Artist Daniel Dociu

Artist Daniel Dociu

Daniel Dociu

Daniel Dociu is Chief Art Director for ArenaNet, the North American wing of NCSoft. Projects in which he participated: Guild Wars, Need for Speed, FIFA Soccer, MechWarrior, James Bond 007. Great architecture, fantastic and bright world you can see in his beautiful artworks. Some of amazing illustrations featured below were created for computer games. Hope his art will impress you with its immensity and grandeur!


The Hub of Time

Daniel Dociu


Guild Wars 2 Iceberg Ship

Daniel Dociu


Valley of the Kings

Daniel Dociu


Guild Wars 2 Orr Ring

Daniel Dociu

Daniel Dociu


Robed Guy

Daniel Dociu


Preparations for Test Flight

Daniel Dociu



Daniel Dociu


Swan Ship

Daniel Dociu



Daniel Dociu



Daniel Dociu



Daniel Dociu


Delta Temple

Daniel Dociu

Daniel Dociu



Daniel Dociu


Guild Wars 2 Dredge Caves

Daniel Dociu


Guild Wars 2 Robots

Daniel Dociu


Guild Wars 2 Dragon Scar

Daniel Dociu


Guild Wars 2 Dragon Pit

Daniel Dociu


Guild Wars 2 Divinity

Daniel Dociu


Guild Wars 2 Charr architecture

Daniel Dociu


Dragon Alley

Daniel Dociu


Floating Rings

Daniel Dociu



Daniel Dociu



Daniel Dociu


Manmade Island

Daniel Dociu


Floating Temple

Daniel Dociu


Big Ass Structure

Daniel Dociu


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  1. caleb

    The first one, the “Hub of Time” is so amazing I just can’t get over it. Just imagine a city on top of all the gears, the gears slowly grind away as the cities on top slowly spin with them.

    Just seems like something that would be amazing in a video game 🙂

  2. 3x

    OMG this is so amazing. I’m going into graphic design and now my new goal in life is to be this good.thanks!

  3. Henry

    Can someone please tell me which software was used to make all these?

    • Joe

      Human brain 1.0

  4. Zils

    OMG this is so amazing. I’m going into graphic design and now my new goal in life is to be this good.

  5. Aurora

    Robed Guy is my facebook profile pic also. and no im NOT taking credit.

  6. Aurora

    holy shit these are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. cellocleveland

    why has he not designed video game levels?

    • Name

      he is designing levels–in Guild Wars 2.

  8. Fashion and Lifestyle for men

    This is an amazing art!
    Romania has great artists and designers!


    great superb i dig it

  10. Bartosz

    Unbelievable! Superb!

  11. yoni

    rating: 100%

  12. yoni

    so cool!!!!! awesome

  13. Incredibowl i420

    These images are amazing, especially love the Floating Temple 🙂

  14. Rich

    Love the floating temple. Great detail, too.

  15. dotSense

    Love all beautiful works. Awesome.

  16. Lynette

    Very beautiful works. Congratulations! I think you have cracked it 🙂 very inspiring (heads off to go n find sketch pad n pencil)

  17. foozlesprite

    Heh…guys, he’s already got a job with ArenaNet, and they pay him to draw this exact stuff. Of course it’s as good as what you see in games; it IS what you see in games!

  18. Tchie

    best stumble evarrrrr

  19. amazed

    mad skills! very good

  20. Varun

    Very Creative Work.

  21. off topic

    awesome, really like it

  22. tham tu

    absolutely exquisite.. they look effortless.. you are officially my fave digital art artist now..

  23. Phyza

    Oh my God! i seriously love most of them. Really inspirational Art hat’s off to the Artist 🙂
    Btw Pagodas was outstanding

  24. sameen

    absolutely exquisite.. they look effortless.. you are officially my fave digital art artist now..

  25. fernando

    Hey i would like to feature your art on my site if its ok with you. Its a work of fantasy i bet my members will love. from one artist to another this is pritty impresive!

  26. kunal modak

    its good. really…..its very hard to imagine. thanks

  27. gary

    I’m so scared of dying

  28. Lia


  29. Shaneen

    wow! i love your art so much it’s very inspiring. i hope that one day i will be as good as you ;p

  30. Noah

    Wow these are absolutely incredible! I was playing a Star Wars video game recently, and you could unlock art and drawings and your artwork was as good as theirs or better! I think Halo has art like that too. I honestly think that you should contact Lucasarts and/or Bungie and send them some of your art. Perhaps you could get a job at one or both of them.

  31. gaby

    “Big Ass Structure” eh?

    wow what a silly name for such art

  32. Ravi

    Awesome and incredible! !!!

  33. Custom Logo Design

    These are incredible! How much time did it take to complete each one? They are very useful for inspiration.

  34. sherif

    i love it ..WOW very creative

  35. Bongs For Sale

    Wow amazing art! Very impressed.

  36. obvious420

    why hasnt anyone made a movie based around this?

  37. Silver

    …Epic. Total and complete, WIN.

  38. Adam Baszczynski

    Hey, I was wondering if someone knew a way I could purchase some of this artwork, and how much it costs. Legitimate answers much appreciated. Contact at

  39. james

    those were awesome pictures! can you say plenty new backgrounds 🙂

  40. jordy

    dude, you are just amazing!, mind blown amazing 🙂

  41. Rob Wallace

    I can’t fathom the amount of talent it takes to create these illustrations. I fear there is little money in it — I could be wrong, I hope so.

  42. m3TaL ArT

    Xtra Ordinary, Incredible Talent, Once in a Lifetime Artist

  43. Roar

    normaly I don’t comment on stuff I find via StumbleUpon, but this time I wish it had more than two buttons..In addition to “dislike” and “I like it!”, I’m missing a button called “awestruck!” hats of for an amazingly creative mind, and skillful hand!

  44. sona

    fantasy at its best.great.

  45. Schahryar Fekri

    Kool artworks!

  46. After8

    It’s been a real pleasuer to play in your GW invoirment for 5 years, the game is so beautiful. Really looking forward to GW2

  47. Haliwe

    I was pulled in by the swan boat, marvellous! Having played Guild Wars for several years I was very happy to see some old friends lol plus some hopefully soon to be viewed in game new friends!!

  48. fish

    If I ever came across one of scenes in a video game that would be it for me I would be hooked.

  49. Donald Speer

    This is real art!

  50. kealini

    Only attracted to the dark side, as so many are. It’s so easy, so tempting.
    Your art is sad, it depicts sad stories of power and violence. Only the dark sides of humanity.
    How do you think your pictures influence the next generation?
    Try the other side. Draw nice and enjoyable lives, make us smile, laugh.
    Make the future a better place, by drawing better places.

  51. cami

    he’s a romanian artist and i’m proud to be romanian to 🙂 at least, for this time

  52. coutobar99

    i love guild wars and this is best stumble i have ever come across

  53. vamsi krishna

    awesome m/

  54. ann

    amazing. really amazing =]

  55. Hosam

    very good work really amazing

  56. NWO5150

    All This Stuff Reminds Me Of Like Hell And Heaven And Stuff… Lol IDK Why… Looks Really Cool Though. KEEP EM COMIN…

  57. Wylie

    I loooove this artwork! Demand a high price for your work but most importantly, keep going. These are so amazing.

  58. yoyo

    assume!!!!!!!!!!!!I like the dragon ones

  59. Khal

    I always liked the art work of Guild Wars, been playing it since its early days. Cant wait for GW2 to come out. Also you can get a book with concept art for GW2,and maybe some posters for the original GW

  60. Dolores

    What a imagination! Beautiful futuristic art work.

  61. Knowitall

    Good lord this is INCREDIBLE. The Direction you’re going in IS the future of Sci-fi

  62. Caedes08

    reminded me of a dark angel from Warhammer 40k

  63. VirtuaLady

    bravo!!!:)foarte frumos

  64. mark


  65. Chitown20

    Pretty unreal. I would love to have some of these as posters! Anyone know if they can be bought?

  66. poprockmonster

    the “Robed Guy” reminds me alot of Zelda for some reason, I think it’s the bird thing on his chest

  67. ZFDK

    Whow! Just… Whow! 😮

  68. MasacruAlex

    That’s just amazing ! Priceless views

  69. Misa

    bravo, this is really amazing 😉 good stuff..

  70. shayne

    my god….
    ive never seen anything like it before…
    if i could id shake his hand…
    excellent work

  71. asoskay

    Yüksek hayalgücü. Yaratıcılığın son noktası bence. Hepsi çok güzel.

  72. And

    Very creative

  73. Sven

    Wow, …wonerful! These are perfect fantasy worlds from a real artist.

    Kind regards,

  74. Tristan Lindsay

    Unbelievably good. Fantasy Art just keeps getting better and better!

  75. Levinson Axelrod

    Wow, I was real impressed with the Swan Ship, but as I scrolled further I couldn’t believe half of these exist! These are so amazing… great work. There’s so much depth in your artwork.