Eiffel Tower Lamp and Taj Mahal Table


The Tour Eiffel lamp

On Design Miami 2012, the carpenters workshop gallery presents new commissioned works by Studio Job, a table and a lamp, each one taking its conceptual form from well-known historical monuments. The Eiffel Tower is re imagined as a bronze table lamp and upside-down Taj Mahal table. The Tour Eiffel lamp is made from patinated bronze and features a polished bronze lampshade fixed to the bent peak of the tower. The Taj Mahal table, also made from patinated and polished bronze, flips the Indian landmark on its head so that it rests on its four corner turrets. Take a look!


creative lamp

creative lamp studio job

The Tour Eiffel lamp

The Taj Mahal table

creative table

studio job

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  1. Taj Mahal is a symbol for love. I don’t think you people love any one like your mother, wife and kids that is the reason you guys are humiliating Taj mahal like this. Please invent things that makes yours and others life easy.

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