Holographic, Bluetooth Phonograph ‘Kozmophone’

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the phonograph, the brainchild of prolific inventor and original scratch master, Thomas Edison. The Kozmophone is a newly proposed modular speaker and turntable concept that shares Edison’s horn-style speaker design while also adding modern day touches like the flair of 6 color options, a detachable and portable horn speaker element, and Bluetooth connectivity and playback. “The phonograph forever transformed the face of music, and to pay tribute, we wanted to bring that iconic shape back, but updated with today’s style and technology. In a world where style and audio go hand in hand, Kozmophone would be a spectacular piece of art and the perfect companion in everyone’s home or office. For you to make the most out of the state of the art speaker, we made it portable. When you want our signature sound with you, just take it out of the stand and you’re good to go! Fully charged and functional. When not listening to a vinyl record, you can still use Kozmophone as a speaker. Just connect it via Bluetooth and you’ll be able to play music from your mobile device or computer. You will be able to upload holograms from our website to your Kozmophone. Choose from people dancing to the type of music you’re listening to, or musical notes flying around. The possibilities are endless.”

3D-Printed Lab 2 Titanium Earphones

S-Next, a Japan-based boutique premium audio gear manufacturer, has designed and developed Lab 2, a new set of earphones encased in a Steampunk styled 3D modeled Titanium exterior. Unique and super stylish, the titanium case of these earphones also improves the distribution of high frequency sounds coming out a 15 mm dynamic driver, with the back of the driver being also made of titanium for improved low frequency audio experience. The mesmerizing housing was specifically designed to emulate a gap between the ear canal and the sound source, and then the 3D printed titanium is eventually refined, thanks to a proprietary chemical treatment, adding gloss and the ultimate smooth touch. Only 200 units of the Lab 2 earphones will be ever made, on sale from October 22, at 450,000 Yen ($4,300). This make Lab 2 the most expensive pair of 3D printed earphones on the market.

Giant Wooden Horn Speakers From Reclaimed Liquor Barrels

Fiddle & Hammer, a Milwaukee-based furniture company, is dedicated to the creation of handmade heirloom-quality furniture. Owned and led by Jordan Waraksa – originally a sculptor and violinist – the studio is dedicated to using the best materials available and traditional joinery, fusing those mediums with a modern aesthetic. Overall, the pieces expresses a love of wood, music, and a rich industrial past. Presented at Wanted Design Manhattan during New York Design Week 2016, the “Bellaphone” is a wooden horn speaker whose shape acoustically amplifies devices hidden within its base. Developed over the last decade, the horn is a testament to the resonant and warm qualities of the wood from which they are carved, sourced from reclaimed tequila and whiskey barrels. The pieces range in size from a two foot edition to massive six foot tall piece, and can be integrated into any system or application – from mobile devices to home audio systems and theaters. Original prototypes were originally designed by Waraksa to perform the music he writes and records.

iXOOST OTTO Exhaust Speaker Dock

There’s the iXOOST music dock to give your tunes that extra blast of volume. And here’s the kicker: each dock pays tribute to the craftsmanship of Modena and its race cars. Drawing inspiration from the legendary world of racing, the iXOOST amplifies the true heart of the engine – the exhaust pipe. It’s original in concept and the entire package, from tunes to tailpipe, exhumes authenticity. Each 8-cylinder model hosts a dome tweeter, cone midrange, extended range and active sub-woofer speaker inside real tailpipes. You can also choose which racing make and model best fits your style. Available now for about $7,900.

Corus – Music For The Hearing Impaired

Corus is an interesting concept project by Apiwat (Peet) Anuntrachartwong which is a C-shaped vibrational collar that would sit around the hearing impaired person’s neck and deliver musical vibrations. The collar is a simple C shape and is very sleek and minimal. The entire brand identity and the packaging design for the product follows the product’s aesthetic of modern simplicity. ‘The name Corus comes from the mixing of the word ‘core’ and ‘chorus’. ‘Core’ represent the vibration that is the core of the sound, and ‘chorus’ is the part of the song structure, which is the refrain or a repeat of the catchy part of the song, represent the idea of the hearing impaired could ‘hear’ (feel) the music again like the chorus that comes back in the song.” The product name “Corus” is set in a smooth, round font with a tilde symbol above the letter “R.” The tilde symbol represents the connection between the language of music and the vibrational waves of sound. You will see the tilde icon being used as a key element throughout the product’s art direction, not just incorporated into the logo. Flaming bright red is the color of choice for this brand, always paired with white. Red is an emotionally intense color, it is associated with energy and excitement. Between the energy of red and the wave patterning of the tilde, you can almost “feel” the representation of this vibrational music.

Famous Musician Portraits from Their Own CDs

It’s very popular to create musicians portraits from vinyl records or recycled cassette tapes. This time the following portraits were created from cds. For the inauguration of First Floor Under, a pop-vanguard culture magazine, artists Moreno De Turco and Mirco Pagano spent more than 200 hours lining up the CDs to recreate the portraits of seven world-famous musicians: Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Freddie Mercury. Take a look!

Custom “Draco” Guitar by Emerald Guitars

Today we want to show you something really creative – custom guitar in the form of dragon. This chrome metallic dragon “Draco” guitar was created by Emerald Guitars and it might be one of the most impressively looking guitar. This functional custom guitar was hand sculpted in Thailand and to add some coolness, the eyes are LEDs and glow a nice blue. “My customer had seen Leehom’s dragon and wanted a dragon of his own. It was going to be a bass so we had a bigger platform to work with. The brief was quite simple, the bass had to be a flying dragon in outstretched flight. It was going to be quite a lot different than anything I had built before but the challenge was the reward.” Have fun!

Molami’s Luxury Headphones “Pleat”

Molami is the brainchild of industrial designer Maria von Euler. And today we want to show you the Pleat: a headphone that complements the bone structure of the face – framing your look. “Pleat is an over-ear headphone encased in napa leather and designed to accentuate the lines of the face. It folds and rotates allowing for maximum wearability and safe storage. Pleat’s closed design incorporates noise isolation and its sound provides low-distortion, allowing you to focus on your music. The bass is deep and articulate, and the mids and highs are natural sounding and clear. These headphones are suitable for a multitude of musical genres.” You can buy the Pleat for €400. Have fun!

Vinyl Music Icons

Talanted designer and illustrator based in Madrid, Spain, Alejandro de Antonio Fernández is the creator of this incredible collection of vinyl-inspired pop art for the UNCO_MA Project presented by Art Room. De Antonio was inspired by vinyl records and illustrated original portraits of legendary musicians. The list of music icons range from Jim Morrison to Michael Jackson. Have fun!

Skullcandy Inspired Earphones
by Catherine Wong

These Skullcandy inspired earphones by Catherine Wong look like the human bone joints. But it’s not just for unusual and stylish look – these joints provide flexibility in adjusting the earphone for a perfect fit. So additionally to modern earphones you’ll have your personal ideal earphones! Great idea!

O+ Media Package from David Riesenberg

If you ask the older generation, which is better – CD or mp3, they will answer – “vinyl”. In fact, the dispute about which format is better – is meaningless. The only difference is what feelings cause certain media. Industrial designer David Riesenberg has developed a project called “O+ Promotional Music Release”, which will once and for all stop such a disputes. He joined together: a vinyl record, a compact disc, USB flash drive and as an iTunes Download Code. The designer does not expect the mass production of his invention, but for limited edition series to get an extra buzz, this project is completely viable.

MUSE – Serenade for Plants

The vase created by Lie Zhong-Fa, Koo Yoori and Jeon Se-Yong looks very futuristic but it’s not its only feature. “Muse” is musical vase which can sing serenades to you and your favorite plant. You just have to rotate “Muse” to the left until the clockwork is winded completely and the vase will play a song while the clockwork runs down. You can even choose a color of the vase and a song you want to hear. Having such vase is an unique chance to check the theory about influence of music to a plants.

Retro Music Posters by Alex Varanese

We want to represent unusual retro works of american designer Alex Varanese. These posters look really cool – the designer skillfully combined the style of a bygone era and musical and technical attributes. Cassettes of old tape recorders, old stereo amplifier, computer parts and a lots of wires – are immutable attributes of works of this designer. And of course red. A lot of red. As the author said about himself – "like red more than you do".

Alive Objets Series

Very intersting ideas was used while creating this poster for DJ Toni Rox. Designer Vicente García Morillo from Spain made a great combination of various elements to represent the artist. For example these owl eyes were created by using old records. It’s really beautiful work, starting from colors and to the illustration at whole. Hope you’ll like it too!

Fashion Trends vs Music Trends

American photographer danno created a pretty interesting photoshoot. He displayed a certain periods of 20-21 century using a combination of fashion and music. Models dressed in clothes that were trandy at a certain time, and they are corresponded to the broken parts of music discs, plates etc. The only thing I would like to know is why they are broken.