Incredibly Realistic Sculptures by Adam Beane

Incredibly Realistic Sculptures by Adam Beane

Adam Beane

Adam Beane is quite unique sculptor. Since beginning sculpting in 2002 he is known for dynamic compositions, action poses, nuanced drapery work and his ability to capture likenesses with expressions. For the work he uses CX5, a tremendously versatile material he developed which handles like clay when warm but is hard as plastic when cool. In this collection you will find mini copies of famous people and will be surprised how unbelievable realistic they look. Many of them were made for toys companies and may be you could find beautiful works of Adam Beane in supermarkets.


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Paolo DiCanio

Adam Beane

Adam Beane


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Adam Beane


Billy Wagnerfor

Adam Beane

Adam Beane


Zombie Teen

Adam Beane

Adam Beane


Dante Toneguzzo

Adam Beane


Evangeline Lilly

Adam Beane


Adriano Leite Ribeiro

Adam Beane

Adam Beane


Alessandro Del Piero

Adam Beane


Roger Milla

Adam Beane


Luca Toni

Adam Beane



Adam Beane


Brian Urlacher

Adam Beane


David Bowie

Adam Beane

Adam Beane


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  1. Trish

    These are amazing. How large a figurep can you sculpt with this material?

  2. ApartmaniHrvatska

    Wauuuuuuuu!! This is amazing

  3. Emily

    Really Great work. Keep it up.

  4. sunil s. madas

    WAAAW !!! Grande ARTIST !……

    WAAAW !!! Grande ARTIST !……

    WAAAW !!! Grande ARTIST ! WAAAW !!! Grande ARTIST !

  5. fuego

    Who gave you such a wonderful talent? They look so real.. thanks a lot for sharing. Hope to see more soon

  6. northierthanthou

    Damned good work.

  7. Jeff

    Wow! Very realistic sculptures.

  8. Besos

    Great artwork. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing

  9. Julieth

    Amazing very lifelike

  10. John Davis

    Love to see the sculptures art by Adam, he did great job. Paolo DiCanio’s Sculpture really inspiring for me. I wish to get these images on vinyl banners printing to display at my room wall. Well its really impressive work loving in it.

  11. Thomas

    Very…very wonderful, how you learn to make those?

  12. Calgary landscapers

    You are extremely talented and creative. These are wonderful.

  13. Time Clock

    What is this material? I believe its some kinda clay, am i right?

  14. Juegos Wii

    Great artwork. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing

  15. Project Tracking Software

    I am surprised that this is the first time I am hearing about Adam Beane. Such a good sculpture he is. Especially the puppet ones are stunning.

  16. cad bibliotēka

    Precious! Cool!

  17. Judy Holland

    Will you ever display your sculptures at the Fort Worth Texas Art Museum? Please say yes.. Please let me know asap! Thanks.. They are very good. I love the art…..

  18. sara

    Incredible, what did you use????

  19. blue host coupons

    sculptures are wonderful. it look real. The author is very talented. Keep up the good work.

  20. Time Tracking

    sculptures is great…

  21. beads

    These are ridiculously realistic!

  22. Karan Valecha

    Love your work!!! How do the finished products look? Can i buy them from somewhere?

  23. cupcake ct

    So good I wantto cry!

  24. Memographer

    Wow! Such a beautiful artwork!

  25. Singapore Photography Studio

    I would love to have the opportunity to photography some of your works at our studio! Just amazing models!

  26. Chad K

    Amazing Work!!! I absolutely love all your work!

  27. žogs

    Brilliant sculptures!

  28. Emily Katie

    Lol, I was waiting for him to switch the faces. For instance the zombie teen on Lucas Toni’s body? That would’ve been wicked :p

    Also, the sculpting is insanely detailed.

  29. Gabrielle

    Beautiful work!!!!

  30. liz

    Very inspiring work. I found it so refreshing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Mike

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful pieces of art.

  32. Birthday Ideas

    These sculpts become action figures. Which is why they are so small.

  33. Oro

    Wow!!! I am so impressed. I wish I had such an artistic talent. AWESOME!!!

  34. Name

    amazing details of duct tape program !!! i think you should update more details …

  35. luan

    how mutch does it cost an original head 1/6 one of this sculptures ,can we know?

  36. Vedette

    Whoever made these have extreme talent.

  37. rafiq

    This really fabulous, hilarious, mind blowing, fantastic, terrific and what not …. I salute the art.

  38. toys online

    This is simply incredible. Love the detail on Evangeline Lilly – her hair, frown simply incredible.

  39. iva debt management

    Wow, its so realistic.You really hit the nail on the head.

  40. JR

    I would like to see a series on Star Wars…. Also, I bet you had the coolest action figures when you were young…lol

  41. Kerry

    Phenomenal! Being an artist, I see them all as blank canvases!

  42. karen millen sale

    Michalangelo lives again! This is some talented stuff! I am very impressed!

  43. how to win the lottery

    This would be an awesome opportunity to turn a profit! Im sure people would pay dearly to have someone transformed into a sculpture like these. I would love to have one. Just an idea

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    Amazing art no doubt about it

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    Thanks for sharing.

  46. Property Management Software

    Amazing art no doubt about it, especially Evangeline Lilly is a master piece. Thanks for sharing

  47. nazia

    wow, this is amazing. i cant belive it that some can do this.
    very nice and really people will like it very much

  48. karen millen dresses

    So So unbelievable!!
    Too lifelike!!

  49. Mike

    Michalangelo lives again! This is some talented stuff! I am very impressed!

  50. tiffany

    I like your blog.

  51. James

    Amazing man, simply amazing!!! Keep up the excellent work.

  52. tungsten

    Incredible detail! Thanks for sharing.

  53. Ichetucknee

    Incredible talent, can we buy those sculptures?

  54. Technician

    My God! they are so real. How can he create such realistic sculptures…

  55. stelios

    Hi i want to bye the ‘Zombie Teen’please send me email to transfer money .

  56. dotSense

    So realistic sculptures…beautiful work. Salute!

  57. Benjamin Doolittle

    love these, i would really like to satisfy my ego and have one of me made

  58. James

    wow! a treat on the eyes! Thanks for sharing! Del Piero is a like for like!

  59. Shrikrishna Meena

    Interesting, Amazing, Excellent work… Really appreciable. some of them were looking real.

  60. Jessica Fortner

    Incredible detail! Thanks for sharing.

  61. thistlethorn

    wish he’s designed my Barbies when I was a giblette!

  62. brooklyn

    I have the david bowie you created! excellent work, so realistic!

  63. Time Tracking

    Holy Kaw! The attention to detail, and on such a small scale, is truly remarkable. Thanks for the share! 🙂

  64. Ducktoes

    Really interesting. He really captures the emotions and gestures, especially negative ones.

  65. Daily Dawdle

    Amazing work. I love the energy these sculptures project. Not only realistic but very life-like.

  66. Demi Pietchell

    Exceptional work! The detail is just amazing – loving the Kate and Jareth sculptures! Thank you so much for posting this!

  67. britney spears perfume

    brian urlacher look incredibly real! it seems like a photoshop picture with a big hand grabbing a human… this guy is very talented.

  68. Meg N

    I agree! People can be so easy to fool.

  69. L Oh! La

    I don’t believe it. I think it’s totally fake.

  70. billy bussey

    nice but dorky.

    Celeb art is the lowest.

  71. sir jorge

    those are beyond incredible

  72. web guy

    that is amazing sculpting dude you really have a true talent my friend. Keep up the good work.

  73. sara

    Are they all tiny?

  74. Floor tiles

    Once again David Bowie is a coolness multiplier. As if the over the top skill wasn’t cool enough.

  75. santosh

    amazing work

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    You have a phenomenal blog.your Every post put something interesting

  77. Junaid

    Nice thing ……….

  78. Breezee

    Reaalllyyy enjoy it. Thanks for your generosity


    Wow..! awesome and so realistic sculptures.

  80. payazo

    very very nice job, my friend

  81. Angel

    Really Awesome !

  82. Natalie

    i like how he used Jereth for David Bowie’s statue.

  83. Rosco

    Amazing blog love this ++

  84. Large Format Prints Expert

    This is amazing, what a great artwork, they are very detailed, and tiny, at the begining I thought that the evangeline lilly head was the actual normal size head, this really great.

  85. stickerslover

    brian urlacher look incredibly real! it seems like a photoshop picture with a big hand grabbing a human… this guy is very talented.. thx

  86. Joarder Mahmood

    I’m Rely surprise to see your art work, i mean sculpture, its simple trimindous, i wanna see your more works.
    keep it up

  87. JE

    Amazingly realistic sculptures. The Bowie jacket in particular shows incredible attention to detail…

  88. Ron White

    I too am an artist in Ohio and I am looking for a clay I do not have to bake…AAAA Help me get my hands on this CX-5 material…

  89. toys

    very interesting site !!Incredibly Realistic Sculptures by Adam Beane! love it!!

  90. BestBookmarks

    Amazing…we have the same taste on many things blogging

  91. Auntie Hosebag

    Spectacular! Evangeline Lilly is a ridiculously beautiful woman and you really captured that. My favorite, anyway.

  92. Phil

    don’t know any of these people, except David Bowie, but who cares? They are fantastic!

  93. RWdorsey

    this guy would be an excellent surgeon lol!

  94. zafi


  95. mihaela

    amazing… The human mind it’s an incredible whole!

  96. Graziane Faruolo

    impressionante e inacreditável!!! adoreiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! 🙂

  97. Joey

    what amazing work, the fabric textures are crazy !! I especially liked the shape of the running football players

  98. Glò

    OMG!! It’s amazing! Good good good! 😀

  99. banamali maharana

    realy wonderful work

  100. bryony1

    It’s funny so many people mentioned David Bowie. To me that face doesn’t resemble Bowie in the least. I’d love to see a Mick Jagger! AND more women!

  101. Andy Foster

    Incredibly inspiring stuff for all us sculptors. Can you tell me: where do you get this CX5 stuff from? I would love to get some to try!
    best wishes and fervent admiration
    Andy Foster
    (sculptor of

  102. bunny

    wow. i wonder how much he’d charge to do a couple for me

  103. tábatta

    can´t belive it´s so real … amazing art
    David bowie … and Adriano…. cool
    well kisses from brazil

  104. Pete Rumney

    These are simply beautiful works of art, very impressed

  105. RC8e

    Wow, amazingly realistic. David Bowie was awesome!

  106. buykinis

    Woah, amazing work, can it be brought?

  107. Bárbara

    Hi! My nemes is bárbara i`m 11 yers old and i`m brasilian and i`m from brasil …. This site is Very God! (Sori but i don`t spack english very well)

  108. betnix

    wow! this is simply amazing, how long would he have spent to make them? I would expect to pay big to his amazing work!

  109. katerlake

    Great work, Very nice skulpting.

  110. Alana

    this is so good, i want a sculpture like this of myself!

  111. Carolyn

    Incredible. I have just begun sculpting in my spare time and I find it challenging to do small things. You are an inspiration. Keep up the amazing work. Can’t wait to see more.

  112. graphic designer

    nicely done. Someone has a lot more patience than me!

  113. Mahe

    awesome pics!!

  114. James B

    Fantastic stuff,, can I buy simon pegg and Nick frost castings. .do you do casting in resin or plastic.


  115. Danielle

    I myself enjoy the zombie teen. If zombies were real…

  116. Creative Writing

    Truly amazing. The attention to detail is superb. I wonder if he has any life-size sculptures.

  117. Akhil Sasidharan

    Incredible work!

  118. Joao

    This is pretty amazing work.

  119. David

    Fantastic Work, So very precise. Bravo !!!

  120. Lucia

    awesome work, esp. for Evangeline and Simon Pegg.

  121. Brian aka Taxi Brown

    Incredible.if these things r for real, I see a Multi-Billion dollar Business.How do I get some? I would love 2 have sculptures Like these and I know people who would like them also> Keep em’ coming

  122. davie

    you are one gifted person

  123. Adam

    Wow, that is some serious detail..would love to see a time lapse video of a piece being made, as well as a how to type video or blog post. Not that I would be able to do a piece of sculpture that in anyway resembles art, even if I understood how it was done.

  124. mali

    GOD gave you such a wonderful talent , your parents really had a gifted child ! use this talent in a right way!

  125. Glenn

    People who say “it’s a fake” or “not very creative” are obviously jealous, not very talented themselves, or very limited in their appreciation of art and the range it can have (Michelangelo’s David or Pieta by their definition of art would also be fake or not very creative, I think they must be living on another planet perhaps?

  126. BV

    Amazing! Modern art!

  127. Joelene

    WOW!!!I love to create too!Great job and keep it up because the world needs great artists.

  128. Bonnie

    Very talented! I’ve never seen such great work.

  129. heh

    Is that kate from lost?

  130. Cheyenne

    I love the one of David Bowie as Jarreth The Goblin King.

  131. Tim

    Very Cool Indeed!!!!

  132. Mathew


  133. Richard

    These are simply amazing. I love the Nick Frost one, you’ve captured his cheeky chappy appearance perfectly!

  134. Rebekah like that is greatly appreciated. The detail is brilliant. Thanks StumbleUpon! =) “Photofunny” you’re cute!

  135. bucky

    does it seems weird to anyone else that there’s only one female head and the rest are mostly athlete men? and the female is also some attractive woman at that.

    i wanna see some faces and bodies of people that are not considered “normal”. that is way more interesting that this.

  136. Beezy

    That is hilarious I saw that someone else put up a post saying they are glad that they clicked stumbleupon and found this page, I was gonna write the same thing.

  137. Vladi

    It`s real ART!!!

  138. NGfromNC

    That is some cool sculptures. Thank you

  139. Rebecca Moore

    What a talent! incredible.

  140. Leah

    I had wished you showed even more close ups – so people would at first not know the actual size of your amazing work – one would think these would be life size due to their amazing detail – great job – and even more talent!

  141. shijo

    awesome work!!

  142. prashanth

    its great.. u r really talented..

  143. Lindsey

    OMG! These are so incredible! Detailed! And so small! wow! The hair on the first image. Brilliant!

  144. Bianca

    Wow love them all but mostly Luca Toni and David Bowie! Great Work

  145. Adam

    really good but the dicanio one looks more like pierluigi collina!

  146. premium finance

    nice site!! recognized some of them perfectly without reading the text.

  147. M. Pope

    The military one is so great. This would be an awesome opportunity to turn a profit! Im sure people would pay dearly to have someone transformed into a sculpture like these. I would love to have one. Just an idea, You may already be doing this?

  148. Chris R

    Wow! very cool stuff. Such attention to detail. I don’t think I would have the patience for that.

  149. Jayne

    Woohoo! No “shopped” comments!

  150. Ash

    That is amazing. He’s so talented.
    I’m so happy to see David Bowie up there.
    I loved The Labyrinth!!

  151. Ron

    Do you do custom work?

  152. DOA

    it’s a fake

  153. Lyn Ardite

    Amazing,extremely talented!!!!!!

  154. jasmin lei

    Luca Toni looks a bit like Sean Penn. Sweet Stuff.

  155. na

    skilled.. true. but not very creative.

  156. Oyunlar

    nice very nice,

    • waqas

      hello i love ur work. i want to ask u what material you used for ur sculptures?????

  157. Ashok kumar

    Maker made it so cute.

  158. thedeadpoet

    Man I’m sure glad I clicked that stumbleupon button today – this is the most skilled sculpture I’ve ever seen. Makes me want to sculpt. I’m off to buy some modeling clay. Seriously.

  159. Kiko

    UaU !!!Awesome !!! Terrific !!!
    You express yourself through your magnificent job (art),like God does….Congratulation…I would like to have that power.

    • MAN

      Man created god genius. If you want that abilty, practice practice practice. That’s THE only way to develop skills.

  160. photofunny

    wohhh, there are so realistic! I think the best is Brian Urlacher one. perhaps the eyes are the part less realistic of the sculptures.

  161. Dominic

    You have a phenomenal blog. Every post you put up is something I enjoy!

    Thank you.

    • cityville cheat

      These sculptures are really amazingly wonderful..They are simply awesome..I loved them..