Rusty Factory’s Beautiful ‘White Angel’ BMW R75 Custom

Let us show you an award-winning, retro-futuristic board tracker – 1975 BMW R75/6 produced by Malaysia’s Rusty Factory. Unlike many classic bikes in Malaysia the donor 75/6 bike came to the garage it was running well and ready to ride. But Rusty Factory only wanted the engine. So they removed the power plant and pulled it apart for polishing. Hours and hours of polishing. “We expected we’d have some problems putting it all back,” says head of Rusty, Muhammad Khalid Musa, “but we didn’t have any issues reassembling it”.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ‘Moto 12’ By Droog Moto

Customizing a bike is no easy feat. But they’re all the more impressive when they go through a comprehensive transformation – making the end result nearly unrecognizable when compared to the stock motorcycle. That’s exactly the case with the urbanized desert sled you see before you, as the ‘Moto 12’ from Droog Moto actually started its life as a Kawasaki Ninja 650. For those unfamiliar, the Ninja is a fabled street performance bike that perhaps looks most at home on a groomed racetrack. And that’s a far cry from the monster-mobile that is the ‘Moto 12.’ Its alterations are extensive and range from a front end and handlebar conversion to a new custom subframe, exhaust, and radiator upgrade. This brutal bike also got new solid wheel inserts, an electronic speedometer, new LED lighting, and a custom distressed paint job. And while we can appreciate this bike as a piece of functional art, we’re also floored by the fact that it’s up for sale – meaning you can stash it in your garage for the impending apocalypse. And don’t forget to check 10 fastest motorcycles in the world.

Moped-like “Mobike E-bike” for Electric Bike-Sharing

The world-renowned company Mobik launches electric bike-sharing developed in collaboration with Amsterdam-based design firm Springtime. The moped-like “Mobike e-bike” uses both hybrid power and full electric drive, and is meant for rides up to 5 kilometers. Just like the brand’s regular bikes, the electric ones are stationless and can be left anywhere in the street. The new vehicle’s moped-like full electric drive allows an easy transition for people with moped experience rather than cycling experience. Mobike and Springtime’s two-wheeler offers a 70 km range and a top speed of 20 km/h, addressing long rides up to 5 km, while traditional bikes are commonly used for only 3 km distances. The final result embodies Mobike’s quality manufacturing, the sharing product experience, and smart technologies, along with Springtime’s knowledge in urban mobility, user-centric product design, electric vehicle systems and visual design. All features on the bike are designed with a user-first approach – for example, the one-hand adjustable seat allows you to easily match your height, and the secure phone holder facilitates navigation. Alsodon’t forget to check Xkuty Electric Bike and Premium Electric Bike from Slovenia.

Warhawk Limited Edition Custom Bike by Curtiss Motorcycle

American-base bike company Curtiss Motorcycle has released a limited edition bike called Warhawk that could easily take your breath away. Produced in a limited run of just 36 units, this naked machine is powered by a “good old” air-cooled triple-camshaft 2,163 cc engine that develops 150 bhp. The top speed of the Warhawk stands at around 165 mph (265 km/h) and since its the last of its kind, we were expecting it to be pretty expensive, but not exactly $105,000-expensive. Once you reserve one and pre-order it with a $5,000 deposit. The Warhawk Limited Edition will take two or three months to be completed. Also we’re sure you’ll be interested in 10 world’s fastest motorcycles.

Compact And Easy-to-Use Urban Bike

Today we want to show interesting concept of urban bike. Created by industrial designer from Canada Zheren Zheng the Urban Bicycle aims to provide city dwellers with a compact, easy-to-use and efficient way of zipping around town. Composed of aluminum and fit with a belt drive, its featherlight frame is ideal for carrying between commutes. Designed with working professionals in mind, the entire belt drive system is neatly contained within the body, there is no risk of getting a suit or dress dirty while carrying. Its unique loop handlebar also doubles as a locking system, eliminating the need for peripheral locks that are cumbersome to carry. Users must simply hit the release and wrap the loop around a post or bike rack and snap back in to place. If you’d rather store it in your office or home, its folded form only takes up a small footprint no larger than a standing person! And don’t forget to check another great compact urban bike X1 EXPLORER.

The Most Expensive Motorbike in the World – Harley-Davidson BLUE EDITION

Swiss heritage brand Bucherer has teamed up with Bündnerbike to create a one-of-a-kind motorcycle, to celebrate Bucherer’s Blue Edition collection. Based on a Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S, the bike features a stunning blue paint job, 360 diamonds, gold-plated screws, two safes that are integrated into the tank and contain a one-of-a-kind watch from Carl F. Bucherer as well as rings from Bucherer Fine Jewellery. “It was a long road,” Samir Merdanovic, Head of Manufacture Movements at Carl F. Bucherer said of the development process. “The holder, for example, also serves as a watch winder. The watch is therefore wound regularly and continues to run, even if the motorcycle is not ridden for an extended period.” It took the two companies around 2,500 hours to create this beauty. Priced at 1.8 million CHF ($1.79 million USD) only a single example was produced. And don’t forget to check the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World.

10 World’s Fastest Motorcycles in 2018

Motorcycles, don’t we just love them? The faster they get, the more our hearts pound. They have the power to make the manliest of man, into a little boy. They just have that undefinable sense of excitement we all want and beg for. However, with the plethora of bikes out there, the right one is often hard to pick. There are so many types of bikes out there, like super bikes , muscles, scooters etc. Getting into picking the choicest of the lot from each type will take a while, so we decided to give you a quick look at the fastest motorcycles in the world in 2018.

Honda Super Cub Retro Bike 2018

The Honda Super Cub is been in production for six decades, and in that time 100 million units have rolled off the line. The Super Cub’s design has gradually modernized over the years, but the new 2018 model takes cues from the original, for a more retro look. In stock form the 109cc, fuel-injected scoot mixes old school charm with modern tech, being equipped with drum brakes and LED lighting. The 2018 Super Cub goes on sale in Thailand today – and into production in a Thai factory. To mark the occasion, Honda Thailand handed the crew at K-Speed a new Super Cub last month, and gave them just 30 days to build something special.

Expertly Crafted Wooden Bikes by Materia Bikes

Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes but, generally speaking, you can expect the materials used in their construction to remain more or less the same but not so with Materia Bikes which boast some of the most striking and coolest looking wooden bikes you’re likely to come across. Dripping in aesthetic awesomeness and offering an unparalleled performance, these bikes are a great choice for those looking for a stand out contraption in 2018. Timelessly stylish and high performing, the bikes from Materia are instantly recognizable courtesy of their impressive wooden frames and sleek, elegant designs. These cracking contraptions combine sophisticated design elements with a desire to deliver exceptional comfort whilst riding and they achieve both these objectives with some considerable aplomb.

Unique Stringbike Without a Chain

When the bike builders at Stringbike set out to create a completely different bicycle, they opted for a completely unique drive system that uses paracord wrapped around a spring-loaded drum instead of the standard chain and cog system. That’s right, the Stringbike doesn’t have a chain. Power is distributed equally to both sides from the individual systems connected to each pedal, kind of like electric cars with individual wheel motors. If you opt for a multi-speed option, gear changes happen with the mechanism sliding up or down, moving plates as opposed to onto different cogs. The new system is much quieter, more balanced and, most importantly, won’t leave your calves covered in grease. The Stringbike is available in E line (carbon), A line (aluminum), S line (single speed) and D signers (limited series) options with prices starting at $1,100.

Futuristic Motorcycle – Yamaha’s AI-Powered Motoroid

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show gets underway in October and promises a look at the future of transportation. Yamaha will be there with a slew of electric and self-driving concepts, including the Motodroid self-riding motorcycle. The anime-inspired, bleeding-edge design features AI that controls the bike and interacts with the ride as well. No details have been offered, so exactly what this concept bike is capable of will have to wait until it debuts in Tokyo.

Unique Streetfighter by Estonian Brand Renard

The Renard ‘GT’ carbon fiber motorcycle combines a stealthy aesthetic with engineering intelligence – an ultra-light composite unibody, longitudinally mounted V2 engine and components that provide high performance. The ‘GT’s’ body integrates the motorcycle’s frame, gondolas, petrol tank and air box into a single load-bearing structure. The sleek, rugged exterior gives the renard its distinctive appearance. Its carbon-fiber monocoque is a featherweight at just 11 kilograms, and is reinforced with kevlar, enhancing resistance from impact and vibration. The stiff composite body’s increased cross-section also enhances the ‘grand tourer’s’ turning precision. The Renard ‘GT’s’ lightweight, hardened – aluminum components are designed and modeled in 3D, then milled from a solid block by CNC machines. This method provides quality, and a sleek, sophisticated appearance. The stiff body shell, reduced rotational masses and low center of gravity mean that the rider can enjoy total control in every maneuver. Like a ‘surgeon’s blade’ on two wheels, offering a complete and powerful riding experience. The longitudinally mounted 90° V2 Moto Guzzi ‘quattrovalvole’ engine is aggressive, and produces sufficient torque at low revs. The carbon fiber motorcycle provides responsive acceleration from crowded urban areas, to straight and narrow landscapes. The modern air-cooled engine produces approximately 125 horsepower at 8000 RPM, powering the ‘GT’ to a top speed of 230 km/h.

Extraordinary White Phantom Motorbike by Kingston Customs

German workshop Kingston Customs created stunning motorbike named White Phantom Motorbike. This motorbike was stemmed from BMW R80RT donor bike. Boasting a 798cc boxer engine that packs quite a punch and a single, horizontally mounted, turbo which is spooled-up by a short pair of headers, this breathtaking machine rides almost as fantastically as it looks visually. The Kingston Customs White Phantom Motorbike is a vintage looking piece of stunning minimalist design which is almost unrecognisable from the bike on which the customization project began. Luxurious and impeccably well crafted, this first rate steed will turn heads everywhere you go and we’re loving the sheer attention to detail that has gone into every element of its crafting. The bike has a fairly simple frame structure that helps improve the performance of the bike and it offers a striking shield which has been coated with a composite material which is commonly used in Formula 1 in order to prevent wires from melting and float bowls boiling and the end result is a contraption that is unparalleled from a visual point of view. The White Phantom Motorbike is merely one in a long line of awesome looking machines and for those with a thing for vintage, cafe racer style bikes, you’re not going to find many rides more extraordinary than this one from German workshop, Kingston Customs.

Retro Style Electric Bike Avionics V1

Electric bicycles are all the rage. From high-tech offerings like the Xkuty to the more casual Piaggio Wi-Bike, there’s something for every purpose and budget. Avionics is on the verge of releasing their own electric bike, each one of which gets its own custom name. The distinctive look walks the line between minimalist modern and decidedly retro, all accented with parts made from Jatoba wood. The battery and motor case, brake levers, fork covers, seat, and headlight bucket are all made from the extremely tough wood. But an electric bike wouldn’t be electric without a motor. The Avionics features a 5,000 watt brushless DC engine, capable of a frame-bending 92 ft-lbs of torque and 75 miles of riding. Preorders start in September of 2017.

BOLD – Electric Motorbike Concept by Camal Studio

Today we want to show you stunning motorbike concept BOLD created by Italy based Camal Studio, in collaboration with Tacita (the technology partner) and Alcantara (providing the trims for BOLD’s seat). Made from top to bottom in Italy, the BOLD is a electric bike with 100 horsepower, capable of going from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds, and is powered by a 10 Kwh battery that can charge in half an hour. The motorbike has one singular closed form that contributes significantly to its visual bulk, but the color separation, with the silver on top and matte black at the bottom, helps cut the visual mass, making the bike look speedy and streamlined. The most interesting design element is the bike’s visor, which extends all the way over the headlight and even below, creating a sort of protective shield around the front of the bike in a manner that makes it instantly iconic and memorable.

Unique Local Motors’ Ariel Cruiser

Local Motors, an Arizona-based design and engineering company, specialized in delivering unique solutions to world transport problems, has received an interesting request a few months ago: a retro-styled, gas-powered ‘board track racer’ bike, that could redefine the way we move around, in style. They’ve held a small contest for this design, and picked a ravishing bike concept from Romanian designer Ianis Vasilatos as the winner. Then, the company’s brilliant team of engineers managed to transform the designer’s initial sketches and renders into a fully functional prototype that could easily take your breath away. Called the Ariel Cruiser , this stunning bike was inspired by a 1920’s board track racer, but it also comes with various modern-day elements on display. The retro-styled, motorized bicycle can be eventually purchased in either an electric version or a gas version, with the first offering about 20 miles worth of fun and speeds of up to 27 mph. On the other hand, its gas-powered sibling puts a 50CC Honda engine to work to enable this bike to reach 34 mph and cover as many as 70 miles. To design a motorized bicycle that reminiscent of the early 1900s is not easy, and collectors will surely agree with that. Every component on this superb bike was specially imagined to honor the history of board track racing and early motor bicycles and the exquisite leather details look like the cherry on top of the sundae. Unfortunately there’s no word on pricing yet.

The Retro-Styled Munro Motor 2.0 eBike

Beijing Munro Electric Vehicle is about to make a big splash in the world of small electric motorcycles. The Chinese company has developed one of the coolest-looking e-bikes around, called “Munro 2.0”, which got exposed at CES 2017. The idea of Munro motorbike is initially inspired by and styled after the iconic 1920s Indian Motorcycle. And its brand name, “Munro”, is in honor of Burt Munro, who set a land speed record on an Indian motorcycle. Behind it is a spirit of pursuing perfection and being loyal to dream. aside from its clean, retro aesthetic, Munro Motor’s ‘2.0’ eBike looks a shade different from the rest of the electric bicycle group — it doesn’t have conventional bike pedals. Instead, it features motorcycle-style pegs for resting your feet on, with sparkling shock-absorbers front and rear, keeping riders rolling along in comfort. The bike is a heavyweight weighing around 35 kg, and unlike it’s counterparts it doesn’t force people to pedal it around while putting their legs through a lot of fatigue. A Bosch electric motor is integrated to the rear wheel, plus space for two battery packs inside the frame’s triangle, which according to the manufacturer are capable of speeds of 28 mph (45 kmh) with a range of up to 30 miles per charge (per battery pack). With both battery packs fully charged, the ‘2.0’ can be ridden for up to 60 miles before needing a recharge, with no leg-work necessary. Cruising along at relatively high speeds of course begs the question towards how riders will slow the elegant eBike down. The Chinese company has enhanced the bike’s safety by fixing a set of four caliper brakes, which is two on each wheel.

Brutal Angry Motors BMW R80 T63 Custom Motorcycle

A stock 1989 BMW R80 RT is a touring bike with a giant front end that’s been used in quite a few places as a police cruiser. Angry Motors out of Switzerland managed to take that boxy and robust base bike and turn it into a minimalist work of art with their T63. Over the course of almost fifteen straight days (350 hours total spread across a year) of “passion, work, beer, sweat and music,” the 1989 BMW R80 RT was stripped to the bone, powder-coated, painted and rebuilt from the ground up using only the absolute essentials or bespoke parts (custom rear end, leather seat, handgrips, etc.). The finished T63 bike, so named for the beefy Michelin T63 tires, is a murdered out beast that’s almost military in its build precision and spartan detailing.

Screaming Pigeon Custom Bike by Dicer Bikes

A Flying Pigeon bicycle – one of over 500 million bikes the Chinese manufacturing powerhouse has built for the growing population in the Far East. And Brad Wilson of Dicer Bikes was the one from the team who has turned a Flying Pigeon into a Screaming Pigeon. Wilson decided to add a small 50cc single cylinder engine to the ride, now boasting a top speed of 44 mph. To do so, the bike had to be stripped down to the frame and rebuilt. First up were the wheels that were re-spoked for this project, next were the handlebars that were cut off, flipped over, welded back on, and now host a motorcycle throttle. Dicer Bikes also added a fuel tank to the ride, front disc brakes, and a boardtrack-style Brooks seat.

Aggressive BMW R nineT by Diamond Atelier

For Munich locals Tom Konecny and Pablo Steigleder of Diamond Ateliers, talk is cheap. As a custom workshop, they’ve heard the tall tale a million times from prospective clients inquiring simply for the sake of inquiry. It’ss only when a customer steps up to the plate and commits does the magic truly begin to unfold in their workshop. Such is the case with this newly completed BMW R nineT DA#9, blacked out and ready to hit the streets in true stealth fashion. Because one of the client’s few requests was for a BMW boxer engine and aggressive shell, they decided to follow suit and then some. That lead to various engine upgrades resulting in a powerful 1400cc engine complete with an output of 145HP. They also threw in a K&N filter and a Spark muffler for good measure as well. In addition, the bike now features a full Wilbers ZF fork setup and a Wilbers Backline rear shock. The gas tank was also hand built, a custom-made tail rounds everything out and a hand-sewn Nubuk leather seat makes for a comfortable ride. Finally, pepper in a pair of BST full carbon fiber wheels wrapped in Pirelli Supercorsa SP2 tires for reduced weight and this thing screams intensity.