5 Best Floor Mopping Robots of 2017


5 Best Floor Mopping Robots of 2017

Floor mopping robots are becoming smarter by the day. Having grown from being the minimalist and bare bones mopping robots, today’s robo-cleaners deliver you ‘best of all worlds’ cleaning services. They can mop, they can vacuum-clean, they can sweep, and some of them can even deliver UV sterilization. These robots are smart enough to know when they’re about to go out of charging juice, can return to their charging bases. Plus, these offer you remote control option, that’s because you’re the boss. Let’s tell you more about the best floor mopping robots that will make it really big for 2017.


iRobot Braava 380t Mopping Robot [ buy ]

In the iRobot® Braava® 380t Mopping Robot, you have a super smart, cool, and futuristic automated floor cleaning and mopping solution. Whether you’re looking for heavy duty sweeping, or professional quality mopping of hard floors, iRobot® Braava® 380t Mopping Robot is your solution. All you need to do is to press either of the SWEEP and MOP buttons, and attach a cleaning cloth to the robot, and watch it clean our house floor and make shiny and dirt free like you want. Braava® 380t is right up there with the best, courtesy its capability to pick up hair, dust and dirt from floors, delivering the best sweeping jobs, every time. Also, its triple pass mopping aided with damp cleaning cloths make your tiles, wood, and marble floors look shiny neat.

iRobot Braava 380t Mopping Robot

Braava® 380t ensures your house’s cleaning concerns are resolved without you having to lift a finger. This robotic floor cleaner navigates around your home and cleans floor even when you’re not at home. Tile, vinyl, marble, hardwood – all kinds of surfaces can be effectively swept and mopped by this robo-cleaner. It comes with a sweeping cloth and a damp mopping cloth. Choose from the 2 modes and see the robotized cleaner do a fine job, every time. Braava® 380t uses sensors to recognize bumps, carpet areas, stairs, and irregular terrains on house flooring, which enables it to effectively and reliably find its way around during the cleaning job.

Braava® 380t’s 3.1” low profile means it cleans well under beds, kickboards, and furniture. Wall following technology allows Braava® 380t to mop well along edges of walls. Its Northstar navigation system makes it among the smartest and most autonomous floor mopping robots around. Plus, the Pro-Clean system, coupled with reservoir cleaning pad, releases cleaning liquid during the cleaning cycle, enabling Braava® 380t to deliver the best mopping results. The Turbo Charge Cradle allows you to quickly recharge the robo-cleaner. Smart features such as ‘pause’ button to replace dirty clang cloth in the middle of a seweeping or mopping session, large mopping and sweeping coverage, and reach to clean difficult areas – all make Braava® 380t a top class robotic floor mopping solution.


bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop [ buy ]

Bobsweep is accredited with the tag of being among the first robotized cleaners that could sweep, vacuum clean, and mop, all together. Courtesy its large brush, it offers the benefit of covering large surface area in each cleaning cycle. Pet owners have all the more reasons to consider Bobsweep, because of its capability to remove 100% of pet hair from carpets, floor, and along the walls. Apart from the industry standard features, Bobsweep offers some really smart features that translate into significant benefits for users. It uses infrared technology to sense walls and obstacles, and is hence able to navigate its way around the floor without bumps. It is also able to identify change in surface, such as while moving from carpet to hard floor, and makes cleaning adjustments accordingly.

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

The simultaneous sweep, mop and vacuum clean capability is what sets Bobsweep apart from its competitors. You can program the Bobsweep to run a different cleaning cycle for each day of the week. No wonders, users consider it great for cleaning kitchen floors, washrooms, carpet areas, wooden floors, tiled floors, and hard floors. Another high-value feature of the Bobsweep is its large dust bin, 1 – liter ins size, among the largest going around. This means that you can make the Bobsweep clean large areas without having the need to empty the bin.

Among Bobsweep’s other notable features are edge sensors, highly sensitive dirt sensors, human and animal-safe construction with RoHS compatibility, and On Board Diagnostics for self inspection and reduction of potential damages. Bobsweep is truly smart, in the sense that it can calculate the distance it is away from the charging station, and can crawl back in time before losing charge. This, of course, means you get 100% job completion every time. It comes with a remote control for users to direct the Bobsweep to the right direction in case it loses way.


Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner 4200 [ buy ]

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner from Evolution Robotics is a compact, feature rich, and highly autonomous hardwood cleaning option. It uses pre-moistened and dry cleaning cloths to mop and sweep hard floors. It can pick up the minutest specks of dirt and dust, apart from comprehensively removing pet hear. Compactness of design enables Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner to get underneath furniture and bed for thorough cleaning. Forget traditional mops when you’ve got Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner.

Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner 4200

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner from Evolution Robotics is a compact, feature rich, and highly autonomous hardwood cleaning option. It uses pre-moistened and dry cleaning cloths to mop and sweep hard floors. It can pick up the minutest specks of dirt and dust, apart from comprehensively removing pet hear. Compactness of design enables Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner to get underneath furniture and bed for thorough cleaning. Forget traditional mops when you’ve got Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner. NorthStar navigation system cube enables it to track already cleaned areas. Expect the most thorough cleaning job, every time, with Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner. After cleaning the floor area, it cleans wall edges and furniture edges, before returning to its initial position. It can clean up to 800 sq feet of area in dry cleaning, and 250 sq feet in mopping mode. In the sweeping mode, it identifies and removes dirt, grime, and pet hair from floor, and in the mop mode, it uses a moistened cleaning cloth and a forth and back mopping motion to remove tough marks and stains from floors. You can use reusable microfiber cleaning cloths and disposable cloths along with it. It comes with a couple of sweeping cloths and a mopping cloth.

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is among the quieter operators in the autonomous robotized cleaner marketplace. It even turns itself off once the clean up job is done. It enjoys widespread reputation because of its ability to clean along edges and baseboards. It can go for 3 hours on a single charge, which is sufficient enough to deliver a decent cleaning session. Weighing about 4 pounds, it’s easy to carry, and even comes with a handle. There are no bins or filters to empty and replace with this robo-cleaner, which adds to its user friendliness and ease of maintenance.


ROLLIBOT BL618 [ buy ]

Rollibot BL618 grabs instant attention because of its 4-way cleaning solutions. It is capable of handling vacuum cleaning, floor mopping, sweeping, and UV sterilization. The next best part; it’s affordable enough when compared to other robotized cleaners, which don’t even have the UV sterilization feature. Rollibot BL618 will not let a speck of dirt, dander, or pollen remain on your house floor, courtesy the efficient operations of its dual rotating sweeper.


Its detachable bristles give you multifarious cleaning options. Its high intensity suction bales heavy duty vacuum cleaning is particularly special. Switch among the 4 cleaning modes – edge clean, spot clean, auto clean, and scheduling. It’s less than 3” tall, and is hence suitable for cleaning under bed and furniture. All these features make it ideal for pet owners, commercial buildings with large floor spaces, etc.

Rollibot BL618 is quiet in its operations. The accompanying bin features double filtration, and both filters are reusable and replaceable. You can schedule and plan for cleaning jobs for up to a week, which makes the Rollibot BL618 a perfect autonomous cleaning solution for busy home owners. The wireless remote control allows you to control options like start, stop, schedule, pause, and change between modes.


Haier Robotic Vacuum Cleaner [ buy ]

Haier Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is among the more versatile robotized cleaners out there. Whether it’s some heavy duty hard floor cleaning you’re looking for, or specialized cleaning along wall edges – it does the job. It uses a dual filter mechanism – Roughing filter and HEPA filter – to ensure that all kinds of dust particles are entrapped.

Haier Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It offers you both wet and dry cleaning options. Sweep, vacuum, mopping, and sanitization – you name it, and the Haier Robotic Vacuum Cleaner does it for you. Take note of the fact that it is not meant for cleaning on thick carpets. It can keep on cleaning for 120 minutes on a full charge. It’s smart enough to keep on cleaning without bumping into obstructions. With the ‘return home;’ functionality, it can crawl back to its charging base and hence delivers hassle free robotized cleaning.

Switch between the 4 cleaning modes of the Haier Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – automatic cleaning, edge cleaning, focus on cleaning, and scheduling. Its versatile operation makes it ideal for busy home owners. What’s more, you can schedule its clean up jobs for daily runs, which makes it a truly autonomous cleaning robot. It charges super fast using infrared induction.


How Floor Mopping Robots Work

Have you had enough of those routine sessions of floor mopping? Looking for an autonomous floor mopping solution for your residence, commercial space, retail, healthcare, manufacturing facilities? Well, floor mopping and cleaning robots are here to serve you. It’s amazing how these machines have quickly emerged from being mere prototypes and exhibits in science fairs, to being in the middle of the action, doing some high intensity mopping on the floor. As you begin to learn more about these amazing machines and think of buying one, here’s a comprehensive guide to enhance your understanding of floor mopping robots.

What is the construction of floor mopping robots like?

The basic design of a floor cleaning robot is all about motor driven parts, and a navigation system based on infrared signals and sensors. Here’s more:

Navigation: This is what separates a $1500 robot from a $50 robot for floor mopping – its navigation capability. Most renowned floor mopping robots use their proprietary navigation systems inside the robots, though the basic science at work in each is same.

  • Firstly, the robot uses infrared signals to calculate room size. It calculates the time taken by the signal to bump back to the receiver, and does the calculation accordingly.
  • Next up, once the robot starts moving around, its bump-sensors are always on the lookout for obstacles. These robots use infrared sensors on the underside of the unit. Unless there’s an obstacle ahead, it expects to receive the signal back immediately. If the signal is lost, it knows that it needs to change its direction.
  • If such a floor mopping robot hits an obstacle, its bumper retracts, hence activating mechanical object sensors. Based on this feedback, it backs up, rotates, and checks the forward path till it finds it clear for further movement.
  • A side infrared sensor allows the robot to carry out the mopping action while being very close to walls without actually touching them. This also enables cleaning around furniture.

Advanced floor mopping robots have the capability to return to their charging stations when they start running out of battery. Once the battery charge drops beyond a threshold, a sensor in the robot starts searching for the infrared signal coming from the charging dock. The robot then guides itself to the charging dock, and docks to the charger. Once it is fully charged, it can return to the position where it left off mopping and resume.

The mopping/cleaning assembly: A floor mopping robot comprises a removable magnetic cleaning pad, to which a dry or damp microfiber cloth can be attached. The robot presses the cloth against the floor, and sweeps it to achieve the desired cleaning. Now, a mopping robot also has a tank to store clean water, which it can spray over the cloth to achieve damp moping. Generally, the robot floor mopping system comes with a damp and dry microfiber cloth. You can easily purchase such cloths from the market, and use with the robot.

These robots are ideal for cleaning hard floors, wooden and tiled floors, and marbled floors. Apart from the mopping assembly, these robots possess dirt and grime sensors, spinning brushes to disengage the dirt from the surface, agitator brushes to capture dirt, and a dirt bin where all the collected debris is deposited.

Motors: A floor mopping robot’s mechanics depend on the number and nature of motors it uses. Most of these robots have separate motors to drive a total of 2 wheels. Separate motors drive the pinning side brush and vacuum. The mopping assembly is driven by another motor. These motors are energized separately from the battery, based on the instructions coming from the circuitry of the robot.

Virtual Walls: Sophisticated floor mopping robots come with virtual wall units. These are sensors that you can place at different positions in your rooms, to demarcate an area within which you want the robot to carry out mopping. The robot identifies infrared signals coming from these units, and processes them as instructions to stay within the region demarcated by similar signals. These virtual wall units can also be purchased as add-ons for a few of the floor mopping robots. The outer body: Most automatic floor mopping systems are housed in a slick looking plastic casing. Buttons for functionalities such as mode switching are embedded on the plastic housing. Most contemporary floor mopping robots look fabulous, because of the design and appeal of the outer body. Premium floor mopping robots also feature design aspects like chrome bezels, aesthetic curves and classy shades.

Battery: Most floor mopping robots use a rechargeable battery such as NiMH batteries. These batteries take anything between 5 to 7 hours to fully charge, and are generally rated around 3 amp-hours and 18 volts. Advanced robotized floor mopping machines can get fully charged in 3 to 4 hours. Full charging is generally sufficient for 2-3 hours of floor mopping, which is sufficient for most uses.

About aspects of wet cleaning or why floor mopping robot is better than vacuum robot?

Whereas you’d be able to find dozens of vacuum cleaning robots, the options would be limited in terms of floor mopping robots. The reason – floor mopping assembly is a specialized machinery, which empowers the robot for high intensity and highly effective cleaning. Whereas it pushes up the pricing a notch, it’s for acceptable reasons.

The basic difference between a vacuum cleaning and floor mopping robot is, of course, the fact the latter can clean all sorts of sticky grime, spills, and damp debris from the floor. This makes a floor mopping robot a wholesome cleaning solution, unlike a vacuum cleaning robot, which can leave much of the grime untouched, hence necessitating manual intervention, or additional iterations of cleaning. Also, most floor mopping robots are also equipped with vacuum cleaning units, which means they offer you much more than mere vacuum cleaning. This makes floor mopping robots a better choice than standalone vacuum cleaners.

What you need to know about the care of floor mopping robot?

Floor mopping robots are durable and long lasting machines. However, it always helps get the best out of them if you know how to take care of them. Here are some maintenance tips.

  • Remove dust and debris from the cleaning parts of your floor mopping robot. Some of these robots come with add-on cleaning kits; make use of these tools. Lingering pet hair and debris, if un-removed, can damage the parts of your floor mopping robot.
  • Remove the dirt and debris collected in the dust bin attached to the floor mopping robot.
  • Make sure that you charge your floor mopping robot fully before its first operation. Also, it’s strongly advised that you operate the robot within its complete charging range, that is, let is discharge close to zero battery and then charge it to 100%, for the first few runs.
  • Humidity can damage the parts of your floor mopping robot, so store it in a dry and cool place to ensure its longevity.
  • If you’re going to be away for a large duration, and won’t need the services of your floor mopping robot during the time, take its battery out and store in a cool and dry place.  
  • Try to ensure minimum clutter in the room when you are about to use your floor mopping robot. Not only will this enable the robot to deliver its best cleaning performance, but will also avoid unnecessary bumps and course corrections.  

How to choose floor mopping robot: the main criteria?

Here are the important criteria to consider and ponder over:

Size: Floor mopping robots come in different shapes and sizes, though most of them measure around 15″x4″ and weigh less than 10 lbs. Small robots are able to steer under furniture and achieve better cleaning. So, if your floor space has a lot of difficult and limited access areas, go for a small floor mopping robot.

Navigation System: A floor cleaning robot’s navigation system can have a massive bearing on its cleaning effectiveness. Sophisticated floor mopping robots use responsive navigation technology which leverages a system of sensors and software to detect obstacles, find clear paths, move along walls, and navigate along furniture. A light touch bumper system that makes the robot retract in case of physical contact with obstacle, and virtual walls units are used to make the navigation system reliable. Such robots are ideal for use in houses and commercial complexes where the furniture and floor objects are moved around regularly.

Other floor mopping robots make use of battery run standalone signaling systems that help it understand and mark its location, use it to create a map of the cleaning area, and then make single pass over each path to complete the cleaning act.

Coverage: Your choice of floor mopping robot must be in sync with the dimensions of the areas where you’d want to operate it. Basic versions of branded robots can cover 150 sq ft for damp mopping and 400 sq ft for dry mopping. If you are dealing with larger floor space, go for premium floor mopping robots that can clean 350 sq ft with damp mopping and 1000 sq ft with dry mopping.

Other factors: Warranty, noise level, add-ons, and after sale service are other important factors you’d want to consider while you purchase a floor mopping robot.

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