Porcelain Beauties by Marina Bychkova

beautiful dolls

The graceful and mysterious, delicate and playful… Porcelain beauties by Marina Bychkova embody the ideal of “eternal feminine.” Marina wrote on her website: “My need to work with dolls became evident as a calling when I was six years old. As a child I became painfully aware and appalled at the mediocrity and the uninspired dullness of mass-produced dolls. This profound frustration coupled with my natural sensibilities inspired me to create my own dolls, suited to my own ideas of feminine beauty.” We’ve already written about beautiful realistic dolls of Alexandra Kokinova and cute handmade dolls by da-bu-di-bu-da. These dolls are absolutely different but each one has its own character, it’s not just a toys for adults but real people with feelings and habits. It seems like each of these figures has a whole history that they just can not tell us.


Beauty and the Beast

beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls


The Bloody Lady Elizabeth Bathory

beautiful dolls


Golden Lilly

beautiful dolls


Stages of Grief

beautiful dolls


Olga Larina

beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls

beautiful dolls

beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls

beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls

beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls


Young Cixi: the Dowager Empress of China

beautiful dolls


Elena the Beautiful

beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls


Bride of Frankenstein

beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls

beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls

beautiful dolls


Echo – The Emperor’s Youngest Daughter

beautiful dolls

beautiful dolls


Makhdot – Daughter of the Moon

beautiful dolls


Cosmos Exploratum Genesis

beautiful dolls


Agnetha – The Other Woman

beautiful dolls


Imperial Concubine

beautiful dolls

beautiful dolls


Nitocris: The first Woman-Pharaoh

beautiful dolls



beautiful dolls


Kia – The Water Nymph

beautiful dolls


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  1. Lisa Johnson

    Are any of these beautiful dolls for sale ?

  2. Photographe Luxembourg

    Beautiful photography, good job

  3. karoline

    maravilhosas, como eu faço para ter uma dessas ?? estou apaixonada.

  4. Tiff

    These are gorgeous. I wish I had this level of artistic talent!


    Marina, tenes un don en tus manos…………. magníficas!!!!!!

  6. Ameeth Babu

    Hi Marina,

    I love beauties, but I have no words to express you art, they are mind blowing. Please keep posting more or your art.


  7. Lydia

    They are absolutely stunning!

    (There is pornography and there is art! THIS is art!)

  8. ashley

    they are really beautiful just cut out the porn and people of all ages will enjoy them 🙂

    • Claire Dee

      Ah…yeah. Just because they show breasts doesn’t mean it’s porn, love. c:

      • Ashley

        your right and they look so enchanting X3 it makes you geel like you want to be one too!

        • Ashley

          i ment “FEEL” SO SORRY x(

  9. S Brooks

    Art, yes. Pornagraphic to be sure, but dolls?

  10. Kool Materials

    Porcelain Beauties is really beautiful..!

  11. Cherryblossoms

    You truly capture life into these dolls eyes. I especially like  “Echo – The Emperor’s Youngest Daughter”. Well, keep up the great work!

  12. char

    these are so beautiful…..

  13. Cin77

    * perfect lol

  14. Cin77

    Wow! OMG Wow!! They are all so beautiful and so prefect!

  15. Mystikan

    These are truly beautiful works of art. They capture intensely the life and passion of the figures they represent. Especially the eyes and expressions; as a 3D modeller myself, I know how difficult it is to put “life” into the eyes of models and in this case you have done a superlative job.

  16. Natasha Lea

    Their simply “MAGNIFICENT” “CHARMING” and “ADORABLE” you do wonderful work and have a heavenly gift of realistic craft that we all crave.

    Thank-You for giving me and the rest of the world a little bit of doll ‘MAGIC’

  17. Larrydale

    Barbie should look so good.

  18. AustinDM

    Beautiful and frightening.
    More beautiful than Barbie,
    not as frightening as Bratz dolls.

  19. su

    Where can i buy these?
    Def like

  20. Andy

    Horrible things…creepy!

  21. Dustin T

    Your work is beyond beautiful. I love them all.

  22. jaya

    simply the most beautiful dolls i’ve ever seen…

  23. ltr

    OMG!! this is awesome!!!

  24. Lex

    OMG. I’m without words, your work is amazing. The details, it’s all so delicate, i love it. I want them all ! Teach me ? 🙂