TOP 15 Most Beautiful Cars Of All Time

Beauty is subjective. However, while acknowledging individual tastes in cars, certain car models tend to come up time and time again, in terms of their classy and iconic looks. Here are 15 all-time classics, listed as a gift for your car enthusiastic soul. And don’t forget to check our previous post about 15 fastest cars in the world.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider displays a design reminiscent of the marque’s 33 Stradale from the late 1960s – a V-8-powered car that could cover a kilometer faster than any other production car; not even the V-12-powered Lamborghini Miura or Ferrari Daytona could catch it. Like the 33 Stradale, the 4C Spider is quick and agile because its design is based on the principle that speed is a function of weight and engine power. It weighs less than 2,500 pounds thanks to a monocoque tub and body panels made of carbon fiber. And though the 4C Spider has about half the power of Alfa Romeo’s 8C Competizione, it is just as fast. In addition to its speed, the 33 Stradale was distinguished by its high price; it was the most expensive car on the market in its time. The 4C Spider, however, with a starting price of just under $64,000, costs far less than any other carbon-fiber-bodied sports car.

Limited Edition Alfa Romeo Inspired Custom Guitar

Limited edition electric guitar inspired by Alfa Romeo was created by Harrison Custom Guitar Works in collaboration with famous Italian brand. Each of the 11 guitars scheduled to be built is hand crafted and takes up to 8 months to create. Each guitar is exquisitely styled and feature an entirely custom design which showcases numerous aspects of Alfa Romeo’s heritage. The body features the trademark heart-shaped Alfa grille. The body is fashioned from Poplar wood with a Maple cap. The Alfa Romeo badge acts as the volume dial, while the grille-inspired pick-ups, tail-piece and bridge are all milled from high quality solid aluminium billet. The neck is formed from Korina wood – a material used on some of the most legendary Gibson guitars. It features carbon fiber reinforcement and a two-way adjustable truss rod.A discreet Cloverleaf emblem can be found on the third fret. The custom design headstock features ‘Hipshot’ classic open gear tuners and carries the Alfa Romeo signature. On the back, a metal plaque is inscribed with the production number. The Alfa Romeo guitar also features a special carbon-fibre composite on the back and inside of the guitar. The price for all this Alfa Romeo inspired musical exclusivity is $6,795.

Art Collection Devoted to
Alfa Romeo’s 100th Anniversary

As all fans of Alfa Romeo know this year the legendary car brand is celebrating its 100th anniversary. In connection with such significant occasion there was created art collection of beautiful paintings called “The Cross and the Snake”. The collection consist of 7 paintings that are availiable in a limited edition of 30 pieces. The author of this collection Feredrico B. Alliney, famous creator of the sceneries of “The World of Pandora” in the movie Avatar, about this collection: “I wanted to transport the onlooker inside my paintings. For this intent I use a pictorial technique which I have developed as movie sceneries designer, painting with light, superimposing layers of light and shadow which compenetrate each other. The result of this treatment is then elaborated with pictorial techniques to make stand out the smallest details of the painting.

Creative Car Ads from Fulvio Bonavia

Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia began his career with the work of graphic designer and illustrator, processing books and posters. And now he is known for its vibrant advertising companies for such automobile grands as Jaguar, BMW, Saab, Alfa Romeo, Daimler-Chrysler, Audi. Talented work of Fulvio Bonavia were often marked by various awards. In this post we present you clever and creative works of the photographer so that you appreciated his skill.

Concept Car Inspired by Venice Carnival

American designer Jacob McMurry have created extremely beautiful beautiful concept car Alfa Romeo FastBack Sedan 2017 Concept. It’s inspired by the design of cars of ’30s and also by the famous Venice Carnival. If you ever been in Venice at the time of its famous carnival in forms of the car you’ll recognize spirit of the carnival. The Concept is an executive class sedan, with glass ceiling and side panels which can change their degree of transparency. Engine of this asymmetrical car work as bio-diesel.