3D Printed Mycelium Shoe by Ica & Kostika

Ica & Kostika just launched their 3D printing studio with the goal of creating fashion-forward footwear via computational design. The Mycelium Shoe is just as much sculpture as it is a shoe, an intricate work of art that’s designed to make a statement. Whether that statement is on a runway, Lady Gaga’s feet, or walking down a city street remains to be seen. The Mycelium Shoe benefits from the latest 3D printing has to offer. First, the future wearer downloads the app and uploads a series of photos of their feet. Their algorithm then creates a 3D sketch that allows for fit improvements before 3D printing and finishing with automotive grade technologies that make up the final structure. The result is a custom fit, wearable shoe with a unique silhouette that will surely stop traffic. If you’re brave or just intrigued, you can jump on a pair but fair warning – they are a limited edition of only five pairs. They’ll be available for pre-order later this year as part of a future collection entitled Exobiology.

Single Line Anamorphosis of a NIKE Air Jordan

Known for its sleek unilinear artworks, Parisian creative duo DFT crafts a single line anamorphosis of a NIKE Air Jordan on its real life model, creating the illusion of wearing a piece of figurative art instead of a shoe. The artwork is transposed during a long and iterative procedure finalized by high-precision hand painting. When transposing the illustration, DFT avoided using a grid system combined with 3D software and instead opted for a mix of projection and lots of hand adjustments. Due to the specific shape of the sneaker, the artwork is a distorted perspective displaying itself perfectly from a specific standpoint only. “The physical subject and its artistic rendition overlap into one figurative delusional reality”, DFT – an abbreviation of differantly – explain. “In an ephemeral way, the artwork supersedes its subject and reality disappears on behalf of its own reinterpretation, creating an interesting contrast between tangible and intangible .” DFT’s original pieces are held around the world and the duo is currently working on making their one line art into sculptures. Also NIKE shoe is listed in TOP 20 most expensive shoes in the world.

Top 20 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Gone are the days when shoes were worn to protect the feet. Nowadays, they’ve become an integral part of a person’s wardrobe as well as a fashion necessity. Made from a variety of materials, shoes can range from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. But for the uber rich, shoes also serve as an indicator of a person’s social status. And if you own any pair of the shoes listed below, you know you’ve got it made:

Minnie Mouse Inspired High Heels By Oscar Tiye

Even if you are not a big Disney fan, you may still feel like you need these super adorable Minnie Mouse heels by Italian footwear brand Oscar Tiye. The elegant and highly adorable heels have taken the internet by storm with double-taps and pins on its pictures now being a trend. Tiye’s exclusive Minnie Mousse footwear can be purchased on Net-A-Porte in two forms- Stiletto and Block heel. Out of both styles though, it’s the Stilettos that are garnering the most attention and we can clearly see why. Buyers also get to choose from a range of fabric options including satin, glitter, and denim, alongside a stunning range of colors such a classic black, blue, red and Princess Pink. Ranging from $450 to $700, the pretty heels are sure to make you want to spend every penny on them!

Architectural Footwear In Jayda Hany’s Connector Collection

Footwear designer, Jayda Hany, started off aspiring to be a womenswear designer, but her aspirations changed while studying architectural engineering The American University in Cairo. It was in school that she started to realize the close connection between footwear design and architecture – she had, “always viewed the shoe as a moveable, small-scaled structure.” After finishing at the American University in Cairo, she went on to study footwear design at the London College of Fashion. The transition from architectural engineering to footwear design was a big one, but she quickly noticed similarities between the two design processes, “I realized that footwear design and architectural/structural design are exactly the same regarding the design process – the research, the detailing, etc. The only difference would be the scale.” Hany’s Connector collection points out something we often forget about shoes – their main function is to hold our weight. Her use of non-glamorous screws, rivets and 3D printed plastics screams, “this is how I was made” to the wearer. Highlighting the making process in a final design is something not often seen in the footwear realm, so this in-your-face take on the subject is refreshing. And the shoes are even attractive! “Connector is inspired by the Truss structural system, which is a cross-braced system consisting of a joint that connects truss members repetitively. All of the red pieces in the shoes represent the joint – they are 3D printed in order to have ultimate accuracy. The joints are then reinforced with stainless steel rods that utilize tensile and compressive forces to bear the weight—just like a Truss would do in a building – to achieve maximum durability. I used clear acrylic platforms that are cut on a CNC machine to achieve transparency, so the user can view how the shoe is composed. I intentionally used non decorative screws and rivets to emphasize the functionality and industrial look of the collection.”

ATOSSA 3D Printed Footwear by Behrad Ghodsi

Atossa is a stunning 3D printed footwear by designer Behrad Ghodsi. “Atossa is the new generation of 3D printed footwear, designed only for you and your feet. Atossa is about style, comfort and quality. Atossa started as the idea for redesigning industrial and social systems that deliver the products to us. We thought of getting help of 3D print technology to develop customized products. Our goals were to minimize the waste of matter and energy and increase people’s involvement in the design process.” The shoe design isn’t random. It takes inspiration from our own body’s bone micro-structure. Making it sturdy, no matter how frail it looks. The shoe is designed in a way that supports all the pressure points of the foot in a way that is good for you. Each shoe is bespoke. The Atossa app allows you to send the designers pictures of your foot and have them construct shoes best suited for your wear. You can also customize the way the strap goes around your ankle, virtually giving one design multiple avatars. And just when you thought the shoe design couldn’t be more well-planned, the 3D printing uses a material called PLA to build the shoe. An organic plastic that can bio-degrade. Having said that, these heels definitely reach newer heights; and makes sure you do too!

Crazy Shoes by Filipino Designer Kermit Tesoro

The 27-year-old Filipino fashion and shoe designer Kermit Tesoro drew the attention of Lady Gaga with his famous skull-heel shoes, which resulted in Tesoro’s heel-less design being featured in Gaga’s Gilt collection. “I want to translate people’s deviations into my own creations. It’s like a fashion interpretation of the biological or psychological deviation of a person. I’ve always been driven to create clothing articles based on inner conflicts or the inability to control one’s inner impulses or failure to structure one’s behavior in an orderly way.” Kermit Tesoro studied at UP Diliman College of Fine Arts. He enjoys going to hardware stores, collects books, and is a Nina Simone fan. Tesoro’s advice for aspiring designers: “Study, research, learn, identify the craft and avoid subverting or revolting without a cause.” Also you might be interested in Top 20 Most Expensive Shoes in the World.

Fantasy Shoes by Anastasia Radevich

The creations of Montreal-based shoe designer Anastasia Radevich is a shoe designer with a passion. She seem to answer that question quite effortlessly through unconventional pieces of footwear that combine symbolism with the uncompromising power of natural shapes and textures. In her “Kinetik” collection for example, she used fibre optics to light up the shoes, while in her most recent “Alchemy” collection, the shoes merge into the realistic forms of fossils and horns. Take a look! And don’t forget to check our list of the most expensive shoes ever.

Shocking Shoes from Masaya Kushino

Japanese designer Masaya Kushino loves to shock the audience. He creates a striking shoes decorated with baroque ornaments, fur, feathers and flowers. The trend toward animal influences that Kushino can incorporate into his designs, is clearly visible. Pairing opulent peacock feathers and attached pony tail with ball round bottom is now engraved mentally, especially the model of rams’ horns! Can you wear these works of art? I doubt. Is it worthy of your attention? Definitely! Also you might be interested in the most expensive shoes in the world.

Dragon Shoes by Saigon Socialite

Saigon Socialite takes liberty in translating the timeless beauty of ancient Vietnamese wood art through the lens of modern luxury. “Our developmental efforts took over 33 months of investment in program construction and community collaboration to make this product accessible to the world. We’ve maintained a carefully curated-process throughout the making of each pair of shoes. No two pairs of shoes are alike. It takes 18 days to translate the artistic abilities of each of our individual wood carving artisans into beautiful wearable art. The ancient art of pagoda woodcrafting in Vietnam stretches back over 1000 years but is today in decline due displacements from prefabrications.” The collection is a fusion of ancient symbols found in traditional art combined with a modern sensibility for comfort. Collection of the most expensive shoes of the world also includes interesting pairs – take a look.

Shoe Bakery’s Custom Shoes – Sweets for Your Feet

Shoe Bakery specializes in creating high-end shoes to look like various forms of dessert. “Our love for shoes came with the passion for being unique. We love shoes and sweets so why not put them together? We are very passionate about creating one of a kind custom works of art. We feel that every woman deserves to feel special and not have the same heels that someone else does.” Whether you want some red velvet on your feet, or to step out with two ice cream cones – the Shoe Bakery appears capable of making the sweetest footwear imaginable. A pair would cost you up to $400. Not cheap but it hardly hit the list of the most expensive shoes of the world

12 Shoes for 12 Lovers by Sebastian Errazuriz

“12 shoes for 12 lovers” created by New York-based designer Sebastian Errazuriz reflects on the recollection of the artist’s personal and sexual relationships with former lovers, each of whom became the influence for a series of shoe sculptures. Each day, Errazuriz released one image of a new heeled design, completed by an accompanying photo of the footwear’s muse and a small, often explicit story about the duo’s escapades together. All nicknamed according to their distinctive idiosyncrasies, peculiarities, and character traits, the women and their narrative are materialized through each wearable. “12 shoes for 12 shoes” will exhibit at the pop-up shop of Brazilian shoe brand Melissa from December 6th, 2013 to January 6th, 2014 for Art Basel Miami Beach 2013. If you like such lists you should definetely check our list of the most expensive shoes of the world.

Nike LeBron 11 Shoes

Recently Nike unveiled its latest basketball signature shoe: the LeBron 11. With its incredible design, it blends all of the brand’s latest innovations (Hyperposite, Hyperfuse, Dynamic Flywire, Lunarlon, Nike Zoom) and only weighs 14.5 oz. Its upper provides protection, containment and responsiveness, while its bottom was deconstructed to position his foot much lower to the ground to better feel the court. The Lebron 11 will be released globally on October 12h. Interesting fact – one of Nike shoes is included in the list of the most expensive shoes ever.

Biomimicry Shoe by Marieka Ratsma and Kostika Spaho

A bird’s skull inspired the hollow heel of these 3D-printed shoes by Dutch fashion designer Marieka Ratsma and American architect Kostika Spaho. They used the shape of a bird’s cranium for the front of the shoe, with the tapered beak as the spike of the heel. The lightweight and efficient structure of the hollow skull allowed the shoe to be 3D-printed using less material. Take a look!

Creative “Thorn” Heels by Iris van Herpen and United Nude

Creative Thorn heels created by Iris van Herpen and United Nude is their 6th shoe collaboration for her “Hybrid-Holism” haute couture collection. The founder and creative director spoke out about the collaboration saying "Creating new shoes with Iris is a greater challenge each time. The new shoes have to be better than the previous and the techniques used for making them advance. We race against the clock and fly people all over the world to get the shoes to Paris. The excitement to see her show is something we live up to a long time in advance and is one of our most proud artistic highlights of the year.” It will be produced in very limited numbers in various colors, such as glossy nude, glossy black and mat black.

Scent of Flower

Some time ago we’ve shown you interesting art works of creative photographer Fulvio Bonavia called Matter of Taste. Today we’ll show you new series of his works Scent of Flower. The sense is the same – apparel, accesories, shoes are created not from ordinary materials but this time from flowers. All models are real, it’s not Photoshop, but unfortunately they’re not normal apparels, they’re just compositions.

The Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Lookbook

The Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Lookbook contains seven images that are reenactments of iconic 15th century Renaissance portraits with the incorporation of Christian Louboutin shoes from the Fall 2011 collection. Photographed by Peter Lippmann and styled by Catherine Gorne each shot from this series celebrate “;the power of femininity”, embodying the spirit of the Christian Louboutin woman through various historic figures. Enjoy!

Creative Thonet Shoes by Pablo Reinoso

These unusual shoes are art works of Paris-based designer Pablo Reinoso. He has utilized components of the classic furniture object in sculptural footwear. In the following four variations he takes sections of the bentwood and incorporates them with vintage shoes to create curving heels. Or adapts the vegetable fibres used to weave the cane seating of the iconic chair, as a decorative element extending from the body of a shoe. Also, don’t forget to check our list of the most expensive shoes of the world.

Amazing Footwear from Kobi Levi

Israel footwear designer Kobi Levi courageously blends the boundaries between fashion and art while creating every pair of shoes. Each pair is a complete sculpture. He invented a “bilateral” boots, flip-flops from the peel of bananas, sandals-slingshot and shoes-dog. If you’ll decide to wear such shoes you’ll not be unnoticed! It’s a truly amazing shoes!

Elegant Mojito Shoe from Julian Hakes

The modern fashion world contains thousand of beautiful, stylish and even strange shoes’ models. But this one will force you to say “WOW!”. Created by London architect Julian Hakes this Mojito shoe consist of a single piece of wrapped around the wearer’s foot, supporting the heel and ball with no footplate in-between. Simple and at the same time extremely elegant shoe will be shown with the Spring/Summer collection by Swedish fashion designer Ann Sofie Back at Somerset House today and with London designer Ada Zanditon’s collection tomorrow at ON/OFF Victoria House.