LED Moon Light by Nosigner

LED Moon Light by Nosigner

moon light

Inspired by the recent “Supermoon” – the biggest full moon in a cycle of 18 years – product and graphic designer Nosigner (Eisuke Tachikawa) has designed an LED light lamp. For the creating this lamp Nosinger has used actual 3D topographical data taken from the lunar orbiter Kaguya. The Moon Light replicates exactly the craters and surface of the actual moon. Amazing lamp!


moon light

moon light

moon light

moon light

moon light

moon light

moon light


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  1. christopher

    what is a moon ligth

  2. Aldo

    The moon belongs to Chile. No one can buy it cause it´s no for sale.

  3. Elle@Gift Ideas

    Like many others, I want to know where I can buy it! Shoot, I’d be happy just to have a desktop wallpaper of some of those pics above. Awesome!

  4. Almas

    Would love to buy LED in it ?

  5. Tracy McConnell

    Where can you buy this from???? I want it for my boys room.

  6. Dina Valenzuela

    love the moon light added to my wish list.

  7. timpool

    where can i buy it???

    • shiva

      its awosome

  8. mooooohooooo

    first, before buying, let me see the dark side 🙂



  10. Moshe

    I am Moshe from Israel. this is so beautiful. Moon ligh makes me want to go outside and look at the moon 😉
    We have a saying for beautiful things like this. Gai kukken afen yam. It very roughly means Great are all who admire beauty. So next time you see a beautiful object just say – Gai kukken afen yam.

  11. Name

    It’s the same thing with this ‘Moon Light’ here on this page! Where in hell is it?

  12. Robert T. Mullane

    The thing that ticks me off about this ‘Beautiful Life’ page is that it’s mostly a beautiful life if you only live in your head! One cannot purchase this stuff! Period. That, my friends, makes it a Big NOTHING! ZERO! Period. It’s sad, sorry, and pitiful. It can get depressing, over time. Example: the “Balanced Stone Lamp. Incredible design but, it cannot be had. The add even says you can, “buy it here” but, no way! Follow it down and you’ll end up at Amazon, looking at some stupid-looking, flowery old lamp you might see at your Grandma’s house. What the hell, people! Get your shit together, or give it up, will ya? These things are worthless if they cannot be owned and enjoyed in Real Life, where people live in their Living Rooms! Respectfully, Robert

    • harold

      Stop winging.
      You are a negitave winging t****r of the first dimension. Get a life. Go play with yourself.

    • Mares

      calm down. it’s a concept. not everything needs to be ready to be purchased.

  13. Captain Breeze

    I’ll keep checking to see when this possibly might be available

  14. j

    How much?

  15. Cindy

    Oh I desperately want one of these. When and where will it be for sale?

  16. paean

    is it for sale?? how much is it and where can i get it??

  17. Anna

    Where can I buy it and how much is it?

  18. mei mei

    How much??

  19. Kelvin

    is there any way i can have it?

  20. troball

    A LED inside?

  21. Wesly Chia

    Available for purchase now?

    • Czeslaw

      Can I buy this lamp?