Artist Uses Snow Spray To Create Incredible Winter Scenes On Window Panes

Christmas is right around the corner! And with this snowy images we want to bring you some positive mood! These window snow images were created using snow spray by Tom Baker from Berkshire. Tom came up with the idea of using a brush to draw detailed scenes after he sprayed an entire window with fake snow. His festive dioramas include village scenes in which Santa and his reindeer soar through the sky. Tom started the technique in 2007, but after he moved to Australia he dropped his new hobby for eight years. When he moved back to the UK this year with his partner he took it up again and launched it as a business. Take a look!

Miniature Project “Postcards for Ants”

Postcards for Ants is an ongoing painting project by Cape Town artist Lorraine Loots who has been creating a miniature painting every single day since January 1, 2013. The artist works with paint brushes, pencils, and bare eyes to render superbly detailed paintings scarcely larger than a small coin. After the first year, Lorraine relaunched the project in a second phase. On her website you can “reserve” a future painting (it’s all booked up for this year), and she’s also printed five limited edition postcards for each day. You can watch her work and hear a bit more about her inspiration in the video below and she also regularly updates on Facebook. Hopefully we’ll see a 2015 project?

Book Art by Jonathan Wolstenholme

Jonathan Wolstenholme is a British artist and illustrator best known for his amazingly detailed works deriving from a love of old books. Books on Books is a series of illustrations in which the book world is being described by… the books. Jonathan Wolstenholme combines his appreciation of surrealism, his fondness for antiquarian books, and his wry humor in creating his clever and engaging anthropomorphic images. In doing so, he has created a popular niche for his art, and brought attention to a disappearing art-form; the ancient hallmark of creating books.

Amazing Watercolor Paintings by Thomas W. Schaller

Thomas Schaller is a renowned watercolor artist who is currently based in Venice, California following a successful 20+year career in New York City as a design architect and architectural artist. He has long been considered one of the foremost architectural illustrators in the world. In the field, he has won many awards for his artwork – including being a two-time recipient of the “Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize”. Take a look at these beautiful paintings including fantastic views of Southern California, London, Italy, Greece, as well as amazing architectural fantasy paintings.

Stunning Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Take a look at stunning paintings of Ohio artist, Dennis Wojtkiewicz. He explores the sensitive nature of time in his oversized oil paintings of fruit and flowers. The transitory nature of his subject matter is encapsulated, transfixed and glorified with hightened photorealism. Light and translucence make these paintings glow. Nature’s perfect patterning allows each painting to take on a meditative quality. Wonderful art, don’t you think?

Beauty Portraits by Annick Bouvattier

French painter Annick Bouvattier painted women, often alone, in almost empty flats, but furnished mainly by shadows and light. Young, pretties, they live their femininity without false modesty, unconcerned by the looks of others. Large canvases, close-up compositions, the works of Annick Bouvattier are spaces where the pictorial rhymes with the emotional. Take a look!

Amazing Portraits by Alice X. Zhang

Today we want to show you amazing portraits created by artists from Unites States Alice X. Zhang. Alice “graduated the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in Graphic Design, but heartily wish I’d chosen Illustration instead. I am always learning and experimenting as an artist and spend nearly all my free time drawing.” Hope you will like these beautiful paintings!

Dramatic “Crash Series” by Jonathan Wateridge

Created by London based artist Jonathan Wateridge “Crash Series” consist of seven huge (up to 2m x 3m) oil paintings depicting scenes of crashed air planes and ships. Extremely realistic paintings show dramatic contrast of live nature and dead mechanisms. After reviewing the masterpices the only one thought come to mind “why so few?”….

Street Life in Paintings of Kal Gajoum

In art works of Kal Gajoum you can feel warmth and energy, which is often overlooked by contemporary artists. His paintings are both modern and traditional, powerful and delicate, complex and simple. Kal Gajoum is a real colorist whose works fill the room with light. And, it’s probably not just because the artist is well mastered the technique of painting. He really loves his job – and each work radiates this love. And vivid scenes of street life filled with red umbrellas have become a hallmark of the artist.

Colorful Summer Bouquets by
Széchenyi Szidónia

Summer is over, we can only remember the bright colors of the season and wait when it comes again. However in the bouquets of talanted artist Széchenyi Szidónia you can find beautiful frozen moments of the hot sunny time. Bright and juicy poppies, cheerful sunflowers, delicate daisies convey all the charm of the ended summertime. Choose your favorite bouquet and it will brighten your days while you’ll be waiting for next summer.

Beautiful Portraits from Marco Calcinaro

Today we want to show you beautiful art works of Italian artist Marco Calcinaro. This talanted artist works in various styles and creates beautiful illustrations as well as intersting caricatures. Featured below work show you various celebreties from previous century till nowdays. These portraits are very emotional and look exactly like photos. Hope you’ll enjoy viewing this collection.

Amazingly Photorealistic Paintings by Jonathan Jungsuk Ahn

Jonathan Jungsuk Ahn was born in 1977 in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in Boston. At the age of seven he he began studying under Nancy Angell-Rickenbacker, former student of Pablo Picasso and Oscar Kokoshka, and quickly became her star pupil. Today Jonathan Ahn is skilled in a variety of media, including oil and acrylic paints, charcoal, and pencil, and even sculpture. Jonathan especially enjoys portrait painting and other figurative works. In this collection we’ll show you his beautiful oil paintings of various thematics. Enjoy!

The Memories Collection of Charles Peterson

Memories… The older we get, the more memories we have. Artist Charles Peterson has devoted a series of paintings to the memories – “The Memories Collection”. While creatine these paintnings he appealed primarily to his own memories, his paintings are close and understandable to all. They allow the viewer back to a carefree happy childhood and remember the taste of mom’s pie, swimming a race in the pond, gentle voice grandmother … For this effect, the artist uses a combination of bright and clear background with faded human figures, more like ghosts. People who might already be dead, but who will always live in our memories and hearts. Series “The Memories Collection” has 60 paintings. Reproductions of paintings-memories were so popular in society, that the American edition of US Art Magazine included the name of Charles in the top ten representatives of the national printing industry.

Painting with Cars by Andreas M. Wiese

I think you’ve seen a lot of paintings. But it is doubtful whether at any one of them the main character was an automobile. The following paintings were created by the artist from Germany Andreas M. Wiese. Retro cars, old houses and absolutely no people… It’s the main stream of this series. All the works painted in oils and look very realistic. Enjoy!

To die will be an awfully big adventure

Artwork “To die will be an awfully big adventure” created by Högni Valur Högnason is final project from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. It discovers theme of deaths in our life. As you could notice it consist of three pieces. The first one is about childish innocence, second one is about love and third one is about death itself.

Pencil Art by T. S. Abe

This collection of pencil art works was created by english illustrator with absolutely mind blowing drawing skills T. S. Abe. Sketch and pencil art became popular these days. This style is widely used even in web templates. For example you can free download and use sketch template for you blog.

Inspiring Watercolor

Geliographic Studio represents these truly inspired art works. You will be charmed by beautiful colors, interesting compositions and awesome technique.

Paintings by Paul Roberts

We are proudly represent you amazing paintings by Paul Roberts. Paul Roberts’ paintings have been described as "dreams made uncomfortably a little real". At the heart of his work is always the desire to create energy on the canvas – to draw the viewer into a fragmentary still of a world that is between realities (© Plus One Gallery London).