Futuristic Audi PB18 E-Tron Concept Car

In a world where every new electric vehicle concept seems to be fitted with autonomous driving systems, Audi has done the automotive world a favour with its latest creation. Welcome to the Audi PB18 e-tron Concept. Introduced during Monterey Car Week in California, the PB18 e-tron Concept is an all-electric supercar that’s designed specifically for driving thrills. Consequently, there is no semi-autonomous driving technology. The car uses three electric motors. Up front, there’s a motor delivering 201 hp while two other motors power the rear wheels and output a further 604 hp. In typical driving, the combined power sits at 671 hp and 612 lb-ft of torque but if the driver is brave enough, peak power of 764 hp can be funneled to the ground in short bursts. All told, the concept hits 62 mph (100 km/h) in a touch over two seconds. Beyond all the impressive grunt the powertrain delivers, it has also been designed to be exceptionally efficient. With that in mind, the PB18 e-tron recovers a considerable amount of energy while it’s being driven as the electric motors are solely responsible for decelerating the vehicle in low-to-moderate braking scenarios.

Exceptional And Stylish Audi Iron Concept

Designers seem to show a lot of love towards Audi. Adding to the growing list of conceptual Audi designs is the Audi iron by Jaehyuk Lim. The Audi brand is all about superiority and dominance and the iron design does that with its space-age form language! A recessed LED strip on the base illuminates when switched on, also serving as a color indication of the temperature. The charismatic chrome logo is on the front of the iron. Gives it almost the feel of a car, driving forwards and backwards on your clothes!

Unbelievably Futuristic Audi Layer

The Audi Layer input device looks unbelievably futuristic. Combining 4 devices into a single form, this genius of a peripheral will literally be all you need to attach to your computer. The Layer comes with a flat track-pad that also becomes a tablet input when you use the stylus embedded within. Slide the track-pad out to reveal a complete tactile QWERTY keyboard underneath. Beside it (and occupying the most visual mass) is the ever-so-sleek mouse that absolutely slays with the Audi branding proudly engraved into it. Anyone who said touchscreens are the future never owned the incredibly versatile Audi Layer!

Audi eSuitcase by Erkan Candar

The Audi eSuitcase is a fabulous idea for lovers of Audi by designer Erkan Candar from Germany. If you have traveled the world, you know that getting from point A to point B in the airport can be a treacherous event – especially while lugging around a huge, heavy suitcase. However, while staying in line with the elegant design of an Audi, Candar came up with the idea of a carbon fiber suitcase with a built in electric scooter which will allow you to ride to your next destination at the airport saving a lot of time and headache. All you have to do is unfold it, have a seat and that sexy, Audi eSuitcase will have you well on your way in no time, all while making onlookers completely jealous. “Audi eSuitcase is a short project, it shows a possible solution for mobility with the own Suitcase. Powered with an electric motor in the back wheel and lithium-accus in the ground the Audi eSuitcase could offer mobility for enough time.”

Audi Truck Project

Two designers created a project of truck concept for Audi. The goal of the project, called Truck For Audi, was to create a concept for a self-driving electric truck for the German automobile manufacturer. In this case, since the idea itself breaks new ground in the transportation world, it only made sense that designers Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko would practically reinvent the way we view these trucks. What’s left for us is quite the imaginative piece of vehicle conceptualization, featuring elongated headlights and tail lights along with design lines smoother than Miles Davis. And let’s not forget that cockpit inspired cabin. Whatever the case, if these do make it on the road eventually, they’re sure to draw significant attention from surrounding drivers.

TOP 15 Most Beautiful Cars Of All Time

Beauty is subjective. However, while acknowledging individual tastes in cars, certain car models tend to come up time and time again, in terms of their classy and iconic looks. Here are 15 all-time classics, listed as a gift for your car enthusiastic soul. And don’t forget to check our previous post about 15 fastest cars in the world.

Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn

We’ve already shown you stunning concept of Koenigsegg-branded bike created by Russian designer Burov. And today we want to show you another his stunning creation – Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn. Inspired by the brand’s famed 1930s Silver Arrows, this revitalized vision forgoes the V16 and V12 engines of yesteryear for a modern electric power train. Aesthetically, the vented nose, grated rear, super spoked rims, carbon fiber accents. Take a look!

Audi Lunar Quattro – The Moon Rover by Audi and Part-Time Scientists

Audi is helping Part-Time Scientists with the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition that aims to transport an unmanned rover onto the Earth’s moon. The German luxury car manufacturer will contribute in several fields of technology, from ‘Qattro’ drive and lightweight construction to electric mobility and piloted driving. The Moon Rover will be named ‘Audi Lunar Quattro’ and will compete for the $30 million USD Google Lunar XPRIZE which is meant to challenge engineers and entrepreneurs from around the globe to develop low cost methods of robotic space exploration.Tto win Part-Time Scientists must successfully place a robot on the Moon’s surface that explores at least 500 meters and transmits high definition video and images back to Earth. Audi is also providing the German engineers a wide ranging assistance in testing, trials and quality assurance. The lunar vehicle is planned to launch into space by the end of 2017 on board a rocket that will travel more than 380,000 kilometers to the moon and take five days.

Camping Tent for AUDI Q3 Quattro

The German company Heimplanet has developed a special camping tent for the AUDI Q3 Quattro. Presented at Wörthersee 2014 in Austria alongside the customized sports utility vehicle, it can be rolled out from the SUV’s roof rack, inflated and assembled within approximately seven minutes. In addition to being completely free-standing, the tent can also be connected to the opened tailgate of the Q3, with a wind load rating of up to 70 km/h.

Audi E-bike Wörthersee Concept Bike

We have earlier seen some of interesting models of e-bikes like Electric Bike PiCycle LTD by Pi Mobility. But today we will show you bike with exclusive design by well-known brand Audi. The Audi’s e-bike Wörthersee looks futuristic at the very first glance and it’s neither a conventional bike nor a pedelec, but is best described as Audi’s high-end pedelec made for fun, tricks and sports. “The Audi Wörthersee is a bike for tomorrow and beyond; all its components, including the pedals even have been shaped by the master Audi designers. With its radically-light carbon-fiber frame that weighs only 1.6 kg and wheels made from CFRP that weighs only 600 grams, it is described to be one of the lightest e-bikes with an overall weight of only 21 kg. In all, the e-bike Wörthersee exemplify the full-extent of the Audi’s expertise in ultra-lightweight construction. Further, this e-bike also sports on-board computer which is located in the frame top tube and is operational using a touchscreen. Among the various functions, it provides recording trick sequences, riding mode selection and adjustments of various e-bike functions. Also, the rider’s smartphone communicates via WLAN with bike’s computer.” Awesome bike!

Wrist Watches from Famous Auto Brands

The tradition of producing wrist watches under auto brand name starts in the early 20 th century when the first wrist watch has appeared. Many legendary car manufacturers produce their own line of watches dedicated to anniversaries and special occasions in the life of brands. Most auto makers have contracts with famous watch companies and produce watches with their labels. But some auto makers such as Lamborghini and Porsche prefer to have their own watch factory and produce their own wrist watches. These watches from the first sketches to design of gift packaging are entirely made by specialists of legendary auto brands. Also we recommend you to check the list of the most luxurious watch brands for men.

Audi Carbon Ski Concept

Famous auto brand Audi in collaboration with the German ski association and leading ski specialists from Head has released a “perfect ski”. Designed to optimize maneuverability and speed Audi ski concept focuses fully on one premium material: carbon. At 1,550 grams (with a ski length of 170cm) the ski will be about 200 grams lighter than comparable models, making it maneuverable and agile. The following prototype have just been tested at Kitzbühel’s Downhill Hahnenkamm race.

Audi Auto Union Type C e-tron Gorgeous Electric Car for Kids

This gorgeous toys car allows your kid to drive Audi even without license. Based on the previous limited edition pedal car this Auto Union Type C e-tron gets its power from the electric motor, powered by lithium-ion battery that can be recharged with a 230-volt electrical socket in around two hours. The Auto Union Type C e-tron reaches a top speed of 30 km/h. This small car is suitable for children and adults of up to 1.80 meters in height. 2.32 meters long and 97 centimeters wide it enjoys hand-finished body made of aluminum and carbon-look material. At the moment it’s the prototype model and we have to wait untill it goes into production whenever it will be.

Audi One Cultural Achievement Award from Jason Battersby

Let us show you quite unusual car concept. It’s even not quite concept car. This vehicle is designed by talanted artist from Sweden Jason Battersby as an award to celebrate cultural hero’s outstanding achievements. "Inspired by the Stanley Cup of the National Hockey League, I wanted to create a vehicle that would be passed on to each winner and be driven for one year, collecting the names and experiences of these great individuals." This project was in collaboration with Audi AG, done at the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden.

Creative Car Ads from Fulvio Bonavia

Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia began his career with the work of graphic designer and illustrator, processing books and posters. And now he is known for its vibrant advertising companies for such automobile grands as Jaguar, BMW, Saab, Alfa Romeo, Daimler-Chrysler, Audi. Talented work of Fulvio Bonavia were often marked by various awards. In this post we present you clever and creative works of the photographer so that you appreciated his skill.

Audi Shark

This 3D model called “Audi Shark” was the winner of 2009 World Auto Design Contest. Auto has the form of a shark and it’s not only a way to make unusual design. It is believed that this form improves cars handling. Besides the futuristic design of this model its creator Mert Tol thought out how it will move. By his idea Shark will not have wheels like modern cars, it will be flying machine. The author believes that this feature will reduce the risk of accidents on the roads and provide the driver unforgettable feeling of flight. Also there were invented original seats, which are very similar to motorcycle seats but much more comfortable. In general the car is very unusual. And a natural question arises: when it will become a reality?

30 Creative Car Ads

We’re representing to you 30 creative print ads from the auto manufacturers. Perhaps advertising is the most significant place for the creativity. Advertising agencies develop all kinds of posters with extraordinary mind-blowing ideas. Automotive advertising is emphasized with this. Those times when cars advertising was limited with banal car images have sunk into oblivion. Modern car ads is a real explosion of fantasy. Well, admire yourself…

Futuristic Concept of Audi R10

23-year-old industrial design student of Mid Sweden University Marouane Bembli created a futuristic concept car R10, which in his opinion, should in future replace the Audi R8. "I modeled a new supercar, Audi R10, and I believe in it" – said Bembli about his work. He also noted that he imagine the overall weight is around 1,200 kilograms and a powerful V10 under the hood. It’s just a CGI dream but who knows…

Creative Grand Pianos

This collection represent you the most creative, stylish and definetly unusual grand pianos from all the world. These grand pianos were created by famous design studios, sometimes in tandem with instrumental manufacturers. Some of them excist on one exemplar. Some of them are available in limited edition. And many of them cost more than $100,000. Audi Grand Piano, Porshe Grand Piano, Schimmel Pegasus… Wonder if the sound quality correspond to their appearance?