Bright and Positive Paintings by Leonid Afremov

Bright and Positive Paintings by Leonid Afremov

oil paintings

Today we want to show you amazing paintings of Russian artist Leonid Afremov. Leonid Afremov tried different techniques during his career, but he especially fells in love with painting with oil and pallette-knife. Every artwork is the result of long painting process and brings different mood, colors and emotions. So colorful, lovely and professional at the same time these breath taking paintings will surely bring you a lot of positive and peace of mind.


Misty Melody

oil paintings


Magic Flowers

oil paintings


The Swan – London

oil paintings


Night Trolly

oil paintings


The Gateway to Amsterdam

oil paintings


After The Date

oil paintings



oil paintings


Soul of The Rain

oil paintings


Old Sea Front

oil paintings


Italy, Lake Como

oil paintings



oil paintings


Hot Noon

oil paintings


Los Angeles 1930

oil paintings


Two Sisters

oil paintings


Mystery of The Night

oil paintings


Misty Alley

oil paintings


Foggy Park

oil paintings


October Fog

oil paintings


Before The Sunrise

oil paintings


Winter Mood

oil paintings


Miami Rain

oil paintings


The Sun of Sicily

oil paintings


Under the Arch of Autumn

oil paintings


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  1. Me.

    WOW – these paintings are amazing. Love the colour.

  2. Umber

    Just Osum…… <3

  3. Saad Mahmud

    Ttose paintings are amazing for ever,however I always have a look again and again , best regards for the artist

  4. abhi

    a photo can say thousands of feelings…

    but a painting say.. lack of eamotions..


    art is heart

  5. rickie lukenge

    guys each tym i see such wonderful works,i get more inspired as an a young artist.


    wonder…the gret painting very thenk’s & i am very happy for your painting

  7. Gazi Sajedur Rahman

    Superb….he is one true gifted painter….pure talent..:D

  8. Omega

    Love this Amazing paintings!

  9. Isuri

    Adding live blood to a heartless board is a very hard thing,
    but my friend, you have done it. It is unbelievable!Best of luck!

  10. amanda

    so i tryied painting one of your paintings it came out really good i am a high school student and i am really inspired by all of your work. i really wish i knew how to paint as well. your style is very unique…thx

  11. Zigis

    He is not actually a Russian artist, he was born in Belorussia, but he is Israeli. He moved to the USA and now lives in Mexico. Please, get the facts right.

  12. Valery Rybakow

    super painting (knife oil art)

  13. dannie

    cool paintings, nice imaginations, great job

  14. ایرانی

    I have copies of your work
    Work is great

  15. orgu nonso

    this is very beautiful. this is a great job.

  16. Oil Painting

    Truely Amazing paintings… Great Job!

  17. -

    i luv u man ur paintings are magnificent …. luv al of dem !!!

  18. ravi

    Great paintings…wonderful work!!

  19. replica omega watches

    beautiful ,thank you~

  20. replica rolex

    These photos are really beautiful, thank you!

  21. rolex replica

    Will love to have them on my walls at home.

  22. Greena

    where are the clown paintings that this style demands? Where are the clowns, eh?

  23. D.L. Weaver

    I bought a beautiful painting from an “artist” in China. I liked it. It made me feel good. After I got it, I found out it was a rendering of “Miami Rain”. Looks VERY much like the original. I could not believe that the artist with so much talent would copy someone else’s work.

  24. Fine art

    awesome, amazing paintings!

  25. archana

    how are u? you are so creative with bright colors… and i also likes bright colors. If u don’t mind Can i know your paintings technique ? is it knife painting or else.. I want to learn this ….
    Thanks and Regards
    archana tudu

  26. Francesca

    Non ho parole per definire la bellezza di questi dipinti!

  27. Johnson Koh

    Very beautiful colors. Will love to have them on my walls at home.

    • Nicole

      Leonid Afremov is a master of color. You can find his work at reasonable prices at 🙂

  28. 印第安小狮

    Wooooooow! It’s really attractive! 😀

  29. wickrama

    how creative are you

  30. jiggybean

    Defiantly my most favorite artist ever. I wish I could jump into one of those rainy painting and take a stroll in the rain too. Beautiful.

  31. Kay Patterson (Blurtsmum)

    Wow these are so inspiring and so beautiful – so glad I have seen them

  32. Shravan

    This is brilliant.
    I would love to get these paintings..
    Why don not you display your beautiful creations with us so that art lovers can buy your beautiful paintings..

    • Patrick Creighton

      This isn’t brilliant, this is only what has been done before. If you actually want to make it as an artist you should actually come up with something original instead of copying what has already been done.

  33. flores

    a beuty that can change lives..sincear.generos,genial!

  34. mtarkhov

    amazing paintings!

  35. replica watches

    Beautiful, I love them.

  36. Eric Shafer

    The thing that makes these ridiculous is that they’re painted traditionally and not digitally!

  37. BLOGitse

    I love all of them!
    Pure art!

  38. abhi

    Once again, awesome paintings. The fact that he can combine such a broad spectrum of colors and bring to life everyday images is a real talent.