Skyscape Rooftop Design House by WARchitect


Skyscape Rooftop Design House by WARchitect

In hyper-dense cities, rooftops are the new untapped real estate. In some cases, they’re transformed into large-scale farms; in others, they’re home to small-scale parasitic structures that extend a building’s footprint. This rooftop on a five-story Bangkok residential building cleared its water tanks and mechanical systems to make way for an ultra-modern home for the building’s owner.

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WARchitect designed the one-story home with privacy in mind. Despite walls of glass stretching from end-to-end, the home is positioned so it’s invisible from public roads. The architects describe the house as a “borderless box that emerges out of nowhere in the sky.”

And indeed, the house looks almost like a bezel-less piece of technology thanks to some clever architectural choices. “Our intention was to give an illusion to onlookers that the entire ceiling was in the same straight line even though we featured a drop ceiling and a slope that was intentionally used to make the wall and ceiling look thin,” the architects explain.

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The home’s interior is split into grids that are separated by a concrete courtyard. The house is clad in reclaimed Balau wood planks that the owner had on hand, which give the home a warm, earthy glow when set against the cityscape. Also we would recommend you to check 10 amazing architectural projects of the world and 15 creative modern houses.

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