Organic 3D Printed Lamp ‘Ohmie’ Made From Orange Peels

Organic 3D Printed Lamp 'Ohmie' Made From Orange Peels

A plastics-free future doesn’t seem possible, but we are seeing manufacturers cutting their percentage of plastic use by combining it with more natural, non-petroleum-based materials. As one example, Italian design studio Krill Design is launching Ohmie, a modern lamp 3D-printed from discarded orange peels and an unspecified “biopolymeric base.” They claim the resultant material is “fully compostable.”

organic lamp orange peels

The form of the lamp itself is sculptural and visually interesting, vaguely recalling a bust. It’s pleasant enough to look at, if a bit odd.

organic lamp design

You can clearly see the printed layer striations on the inside, yet on the outside they’ve convincingly achieved an orange peel texture.

3d print lamp photos

3d printing lamps

3D printing orange peels

3d print lamp images

3d printed lamp

The Ohmie has been successfully Kickstarted, with a fewdays left to pledge at press time. Buy-in starts at €72 (USD $86), and they’re expect to ship by November.

3d print lamp pictures

3d printed desk lamp

3D printing innovate lamp

discarded orange peels

elegant desk lamp

innovate desk lamp

modern desk lamp

modern organic lamp

orange peels lamp

organic desk lamp

innovate lamp

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