Mermaids in Fantasies of Various Artists

Mermaids in Fantasies of Various Artists


Little Mermaid is an old fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen. The Walt Disney Studios has created a cartoon based on this sad story and this red cute girl became the single prototype of mermaid for almost all people. But not for everyone. In this post we’ve collected a lot of mermaids illustrations and you can see how differs images of mermaids in minds of various artists. On one picture mermaid is a gentle underwater creature, on other she’s a steampunk monster… Take a look by yourself!


Mermaid of Deep Water by Candra



The mermaid by satiiiva



Little Mermaid by rebelakemi

little mermaid


Mermaid by Michael Dashow



Mermaid by ConceptArtOrg



Mermaid Suit by ichitakaseto



LitTLe MeRMaiD by Mom2maM

little mermaid


Dreamweaver Mermaid by RyokoNoKalo



Mermaid secretary… by nancynismo

mermaid secretary


Mermaid Song by Leonardo Hernandez

steampunk mermaid


Mermaid by Pascal Blanché



Lionfish Mermaid by Marina Siu-Chong

lionfish mermaid


Homo Octopus by Diane Özdamar



Sony Mermaid by Adrian Borda

future mermaid


Mermaids by yuehui Tang



The Devil’s Mermaid by Kurt Williams

fire mermaid


The Little Mermaid by Des Hanley

little mermaid


Mermaid by Dason Adamos



MERMAID by pat-mcmichael



Mermaid and Friends by Chris Achilleos



Sleeping Mermaid by yuehui Tang



Mermaid by



Calypso – Enchantress of the sea by Michelle Hoefener

fire mermaid


Breakfest of Mermaid [ unfortunately the author is unknown ]

beautiful mermaid


Fantazy Mermaid by Diane Özdamar

fantazy mermaid


Mermaid and iPod by Cris de Lara



Mermaid by Anna Rigby



Mermaid [ unfortunately the author is unknown ]



Koi Mermaid by Bamfette

koi mermaid


Little Mermaid [ unfortunately the author is unknown ]

little mermaid


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  1. Charmaine Castellano

    I have always dream of becoming a mermaid. I know one day I’ll meet one.. 🙂

  2. Mike Schaefer

    I want to send you pictures of a 5.5 foot tall kneeling mermaid sculpture I just completed – fully carved from an elm log, wonderfully painted, worth seeing.

  3. Jillian

    i love all of these pictures and if i was a mermaid i would loooove to have sex with `em… lol haha just kidding fost well i get to get to it well bye everybody tutalu

  4. Whimsy

    These are ALL Stunning!! i wonder if there is a page of angels and faeries <3

  5. andrew

    im gonna kiss a mermaid one time

  6. Layla

    I believe in mermaids they they are truely beautiful

  7. mermaid princess

    wow i wonder if mermaids exsist

  8. Demonezade

    The one you’ve labeled “Mermaid’s Breakfast” is by Hajime Sorayama. I don’t know his title for it.

  9. Johnson Koh

    These are truly beautiful.

  10. Dainis

    That is just AWESOME. I really like mermaid from

  11. Jessica

    And again thank you 🙂

  12. Sibirian

    Oh, the ‘Fire Mermaid’ is called CALYPSO by Michelle Hoefener (

    Adore this collection.

  13. Jessica

    Thank you for the help.
    We’ve made the change in the post!