Chocolate Lamp

chocolate lamp

Famous designer and architect Ilaria Marelli from Italian company Nemo Cassina introduced a stylish minimalistic lamp. Shining base and stand resemble a chocolate fountain – it looks like melted chocolate flowed from inside of the lamp. Such simple and at the same time creative solution.

chocolate lamp

chocolate lamp

chocolate lamp

chocolate lamp

chocolate lamp


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  1. Mattress RI

    the chocolate lamp looks so real!

  2. Kersti

    Hi! Are you sure that Ilaria Marelli introduced it? This lamp should be designed by group Vinta by Toshitaka Nakamura.

  3. posturepedic

    That’s awesome. That would make me hungry having that in my house though.

  4. Sarah

    Its not really chocolate, it just look like it.

  5. Ross

    I hate to point this out but it seems to me that a chocolate lamp will melt when you switch it on.