New Cervelo Triathlon Bike ‘PX5 Lamborghini Edition’

Lamborghini and Cervélo cycles present the triathlon bicycle “PX5 Lamborghini Edition” at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show.The limited edition “P5X” features artwork by Automobili Lamborghini’s centro stile based at the company’s headquarters in Aant’agata Bolognese. The iconic yellow topcoat and Y-shaped patterning on the frame and fork are familiar to the Italian-automaker’s enthusiasts, while a seat post number stamp denotes each model’s position in a production run of just 25 bikes. Lamborghini and Cervélo cycles share a combined passion for research and development and an unwavering commitment to raising the bar, as demonstrated in the “P5X Lamborghini Edition”. The unique triathlon cycle combines bold artwork with aerodynamically integrated storage, unprecedented micro-adjustability, and peerless aero performance honed by over 180 hours of wind-tunnel testing. And don’t forget to check another Lamborghini Limited Edition Bicycle.

Furia – 3D Printed and Carbon Fiber Concept Bike

Winner of the prize “Eccellenze del Design nel Lazio” issued by ADI Italy, Furia by Francesco Manocchio is a concept bicycle design to experiment a technological fusion between carbon fiber composite and 3D printing material. Exploring the emerging techniques of rapid manufacturing, gave me the opportunity to be inspired by technology. Looking for lightness, strength and performance this design process aims to define our speculative view of bicycle in the next future. “The result is a 3D model 1:1 produced with a desktop 3D printer (replicator 2x) as a volume study. The use of technological solution such as hub-center steering comes from motorcycles’ world, Tesi 3D by Bimota is an Italian example of this innovative technology applied on a sportive motorcycle. New production systems and materials offer to designers’ new insightful perspectives, that we have to explore in order to innovate, Furia is one of those paths, designed to provoke and inspire.” If you’re interested in 3D printing bikes you should also check 3D Printed Bicycle ‘3BEE’ and Fully Functioning 3D Printed Stainless Steel Bike.

Expertly Crafted Wooden Bikes by Materia Bikes

Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes but, generally speaking, you can expect the materials used in their construction to remain more or less the same but not so with Materia Bikes which boast some of the most striking and coolest looking wooden bikes you’re likely to come across. Dripping in aesthetic awesomeness and offering an unparalleled performance, these bikes are a great choice for those looking for a stand out contraption in 2018. Timelessly stylish and high performing, the bikes from Materia are instantly recognizable courtesy of their impressive wooden frames and sleek, elegant designs. These cracking contraptions combine sophisticated design elements with a desire to deliver exceptional comfort whilst riding and they achieve both these objectives with some considerable aplomb.

Unique Stringbike Without a Chain

When the bike builders at Stringbike set out to create a completely different bicycle, they opted for a completely unique drive system that uses paracord wrapped around a spring-loaded drum instead of the standard chain and cog system. That’s right, the Stringbike doesn’t have a chain. Power is distributed equally to both sides from the individual systems connected to each pedal, kind of like electric cars with individual wheel motors. If you opt for a multi-speed option, gear changes happen with the mechanism sliding up or down, moving plates as opposed to onto different cogs. The new system is much quieter, more balanced and, most importantly, won’t leave your calves covered in grease. The Stringbike is available in E line (carbon), A line (aluminum), S line (single speed) and D signers (limited series) options with prices starting at $1,100.

East Meets West: Vintage Luxury Bicycles Koinago

Javier Jubete of the Spanish-based Vintage Luxury Bicycles brand specializes in bespoke, chrome-engraved bicycles featuring traditional Japanese art. The new chrome and freshly painted white pearl body reinforces the engraving and drawings on the various parts of the bicycle and wheels. Though the newly reworked gold-plated Campagnolo classics retain their traditional edge, vintage luxury bicycles implements complex Japanese motifs on each bicycle. Vintage Luxury Bicycles’ latest collection celebrates the union of both the Italian and Japanese cultures. The newly revisited Campagnolo bicycles feature slim 700c and 650c wheels and the tubular system by famed Italian brand, Vittoria.

Screaming Pigeon Custom Bike by Dicer Bikes

A Flying Pigeon bicycle – one of over 500 million bikes the Chinese manufacturing powerhouse has built for the growing population in the Far East. And Brad Wilson of Dicer Bikes was the one from the team who has turned a Flying Pigeon into a Screaming Pigeon. Wilson decided to add a small 50cc single cylinder engine to the ride, now boasting a top speed of 44 mph. To do so, the bike had to be stripped down to the frame and rebuilt. First up were the wheels that were re-spoked for this project, next were the handlebars that were cut off, flipped over, welded back on, and now host a motorcycle throttle. Dicer Bikes also added a fuel tank to the ride, front disc brakes, and a boardtrack-style Brooks seat.

High-Tech Carbon City Minimal.Bike

This angled, carbon fiber beauty aims to make you daydream about enjoying a quick ride around town, and that’s exactly what the Minimal.Bike was designed for. The latest creation from Dutch bike prodigy Bran Moens, this high-tech little bike accepts the urban challenge in the most interesting way possible. Industrial designer Aart Roelandt joined in on this wonderful project, which ended up as a compact carbon city bike, that’s both beautiful and practical. Showing off a minimalist design, while bragging about a carbon fiber construction is difficult to achieve, yet Roelandt managed to pull it off. The Minimal.Bike seems to blend the best of several universes, which is why it features design cues inspired by a mountain, road, city and commuter bike. And thanks to its lightweight full carbon frame, this bike weighs in at just 6.7 kilograms, which makes it extremely easy to carry around, while looking super stylish. Boasting the same wheelbase as a standard road bike, this carbon fiber bicycle packs a wing-shaped handlebar, with integrated brake levers, inside cable routing and hand-protecting wing tips.

The Kwiggle Bike – One Of The Most Compact Folding Bicycles In The World

Designers are finding some pretty creative ways to fold bicycles down to a carry-on size. The Kwiggle Bike, which first caught our eye back in 2013, still appears to be in line to be called the most compact folding bike out there, and after an additional three years of development and tweaking, it’s finally heading for Kickstarter. Looking like a cross between a bicycle, a scooter and a unicycle, the Kwiggle is a head-turning last-mile commute option. The rider is positioned almost completely upright, with a small seat providing some support rather than a place to sit – and while it may look awkward, the creators say the unusual stance is good for the back by preventing tension building up in the shoulders and neck. When it’s time to stow it away or carry it on a train, the Kwiggle folds down into a 55 x 40 x 25 cm (21.7 x 15.7 x 9.8 in) package, and tips the scales at 8.5 kg (18.7 lb). To make the production model a practical, portable human powered vehicle, the Kwiggle is constructed with wrought-alloy aluminum, which brought with it some extra design challenges, according to the team. As a result, the bike now has one-piece wheels, one-piece forks, and a curved rear frame with different cross sections, all of which are wrought-alloy aluminum. It also now has bigger air tires, integrated wheel guards, brakes and levers – all things the prototype was sorely lacking. To fund the bike, Kwiggle is launching a Kickstarter campaign on December 1. There’s no word yet on how much the team is shooting for or when it may ship, but it should be available for a pledge of €1,500 (US$1,580).

Retro Vispa eBike

The Vispa eBike by Luca Lazzini combines a bit of nostalgic appeal with modern e-drive tech, breathing new life into the Piaggio brand. The little, green, baby brother to the Vespa, the Vispa pays homage to the original style with retro details and lighting as well as swept side cover fairings. For all its classic flavor, it seamlessly integrates a few distinct modern twists. The frame and seat come together in a unique arc that extends back and above the rear tire. From here, the seat is both stabilized and made flexible to adjust the seat with just the push of a button located near the handlebars. The e-drive system allows users to enjoy short range fully-powered trips or extended rides with pedal assist. With the power system neatly tucked under the arc and seat, it’s able to maintain a true retro aesthetic almost indistinguishable from vintage cruisers.

Klever X E-Bikes

Klever Mobility is a German company with a noble mission to bring car drivers on board the e-bike revolution and make the daily commute as green and healthy as possible. The Klever X range, introduced recently at the Eurobike 2016 show and set for a 2017 launch, aims to make this goal easier to accomplish as it offers a selection of four bikes that combine style, performance and innovative features in one. Featuring the company’s own Biactron rear drive system, the bicycles are more powerful and reliable as well as quieter than most electric bikes with a central motor system. The noise level is under 50 dB, which makes the Klever X bikes almost silent, for a more relaxing riding experience on city streets or scenic roads. The battery, electronics, gear cables, and brake cables are all integrated in the stem and frame to create a clean, minimalist design. Users can easily adjust various features via a Bluetooth-enabled LCD display, while a custom app provides access to an electronic anti-theft function and a serial number that links the bike to its owner. The range includes four models, designed to suit various needs and preferences. X Commuter is a 10-speed bike with a rear rack, X Raw is a single-speed model, X Limited Edition has Formula CR3 hydraulic disc brakes and a carbon front fork, while the X Speed model is designed with a 600W motor that can reach 28 miles per hour.

Viks GT Lamborghini Inspired Bike

Lamborghinis are defined by much more than just their performance and monstrous engines. Each car from the Italian marque looks amazing. They all give off an aggresive and fast feel so palpable it’s surprising they don’t get speeding tickets while still parked. The viks GT, a bike from a small Estonian bicycle maker Viks of the same name, has embraced those same design principles. This bike has all of the same geometry and sizings as the more classical offerings from the brand, but the styling and paint job (it features the same Lamborghini yellow finish – giallo midas) is as poised and aggressive as Lamborghini’s fastest cars. This 2-wheeler is made from aluminum alloy and weighs roughly 40% less than other bikes from the team hailing from Tallinn. However, weight isn’t the only thing to recommend the bike. With straight bars up front, a double frame to make up for the lack of a seat-post, a belt drive all coupled with disc compression brakes and 5-spoked plastic wheels, the bike looks as it good as it rides. If that was what they were going for, they sure accomplished it. Prices are available on request.

Luxurious OPUS Bicycles

ECCE Cycle has spent the past four years testing and prototyping their bicycle frames to be the perfect combination of functionality, style, and efficiency. Whether it’s carbon or even wood, each bicycle is not meant to be just a bike – it’s also meant to be a piece of art.s They recently debuted two new bikes, named OPUS, that are made of carbon. There’s a sport bike and a cruise bike, and both are equipped with a Brooks saddle and Shimano accessories, including the brakes. The Opus Sport has a sleek, aerodynamic look with a glossy finish and matte accessories. The Opus Cruise has an elegant look, with supple leather and metallic carbon. Each bike is customizable, and the wood version is coming soon next year.

World’s First Hubless Smart Bicycle

This concept bike named Cyclotron currently being floated by a team based out of Los Angeles totally throws out two key components of a bike – the hubs and spokes on a wheel. The reason why? In the mind of the creators, less material spinning around and causing drag makes for a much more streamlined and aerodynamic look. This sleek design has been matched with an ultra lightweight carbon fiber composite, making long rides in the country side or short hops into town for food that much smoother and lighter. If you do end up taking this bike out to the store to pick up some wine and bread, you can easily put them in one of the baskets that fit in the hollow wheels. For safety and visibility on long rides into the night, the bike will be outfitted with integrated LED strips in the wheel wells and down the back of the seat post, along with a set of projected "laser lanes" that let motorists know how much room to give you. The bike will also come with an iOS and Android app that works as a bicycle computer, letting you know your speed, power put out, calories burned, and cadence. With a predicted delivery date of 2017, prices are starting at $1,125. You can order it on Kickstarter.

Theft-Proof SmartBike

Even the strongest bike locks aren’t totally foolproof, but when locks fail or risky storage options don’t pay off, the makers of this smart bike will send a recovery team after your ride. The ‘SmartBike‘ by Amsterdam-based bike specialists VanMoof comes with a lot of cool features, but this anti-theft guarantee is definitely the most valuable of them all, and they’ll even buy you a new one if they can’t find it once it’s stolen. Available in 3 speed in grey or 8 speed in black, the VanMoof SmartBike features GSM anti-theft tracking with ‘Peace of Mind Service’ free of charge for the first two years of ownership. If a thief manages to make it past all the built-in anti-theft parts, like tamper-proof nuts and screws, the GSM cellular info will activate, allowing the recovery team to find it even if it’s inside a building. They promise to get it back within two weeks, with the last mile of tracking powered by a “top-secret” locating technology. Designed to be the ultimate city ride, this one comes with a smartphone app, and can be unlocked with a tap of your finger on your phone or the bike’s dashboard. The software will automatically check via your smartphone’s Bluetooth that it’s really you before it unlocks your bike, so freeing it takes seconds. The app also offers personalized direction and weather for your commute and ride stats, and the bike has head and tail lights that automatically turn on and off. All electric components are pedal-powered, so there’s no charging required. The bike is now available for pre-order starting at $1098.00, with free shipping.

3D Printed Bicycle ‘3BEE’

The 3D-printed “3BEE” bicycle designed by Tamás Túri aims to create ideal harmony between man and machine! It’s inspired by the shape of the human body and designed to be perfectly adjusted to its user. From its integrated seat to the spacing of the pedals, the bike is fully adapted to the user’s specific measurements from the onset of production. The 3D printing technique enables the owner to personalize the bike with various parts, details and features for a fully customized look and feel. Though it looks like a race bike, it’s designed primarily as a commuter. Its monocoque S-shaped frame is ultra-lightweight and makes it easy to throw over a shoulder.

36/28 Postale Bike by Paolo de Giusti

Trying to discover the next big innovation in any field of design inevitably leads one to buck traditional trends, so it comes as no surprise that a concept product like the 36/28 Postale would stir controversy. Created by Italian product designer Paolo de Giusti, the bike gets its name from the unorthodox a 36′ rear wheel and 28′ front wheel that immediately catch ones eye, causing the whole bike to slant forward in profile. But besides capturing your attention, the bike also tells a story, as the name “Postale” recalls both messenger bikes as well as a nickname for the big buses that rush around corners each morning on their mission to bring workers from the outskirts to the center of Rome.

Limited Edition Matte Black Stealth Bike by BME Design

BME Design have created a limited edition matte black version of their Urban Stealth singlespeed bike, inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk aircraft. Each bike is built and produced by Brano Meres in Slovakia, and is personalized to the customer with a carbon fiber frame. “The bicycle would be Black, almost radar absorbent. Any eye that caught it would be captured in its dark gravity. With flat paneling it would look like a veiled threat. A handmade Urban Stealth singlespeed Bike with styling inspired by the famous F-117 Nighthawk aircraft. The B-9 NH Black Edition represents the evolution of the BME X-9 concept bike and features a carbon fiber frame and fork, one piece carbon stem-handlebar, BME Design’s unique carbon S72 Saddle system, and CNC machined alloy cranks custom designed for the B-9 NH.”

Self-balancing Unicycles AirWheel

The AirWheel offers an awesomely futuristic way of going from A to B. The self balancing unicycle transportation device uses the latest in gyro technology and regenerates energy back into the battery as you go, just like an electric car does, and is an environmentally friendly alternative to taking the metro or bus. It’s easy to use: you just need to lean forwards to go forward, to the side to turn, and back to slow down or go backwards, and the power cuts automatically if you jump off, so it’s safe too. AirWheel is portable and lightweight, and features a handle so you can carry it around until you need to go again. It’s also waterproof and, depending on the model, the battery lasts for up to 28 miles of constant use. There are various different models available, and the company ships worldwide. You can also watch the video inside to see the AirWheel in action.

Revolutionary E-bike nCycle

The nCycle, the revolutionary e-bike that started as a concept project by two designers on Behance. Two years laters, the project has turned into a real working prototype and been displayed at one of the biggest Bicycle Exhibitions in the world, the EuroBike 2014. “Conceived as the ultimate expression of automotive beauty for e-bikes, the nCycle incorporates only the very essence of the vehicle itself and discards all the superfluous elements. The result of this approach is a single, continuously flowing frame which simultaneously outlines and defines the e-bike, becoming both its earthly body and spiritual essence for the human perception.”

Wooden Arvak Bicycle

This wonderful wooden Arvak Bicycle made from ash wood with unprecedented rigidity and lightness. It was created by designer Paul Guerin and wood craftsman Till Breitfuss. It’s a true work of art, the minimalist, simple and clean-lined ride, is the result of the designers quest for the “perfect bicycle”. Arvak’s lightweight frame is completely hollow, and made from a composite of 24 layers of laminated vacuum bonded with a resin of biological origin. The bike is equipped with high-quality technical components, and is limited to only 20 units. The price tag is 8 672 €.