Futuristic BMW Motorrad R Nine T By Blechmann

While to the non-native speaker, “Blechmann” might sound like some kind of ancient Alemanian boogie-man, it’s actually more of an honorific. The nickname, given to one of Germany’s most legendary motorcycle customizers Bernard Nauman, translates to “tin man,” and Bernhard Naumann wears it like a badge of honor. The Tin Man’s latest creation is a great and powerful Custom BMW R NineT that shows that he is worthy of his metallurgical moniker. While he is known as a tinkerer, the works Naumann creates are no tinker toys. It is a masterwork of metalwork and imagination. With a bit of a Postapocalyptic piquancy, he has wrapped the bike in sheet metal (something that would probably be anathema to most lovers of the brand). Naumann describes his bike-customization as an art form used to bring fantasies to life. The proof is in the pudding, and that pudding is a fantastically futuristic motorcycle built out from a 2016 BMW R nineT. Blechmann the Great created a homemade body shape and installed a handmade exhaust system, a new seat bench and modified wheel rims. He finished the R Nine T off with a fresh paintjob: the classic BMW livery. When the smoke had cleared, what he found was a forward-heavy, robustly muscular super-bike from the future. Naumann saw something else, however, and decided to call the bike “Giggerl” – the Bavarian word for chicken. And don’t forget to check Old-Styled Extraordinary BMW R50/3 By Titan and Unique 1985 BMW K100 Motorcycles by Impuls.

BMW X7 iPerformance is Expected in 2018

BMW has unveiled its design for a six-seater SUV, as part of an expanded range of cars that promise customers a more luxurious experience. First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the BMW Concept X7 iPerformance is conceived as a hybrid vehicle, combining an electric-powered engine with a twin-power turbo petrol engine. Inside, the car’s six seats are arranged in three rows to create plenty of room for passengers, while a digital interface enables a variety of personalised services. BMW sees this vehicle as a game changer, combining the luxury features offered by other brands with the distinct identity of a BMW. The Concept X7 iPerformance offers a look ahead to the production X7, set to launch in 2018. The concept car’s other features include a large glass roof that offers panoramic views of the sky, 23-inch light-alloy wheels, olive-bronze leather seats and 12.3-inch control screens. Although it wears iPerformance badging, BMW hasn’t released any details about the plug-in hybrid powertrain expected to drive the production X7. Price for 2018 BMW X7 is unknown but experts think it’ll be one of the most expensive cars in BMW series.

BMW Unveils Incredible M8 GTE Le Mans

The currently ongoing 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show has unveiled yet another masterpiece from BMW – this time flexing the new M8 GTE, the racing variation of the production vehicle – and the company’s first Le Mans car since 2011. The vehicle is slated to debut next January in Daytona 24 hours before racing at the World Endurance Championship and IMSA campaigns in 2018. Set to replace the M6 GTLM and Z4 GTE, the incredible BMW M8 GTE will also mark the company’s return to the iconic 24 hour race from Le Mans. It will pack an impressive 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, but due to racing regulations it will limited to no more than 500 hp, sent to the wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox. The intensive use of carbon-fiber for its bodywork helped keep its weight down to 2,700 pounds (1,225kg), which probably means this racer is capable of delivering some awesome thrills. The production version of the M8 wasn’t even close to its completion when the M8 GTE went into development, which is why computer simulations were crucial to the design of the traction control system and the vehicle’s final form.

Brutal Angry Motors BMW R80 T63 Custom Motorcycle

A stock 1989 BMW R80 RT is a touring bike with a giant front end that’s been used in quite a few places as a police cruiser. Angry Motors out of Switzerland managed to take that boxy and robust base bike and turn it into a minimalist work of art with their T63. Over the course of almost fifteen straight days (350 hours total spread across a year) of “passion, work, beer, sweat and music,” the 1989 BMW R80 RT was stripped to the bone, powder-coated, painted and rebuilt from the ground up using only the absolute essentials or bespoke parts (custom rear end, leather seat, handgrips, etc.). The finished T63 bike, so named for the beefy Michelin T63 tires, is a murdered out beast that’s almost military in its build precision and spartan detailing.

Exciting BMW 8-Series Concept

The BMW 8-Series Concept had its official debut at the 2017 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Designed to preview the upcoming 8-Series Coupe, this luxurious sports car was meant to show off the best the German brand has to offer. Stylish and muscular, the two-door 8-Series concept features an aggressive front fascia, with a massive twin-kidney grille, and it’s also equipped with a carbon fiber front splitter, laser headlights, and massive air intakes. Moving on, the flowing bodywork is beautifully complemented by a set of 21 inch alloys, while the long hood, front fender vents, muscular rear wheel arches, and the sporty roofline make this car even more athletic than the BMW Gran Lusso concept that was unveiled a few years ago. Other exterior highlights include the carbon fiber rear diffuser and a stunning dual exhaust system with trapezoidal tailpipes. On the inside, the traditional BMW design language was left behind and replaced almost completely by a minimalist design with a driver-focused layout. As such, the Bavarian automaker has fitted this concept with exclusive sports seats, featuring a carbon-fiber shell that’s all wrapped up in premium leather. A custom steering wheel, with hand-polished aluminum spokes and red-anodized shift paddles, is also part of this amazing package, while a digital instrument cluster, an iDrive display and several carbon fiber elements, will make driving this beast a one-of-a-kind experience. Unfortunately, there is no word on the possible powerplant for this concept, but BMW Chairman Harald Krüger keeps us excited by stating the 8-series is set to raise the benchmark for coupes in the segment. Also there is no BMW in the list of the most expensive car in the world.

Zero-Emission Motorrad Concept Link Bike BMW

At the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017, currently taking place on the shores on Lake Como in Italy, the BMW group is presenting its vision of zero-emission urban mobility on two wheels in the form of the BMW motorrad concept link bike. Taking influence from the BMW motorrad vision next 100, the design study sets out to unite digital connectivity with the demands of urban mobility on two wheels. The electic drive motorcycle concept wants to move beyond established conventions with regard to both design and technology. The special character of BMW’s concept bike becomes clear right away thanks to the completely new design language. Its low-slung, stretched body and flat seat, combined with the diagonally rising front section, create a modern yet distinctive silhouette. Clear lines, large-area surfaces and precise shapes emphasise the state-of-the-art look, with a two-tone colour design reinforcing this further. The colours are all oriented diagonally, to underline the dynamic potential of the ride. The two iconic LEC front lights, clear-cut layout and slim contours spruce up the front of the bike with a touch of futurism. Since BMW have chosen to deliberately showcase the technology used as part of the design package, the side panels don’t completely cover the side section at the rear. Instead, they stretch across the vehicles side like little wings, leaving technical elements such as the drive unit, cooling ribs, single-sided swing arm and tooth belt clearly visible. “The bmw motorrad concept link stands for a new understanding of urban mobility,’ explains Edgar Heinrich , head of design of BMW motorrad. “It links the digital and analogue world and places the focus on the rider and his mobility needs. In the way it links functionality and digitalisation, it performs both as a means of transport as well as a communication device.” “The BMW motorrad concept link is not based on today’s concepts, but rather meets the basic functionality needs and the digital reality of today’s users,” adds Alexander Buckan, head of vehicle design at BMW motorrad. “The technical realities of electric drive – such as the flat energy packs in the underfloor and the compact drive on the rear wheel – allowed us to create a highly distinctive design which shapes a new segment.” Also don’t forget to check the other BMW bike we’ve told you about some time ago – Old-Styled Extraordinary BMW R50/3 By Titan.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept Motorcycle

Aside from the fact it has an engine and two wheels in a triangular shape, there’s nothing traditional about the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept Motorcycle. Designed as a bike that could, maybe, potentially be produced as an actual production bike in a few decades, this concept is insane. It balances itself. The flexframe itself changes shape when steering rather than having moving joints. It’s powered by an emissionless drive “engine” that changes shape while driving. It’s supposedly so safe won’t need to wear anything other than a futuristic, connected visor that serves as a combination of HUD and gauges. This futuristic concept could easily make its way into a big budget science fiction film, but for now it’s going to have to live on the page and in concept videos.

Custom BMW Motorcycle With Camouflage Detailing

Motorcycle builders Diamond Atelier and clothing brand K1X team up to create a custom BMW “R nineT” with a long-hanging frame and aggressive features. The finished café racer includes an 1180cc two cylinder boxer engine, that outputs 115 hp and is accompanied by a new suspension system to handle the power. Dubbed the ‘DA#4’, the bike includes a hand-built header and intake system matched with a grand prix exhaust muffler. The German mechanics also reworked the frame, fusing a hand-stitched seat, a bespoke aluminum gas tank and tailpiece, and the CNC machined alternator cover. Together with the glossy superblack paint finish, the Munich collaboration is sure to turn heads when it hits the streets.

TOP 15 Most Beautiful Cars Of All Time

Beauty is subjective. However, while acknowledging individual tastes in cars, certain car models tend to come up time and time again, in terms of their classy and iconic looks. Here are 15 all-time classics, listed as a gift for your car enthusiastic soul. And don’t forget to check our previous post about 15 fastest cars in the world.

Unique 1985 BMW K100 Motorcycles by Impuls

The k101 is a handcrafted motorcycle project by Impuls in collaboration with the artists Fabian Gatermann and Matthias Edlinger. Based on the BMW K100 the team manufactured two unique and essential motorcycles with the artists. Through the completely new interpretation of the bike in terms of appearance and the custom manufactured parts, each motorbikes becomes an iconic and minimal artwork itself. The munich based k101 project by impuls creates a new fusion and bridge between art and motorcycle. The artist Fabian Gatermann brought the whole motorcycle back into 3D and created a set of polygons through manual iteration and draw them back onto the motorcycle by hand. The process of building a bike from scratch with drawing, 3D modeling and manufacturing is expanded back to the computer and a manual redrawing onto the bike. The artist Matthias Edlinger created an ironic interpretation of the common bike aesthetics on the bike. The common pin up and illustrations ornaments are deconstructed and attached onto the bike in the Edlinger style. Edlinger has a rough artistic approach that he mixes with a subtle and humoristic flavor.

Gorgeous BMW Landspeeder by Revival Cycles

Texas based Revival Cycles created a bike inspired by Ernst Henne’s Landspeeder. The BMW R37 Racer was originally made in 1928 specifically for Henne, and he would go on to break multiple records on the bike during his career. This particular bike is built just for the showroom – but the team at Revival stuck to their founding principals and made a bike that is as functional as it is strikingly aesthetic. Using the R37 as a blueprint – the team lengthened the wheel base, dropped the engine lower in the stamped steel box frame, and gave the bike a magneto ignition system. This bike isn’t street legal – but is sure is gorgeous.

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Car

Take a look at the stunning photos of the BMW Vision Future Luxury concept car – a large concept car developed by the German car company BMW and first shown in 2014. It is reported to closely preview a new brand flagship that will go on sale in global markets called the 9 Series. The production version is expected in 2016. Photos were taken by German photographerUli Heckmann. Retouch was made by Recom Farmhouse and Phillip Schlegel. Take a look!

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R

BMW have revealed the new Hommage racing car, BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R – a car that celebrates both the 40th anniversary of BMW in North America and the heady racing success of the BMW 3.0 CSL in 1975. The aim of the project was to seamlessly integrate the driver into the car with his immediate surroundings. This advanced approach led the designers first to the driver’s helmet, race suit and seat before moving onto the lines and surfaces of the interior. The helmet visor assumes the function of a display and projects situation based information such as the car’s speed, gear engaged, and engine revs into the driver’s direct field of view. This enables the diver to always have eyes on the road, and to fully concentrate on the job of driving the car. The exterior design is a genuine expression of BMW motor racing. The stretched body is framed by air defectors, wheel arches and a prominent rear spoiler which mirrors the original 1975 BMW. The colors and graphics used reference to its past. Exposed carbon fiber spotlight the commitment to lightweight construction, bring it into the modern era. The BMW ‘3.0 CSL hommage R’ combines classic Bavarian hallmarks within a modern and rich design language, adding an already glittering engineering achievement of 40 years ago.

BMW Advertising – 1350 Grams of Protection

Today we want to show you really creative example of advertising posters. Based at Mexico city, Publicis Worldwide provides strategic creative and digital ideas helping clients to Lead the Change and to succeed in their own digital transformation. They have come up with BMW safety campaign for motorists titled as, “1350 grams of protection”. The advert shows motorists having a hairstyle according to their class of helmet.

BMW Apollo Streamliner Motorcycle Concept

Styled for saltlake speed record attempts rather than daily usage, the BMW “Apollo Streamliner” motorcycle is a concept created by industrial designer, Mehmet Doruk Erdem. Designed as a personal project, the bike’s main focus is on speed but retains the brand’s heritage through key details. It does this by combing traditional styling, illustrated by the brown saddle, exposed engine and rear suspension, with futuristic characteristics. Reflecting the delicacy of a musical instrument, a key aspect is the wide and slopping front section which minimizes the wind effect on the rider.

Custom Bike Buldozzer Build of a BMW R1100GS 1999

Buldozzer is a BMW R1100GS build by the Italian workshop Officine Sbrannetti. The motorcycle rocks a new, custom-made leather seating and tank cover, aluminum fenders, a double headlamp, threaded tires, a fresh exhaust system, and a handy luggage rack. The radiator was also moved behind the front wheel for a sleeker look. A handsome take on a classic motorbike, the Buldozzer shines with a rich palette of browns, metallics, green, and black.

BMW Concept Roadster

BMW‘s Concept Roadster, a stripped down and thoroughly modern take on the classic BMW motorcycle, is set to debut on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como at this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The Concept Roadster is powered by BMW’s classic two-cylinder boxer engine, displacing 1,170 cubic centimeters and good for 123 horsepower and 92 lb-ft of torque. Surrounding the engine is a sparkling blue tubular space frame, featuring a sculptured fuel tank that flows into a single-piece aluminum rear. Additional details include a seat wrapped in perforated Alcantara, precision milled aluminum parts and an aerodynamic engine spoiler. Aluminum air intakes flanking black radiators, as well as an LED headlamp array, complete the striking good looks.

BMW Concept Active Tourer Plug-In Hybrid Concept

Take a look at new BMW Concept Active Tourer plug-in hybrid, which is a preview of BMW’s upcoming compact MPV with its new eDrive hybrid system. According to BMW, the Concept Active Tourer is geared towards customers of the premium segment who appreciate a high level of comfort, a raised seating position and a generous amount of space. The BMW Concept Active Tourer is powered by a turbocharged 1.5L three-cylinder engine that sends its power to the front wheels and an electric motor sits above the rear axle. The BMW Concept Active Tourer has a total of 190 horsepower and the electric motor and lithium-ion battery can power the concept up to 18 miles in full electric mode. It can also go from 0 to 62 mph in under 8 seconds with a top speed around 125 mph. According to BMW, the concept’s fuel consumption is less than 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

BMW Zagato Roadster

Take a look at the latest BMW model called “Zagato Roadster” released after three months after the coupé version of the car, which debuted earlier this year at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy. The one-off concept is a collaboration between the German automaker and Italian coachbuilder Zagato. The two Zagato concepts are variants of the BMW Z4 hardtop convertible. Both feature a “double-bubble” roof. Details include a grille with Z-design grating, two circular headlights and a three-dimensional front apron. A set of 19-inch light-alloy wheels rounds out the package. The cabin gets brown leather touches and brown “Z” embroidery into the seats. Enjoy!

BMW 328 Hommage Concept Car

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the original BMW 328 classic of the late 1930s auto brand BMW has unveiled their unique 328 Hommage Concept car. It’s based on the Vision Connected Drive Concept shown at Geneva this year. The 328 Hommage will employ a straight six-cylinder powerplant and the familiar kidney-shaped BMW grille stretched upright in dramatic fashion. The interior and exterior make heavy use of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and there are no doors – just deep recesses. In a nod to the racing heritage of the original 328 the car is extremely light, weighing in at just 1,719 pounds. “With the BMW 328 Hommage, we wish to pay homage to the passion and inventiveness of the fathers of the BMW 328. They created an icon, which is considered a milestone in the history of the automobile.” said Karl Bäumer, CEO of BMW Group Classic.