you criticize him (for an arguably very creative interpretation of surrealism) with a sourced quote advocating the hiding of sources. But I understand, of course, that your comment was by no means meant to be creative.

      1. what the hell…have you compared his wor and Dali’s…The Departure of the Winged Ship IS Dali’s copy it has tha same name. What’s withthe denial????

  26. I am a fan of this guys work and there are some I haven’t seen like african sonata, he’s very talented*

  27. A lot of Dali influence, I see that. Still it’s undeniable art. I’m appreciating these pieces very much.

  28. Great concept! Creative and innovative. Last Supper is my favorite.

  29. Very nice. I think Dali got there 50 years earlier. And isn’t the word ‘Surrealist’?

    1. Not “Surrealist”, because the Surrealists were a self-defined (and strictly defined) group, which Vladimir Kush does not belong to, this could be called “surrealist” (lower-case), but because he’s not following in their practices, it’s more like his term “metaphorical realism” or, as I would probably call it, “allegorical fantasy.” The main difference between this and Surrealism is that the Surrealists used specifically dream imagery and played with unconsciousness (or subconsciousness/automatism) first and foremost, whereas this guy uses much more conscious, intentional imagery which at times *borrows* from Surrealist works, but as an intellectual/historical reference, not a dream image and not as the employment of what you might call the early-post-Freudian psychoanalytical approach employed by say, Dali.

      Directly though “surrealistic” is an over-developed word that probably doesn’t exist; oddly enough it *would* have the proper connotations (“resembling Surrealism”) if it did exist.

      1. yea yea i learned about all this too but dont be such a smartass appreciate the art will ya

        1. Calling it allegorical fantasy won’t do because pretty much everyone calls it surreal. Reference material here is pointless because the actual use changes faster than any printed reference can hope to keep up. This is why things like urbandictionary are now coming because you need an e-library of current use words 🙂

          1. I am a fan of this guys work and there are some I haven’t seen like turkey, he’s very talented*

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