Modern Kambanes Futuristic House in the Finnish Countryside


Modern Kambanes Futuristic House in the Finnish Countryside

Designed by Studio Puisto and visualized by CYLIND, the Kambanes House is a remote retreat in the Finnish countryside. The dwelling balances the rugged landscape with a pair of sleek, L-shaped forms. Its lower level is clad in a stone-like brick while the upper story sports a wooden slat facade. The unique stacking of the two volumes creates a sheltered inner courtyard with a rock garden and a hot tub overlooking the sea. For the interior, large glazed inserts afford expansive views of both the coast and the pastures for the living spaces. Also we would recommend you to check futuristic conceptual houses in a shape of famous brand logos.

modern futuristic house

modern lake house

black futuristic house

futuristic modern house designs

black modern house

futuristic modern house

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