Unique Steampunk Insects

Unique Steampunk Insects


Since the late 1990’s style steampunk is becoming more and more popular, and not only in the literature. Various modern utilitarian objects have been modded by enthusiasts into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical “steampunk” style. And often this stylization gives very unexpected results. Like, for example, art works of american sculptor Mike Libby. His studio Insect Lab make robots from dried insects. Insects for his works come from around the world, from Africa, China, New Guinea, Brazil, Texas, etc. Each cog or gear wheel from antique pocketwatches and wristwatches are used as mechanical components. Each small robot from his collection is unique and costs a lot of money – price for the one robot ranges from $600 to $2500.
















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  1. Julia McLane

    I’d like to follow your work on Pinterest. How would I do that? You are incredible.

  2. Sasha

    These insects are superb. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 3x

    Wow. This defies description – it reminds me of the spy flies in The Golden Compass. Thanks!

  4. Nick

    Incredible idea! They look like transformers! πŸ™‚

  5. Monica

    Nice insect. Maybe there are a useful insect in the world

  6. elodiz

    really a fantastic idea!

  7. Donne Milano

    Wow it looks amazing! Where can I get one for myself??

  8. aktivtek

    This is amazing. Is it only photoshop ar it is rendered in 3d program?

  9. Bear Grylls

    Wow! Love them… Such a nice piece of creativity.

  10. Ifham khan

    Awesome invention, its looking too great πŸ™‚

  11. Maria

    This looks really amazing to me.. πŸ™‚

  12. lform

    Are these photoshopped?

  13. uttam karki

    wow… this amazing …..i think this things exits only in movies ……

  14. Clavis

    Fantastico πŸ™‚ Super

  15. OrangAkaun

    amazing and stunning

  16. San Bernardino Car Accident

    Very cool! Bugs still freak me out though!

  17. David

    I did something with a similar concept a few years back. I created photo illustrations for concept patents of mechanical insects that provide services to society like vaccinations, and communications. I like your version. Very neat sculptures.

  18. marcie

    Not sure I like using real insects but I think steampunk is cool.

    • Marina

      I dont like the use of formerly living things to create art in this fasshion. Having said that…the results are beautiful…but sadden me nonetheless.

  19. Name

    I hope he doesn’t kill those insects for art’s sake

  20. Christina Edmondson

    These are truly breathtaking!!!

  21. Web studio

    That’s really something exciting. It seems to me that it’s a new and interesting idea to make robots from dried insects. Good job!!! Great design!

  22. Oil painting

    Beautiful designs. I love them.

  23. Steampunk Jewelry Maker

    Beautiful Steampunk Designs. I love Mike Libby’s work, simply fantastic!

  24. narinder

    i like ur insects. bt can u tell me as an artist which massage u wants give to society to make insects nd why u choose insects for ur sculpture..

  25. Soccer Jerseys

    I guess I think the bugs look pretty cool on their own and don’t need anything added.

  26. Janitorial Services

    Really nice.
    Thanks alot.

  27. Name

    these are gorgeous and creepy – the essence of steampunk. I love them.

  28. kingsley gunatillake

    imagination and creation …fine

  29. Office Cleaning Bellevue

    Very nice.

  30. CRAG

    so real.I look like alive.

  31. Beti

    @Tombot – Sorry but the paragraph up top says “His studio Insect Lab make robots from dried insects.” I’m afraid I’ll take Shannon’s side on this one. I guess I think the bugs look pretty cool on their own and don’t need anything added.

  32. Janitorial Services

    Wow very nice

  33. Zann

    exceptional detail.

  34. tombot

    I can’t believe one of the above comments think that these are dried insects with motors put in them. No, they are genius design replicating the form of an insect with gears and springs located inside. VERY COOL and I can think of a ton of uses besides fun ones. light weight remote sensing for weather. Fly them into a tornado or a hurricane by the thousands and retrieve priceless data.

  35. desing

    cool, but are they functional?

  36. Qurik

    I want one of these for my desk!

    • Clavis

      yes I want too for me. that’s super artistic things

  37. joep

    very vet!

    indeed very vet!

  38. shannon wells

    this is horrible. let’s dry you out and stick a gear up your buttocks!

  39. Rainbow

    Wow πŸ™‚ insects have mechanical structure naturally & fit perfectly with robotics . . cyborg-goggos.

  40. Al

    Think of the skills and creativity this must take to come up with the idea and actually pull it through. I’m not at all surprised by the price of these things. Awesome work.

  41. Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach

    Wow. This defies description – it reminds me of the spy flies in The Golden Compass. Thanks for sharing!