25 Free Useful Tools and Online Software for Web Designers and Developers


Check out these 25 the best free web design tools and software and find out what you can use to develop websites without any charge. We have selected a collection that includes free website builders, free platforms, free graphic design creators, free test tools, free graphics editors and much more that may be useful to you in your work.

25 Free Useful Tools and Online Software for Web Designers and Developers

Web designing is a tedious task. Large chunks of it are creating code, sharing concepts with team members, sending feedback, and collaborating with the client. It can be made much more comfortable with the myriad tools and online software that are available for free. What are the best free web design tools and services? We take a tour of the best free web design tools. Also recommend you to check our previous review about free website builders – this would be the est solution if you need a free website.

1. Google Web Designer – Free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Editor

Google Web Designer - Free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Editor

Launched in 2013, the Google Web Designer is a free editor for HTML and CSS. Unlike most Google products, it requires an install.

The primary purpose of this free website builder is to create CSS3 based animation for HTML5 pages. It would not work well as a standalone site builder, though you could, of course, use it for that purpose should you wish.

Plenty of drawing tools and animation effects can be applied quickly. 3D effects are also achievable after some expertise.

2. Webflow – Free Website Builder

Webflow - Free Website Builder

It is the perfect website builder and is far better than the basic editor packed free with a WordPress account. You could create a superlative website without writing a single line of HTML5 or CSS. It is also a full-featured Content Management System and compatible with editing any template available on the web.

Webflow allows you to easily add metadata and alt-text and highlight keywords. Generate XML sitemaps that make the site SEO friendly with the click of a mouse. A top notch choice among best free website builders.

3. openElement – Free Web Design Software

openElement - Free Web Design Software

openElement is a convenient tool for web designing. Unlike most free web design tools, it is lightweight, and none of its features are behind a pay-wall. The toolbars are customizable, and you can access the features you need quickly. It can not only shape the frontend through HTML and CSS but also help develop the backend via PHP.

It comes with free templates that are straightforward and SEO friendly. Its major plus is a robust set of editing and authoring tools. However, to use openElement fully, some basic knowledge of coding is desirable.

4. WordPress – Free Website Platform

WordPress - Free Website Platform

WordPress is quite literally the backbone of the internet. 30% of websites use WordPress. It is not only a website editor but a comprehensive ecosystem that provides a web developer with everything needed to set up a website.

With over 50,000 plugins and 3,500 free themes, it is the largest repository for building a website. You can customize it to any extent – add a page builder like Elementor, an e-commerce solution like WooCommerce, and SEO plugins such as All In One (downloaded 65 million times). Its only drawback is that it offers too many choices for everything.

5. Sketch – Free Web Design Tool

Sketch - Free Web Design Tool

Sketch has largely replaced Photoshop and Fireworks for website design. It is so popular because of its ability to handle vector graphics without any glitch. You could avail a 30 day free trial.

It has been designed keeping in mind the need for converting static design prototypes to HTML and CSS. It is also easy to reproduce fonts precisely on the website. The most annoying part of using Photoshop for typography was that the website text would look much different than the prototype.

Using Sketch Mirror, you can test your website on all types of platforms and screen sizes before launch.

6. Canva – Free Graphic Design Creator

Canva - Free Graphic Design Creator

Beautiful graphics are easy to design using Canva. It boasts of an extensive library of fonts, elements, and stock photos that are indispensable when creating a web site or social media post. It is a free graphics editing app and reasonably straightforward to use. Without the steep learning curve of Photoshop, it is a way to create excellent images, cards, memes, presentations, manuals.

This free software is so well designed that almost no training is needed. Perhaps an hour or two of video tutorial is enough to create eye-popping visually compelling content.

7. Adobe Color – Free Color Palette Generator

Adobe Color - Free Color Palette Generator

Released in 2019, the new version of Adobe Color is a powerful feature of Adobe Illustrator. It can be downloaded from the Adobe site or accessed through the cloud. It allows a designer to develop a custom color combination based on harmony rules. It even allows you to upload an image and extract a particular color from it

You can also design on your own based on the primary palette and color temperature. You could also use rather vague search terms for Adobe Sensei – viz spiritual. It would search through Behance (Adobe social media) and find you the most relevant schemes.

8. Invision Studio – Free Site Prototyping Tool

Invision Studio - Free Site Prototyping Tool

Prototyping is crucial since it conveys the design concept to the client. It is hard for laymen to understand from wireframes. That is why Invision Studio, a fresh new application, has garnered so much attention. It is an exciting rival to Figma and Sketch but has a minimal learning curve when compared to those established products.

Invision Studio allows quick collaboration, and the dark theme is modern and easy to navigate. If you are an experienced designer, you could create a mockup of a large site in less than a day. This novel free tool can translate the concept to HTML reasonably well though minor bug issues are still being worked out.

9. Browser Shots – Free Cross Browser Test Tool

Browser Shots - Free Cross Browser Test Tool

There are at least four major browsers – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer made for Widows, iOS, and Android. That is a scary number of combinations. Websites behave differently on different browsers since they don’t use the same engine.

Enter Browser Shots, a free and open source project that tests your site design on multiple browsers and versions and takes screenshots. You can open almost any regular screen size from 640 to 1680 pixels wide and color depth from 1 to 32 bits. It is completely free, but your task would be placed in a queue as the system processes the requests one by one.

10. GIMP – Free Graphics Editor

GIMP - Free Graphics Editor

GIMP is an open-source project that was developed as a completely free, full-featured alternative to Photoshop.

It can do everything Photoshop can but for nil investment. Of course, that means you don’t get an intuitive user interface. On the plus side, it consumes far less CPU power to run and requires only 30 MB for install compared to 1 GB for Photoshop.

With noise reduction, cropping, color adjustment, airbrush, gradient, and basic animation, it is very capable. Thankfully there are plenty of tutorials on the web as well as communities devoted to GIMP newbies on StackExchange and Reddit.

11. Atom – Free Programming Text Editor

Atom - Free Programming Text Editor

Atom is a code editor that was developed by Github as an alternative to Sublime Text. It is written in HTML, and you can extensively modify it. At a 180 MB download, it is larger than basic editors such as Notepad++ but far smaller than Visual Studio. Besides, you get support for every web development language, including Node.js.

Being from Github, you get advice from thousands of developers if you run into any problem. Atom is a new kid on the block as far as IDEs go. But it is developing fast to be a market leader.

12. Mockplus iDoc – Free Web Prototyping Soft

Mockplus iDoc - Free Web Prototyping Soft

Mockplus iDoc is an entirely new product for web design collaboration. It is a rival to Sketch and Invision. From design to development, it is a hassle-free tool that makes it easy to handle large website designs.

Mockplus iDoc has an impressive user interface and an easy to use task management section. This makes it easy for project handoff from designer to developer. It is easy to compare different versions of the design side by side and produce a rich prototype with sleek animations.

13. Mockplus – Free Wireframe Design Tool

Mockplus - Free Wireframe Design Tool

A wireframe tool is essential for web designers. Otherwise, it is difficult to convey the design to the client and receive their inputs. Mockplus is one of the most robust wireframe tools available for free.

With thousands of icons and elements, you can set up a website exactly as it will look in real life. A drag and drop editor with an easy to use toolbar is super handy. From buttons to widgets, everything can be represented and displayed on the screen within a short time. This cuts down the cost of development since the user can give direct inputs using this collaborative tool.

14. HTML Purifier – Free HTML Filter Library Service

HTML Purifier - Free HTML Filter Library Service

It is easy to write HTML. It is one of the easiest languages to learn. It is difficult to write good quality HTML that is bug free.

HTML Purifier checks the code that you have written for XSS or cross site scripting. This is a malware attack that attempts to exploit benign web pages through code injections. HTML Purifier removes foreign tags that are unfamiliar and suspicious.

15. Coolors.co – Free Colour Palette Generator

Coolors.co - Free Colour Palette Generator

All website designers need access to colors. Lots of hues since every website needs to look sophisticated and different.

The webpage, typography, banners, buttons all need to have perfect color coordination that is easily achieved through Coolors. It is entirely free of cost and displays random palettes. You can use color models such as RGB, HSB, COPIC, PMS, and more.

You can further refine the palette that you like by adjusting saturation, temperature, brightness. A neat little tool that makes your web design stand out.

16. Vectr – Free Vector Graphics Tool

Vectr - Free Vector Graphics Tool

Vector graphics have been unavailable, and for far too long, web designers have had to be content with raster graphics. But it is hard to scale up raster graphics, and Vectr solves this problem. The software is a stripped-down version of Illustrator.

It can be used for generating any type of two-dimensional graphics e.g., watermarks, banners, icons, and logos, and can import and export files in PNG, JPG, and SVG formats. Vectr has a neat interface and comes with a tutorial that contains details of basic graphic design and color theory.

17. piZap – Free Online Photo Editor

piZap - Free Online Photo Editor

On its Home Page, piZap calls itself the easiest to use photo editor. That could very well be true since you simply have to upload an image and edit.

It takes no more than a few minutes to create funny memes or beautify, crop, and resize photos. You could also blend photos together to produce a collage. The site offers hundreds of filters from traditional ones such as B/W and sepia to unique ones like iridescent and dusk.

18. HTML Cleaner – Free HTML/CSS Cleaner Tool

HTML Cleaner - Free HTML/CSS Cleaner Tool

Excessive coding can quickly destroy a site by increasing loading time. HTML Cleaner is a free tool that allows you to alter several aspects of the coding in batch. These include case converter, removing images, links, tags, and changing HTML tables to Div.

It is particularly useful when you are migrating text from one website to another and want to remove HTML and get back a clean version. HTML Cleaner can make the code look pretty with perfect indentation and empty lines.

19. Visme – Free Presentation Maker

Visme - Free Presentation Maker

Visme is an excellent free presentation maker. With numerous templates and layouts, it is easy to create a web page design and add colors and fonts with minimal effort. There are thousands of icon designs to choose from to make any graphical presentation attractive. You could even add audio and video to presentations.

You can change color schemes with a single click, add photos, infographics, and collaborate with a team. If you want to create dazzling content for free, this is a must-have tool.

20. Logaster – Free Logo Maker

Logaster - Free Logo Maker

Logo design is important to a brand and website. Logaster makes the process effortless thanks to its innovative four-step approach.

Just input the name of the brand and select from shown styles. Edit the color and design and print it out as an image file. Now you can copy or scan it using vector graphics and use it everywhere. It is user friendly since there are no confusing options to wade through, and the process from start to finish takes only a few minutes.

21. Bluefish – Free Web Design Editor

Bluefish - Free Web Design Editor

Bluefish is a free text editor that supports Python, Ruby, CSS, HTML, XHTML, PHP, C++, and more. It is better than a notepad editor but less complex than a full IDE. It is superb for static content websites and allows easy editing and HTML cleanup. It is better used for simple sites rather than sites that use complex databases in MySQL.

Bluefish eats up very little RAM and is quite snappy and available for Windows and Linux. Like most Sourceforge projects, it is a multi-language capable free platform.

22. WAMP, MAMP – Free Virtual Web Server Service

WAMP, MAMP - Free Virtual Web Server Service

Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP and Mac/Apache/MySQL/PHP are full-stack virtual machines needed to create and test a website.

WAMP and MAMP act as a virtual server that operates on top of Windows or Mac OS. Virtual machines are vital since they allow a web developer to test a site without connecting to the net or having an actual backend MySQL that Apache will fetch pages from.

It is an excellent time-saver since a website can be fully prototyped and developed on a local machine without constantly fetching data from an external server.

23. Lightshot – Free Screenshot Tool

Lightshot - Free Screenshot Tool

Lightshot can take screenshots with just pressing the mouse and PrtScr. It is a tiny install and can work with almost every known browser. With the mouse, you can select the screen area that has to be captured or set it to a custom area.

The file is saved in default destination and can be retouched using basic image editing tools that are built-in. Lightshot offers to save the file in all the popular image extensions, including PNG, JPG, and Bitmap.

24. WhatTheFont – Free Fonts Search Tool

WhatTheFont - Free Fonts Search Tool

While for some fonts start with Arial and end at Garamond, there are many perfectionists who love to know about every innovative font they come across.

WhatTheFont is a web service that identifies fonts from an image. For those who appreciate the difference between Slab Serif and Droid Serif while doing their web designing, this is the perfect online tool. You must use it if you obsess over typography of the sites you design.

25. Figma – Free UI Interface Design Tool

Figma - Free UI Interface Design Tool

Figma is a quite new web design tool that runs from your browser. You could also invite others to your project much in the same way as Google Docs works. Does it add any functionality over Sketch? No, but with design being teamwork, there has to be an end to sharing image and code files by email and making it genuinely collaborative.

This is the huge advantage Figma enjoys at the moment. Figma also has a primary vector tool for the easy design of simple logos and graphics.

Last Words

The use of these tools makes web design more interesting and visually appealing. By cutting out dead lines of code, it makes the site more responsive and easier to navigate.

Most of all, they are free or at least freemium, and you get to use their best features at no cost while increasing productivity by many times.

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