Asymmetrical Villa M in Berlin

For Graft Architects, ‘Villa M’ in Berlin was a chance to rethink the traditional typology of a private house. The structure resembles more of a boulder than a human home as we have come to know it. Its glacial appearance is achieved by cladding the façade with ceramic plates. It sits in a sea of green, strategically placed to establish visual connections with the landscape. This asymmetrical appearance is reflected in the interiors where flowing transitions between the rooms create a sense of openness.

Dark Modern Villa Vingt in Canada

Neighboring the Le Relais ski resort in Canada, the Villa Vingt is inspired by its sloped plot. The modern villa is nestled into a snowy bank, opening up fully to the north. Dark timber planks create the external facade, contrasted by a light-filled interior. At the center of the modern home is a double-height concrete wall. It not only creates a divide between interior spaces but also acts as an accent to the white walls. White cedar ceilings run out over the outdoor decks, adding warmth to both the interior and exterior palettes. A second story living area cantilevers over the landscape, floating above the ground level. Wrapped in glazing, the room is afforded sweeping views of the surrounding Laurentian hills. You might be also interested in Ultramodern Villa Ypsilon or Modern Countryside Villa.

Charming Snowy Modern Villa Boreale

This perfectly minimalist Canadian retreat is available for rent on Airbnb! Located in Charlevoix, Canada, the charming snowy villa is only 10 minutes away from Le Massif de Charlevoix ski resort. Developed by Cargo Architecture, the contemporary cottage is inspired by Scandinavian design, it features sleek white interiors, concrete floors, and pale wood tones. On the exterior, the black metal cladding also creates an impressive contrast that highlights the smooth matte finish of the steel and the natural grain of the Eastern white cedar. This vacation rental offers 4 bedrooms, including 7 beds and can accommodate up to 12 guests. The perfect setting for a relaxing evening with friends and family after a hard day on the slopes.

Modern Countryside Villa by Maas Architecten

Maas Architecten has completed a modern villa in the Dutch countryside. It was designed by Lochem-based Maas Architecten for a site on the edge of the town of Berlicum in the Dutch province of North Brabant. Called Modern Countryside Villa, it is located in an open countryside and is designed as a H-shape with two contrasting wings – one is a dark timber-clad volume, while the other is a transparent glass structure. The almost transparent spacer, that connects the two thatched-volumes, forms the entrance. At the street side, the villa is sheltered by a grove. The main building, the left volume, is almost entirely made of glass. The living area and dining place are situated on the south-west and offer a panoramic view. Behind the glass facing the street, the kitchen, pantry and toilet are located. These function are combined in a wooden box. The master bedroom is completely private to the north. The façade of the right volume is made out of wood with some blinds. At the back of this volume a greenhouse is located, which also can be used as atelier/studio. The H-shape creates a windless private outdoor space where you can see the sun set. Privacy is assured in spite of the glass. And, of course, this modern villa has a private swimming pool.