Unique Slip-On ‘Walk Of Mind’ Women’s Shoes

Unique Slip-On 'Walk Of Mind' Women's Shoes

Exploring Hadar Slassi’s “Walk of Mind” shoes really got me thinking about how we blend the new with the traditional in today’s world. It’s like watching two worlds collide – he age-old art of shoemaking and the razor-sharp edge of modern technology. These shoes start with something as high-tech as a digital scan of a foot and transform through processes that include both 3D printing and handcrafting. Isn’t that something of a marvel?

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The journey of creating each pair of these shoes fascinates me. Imagine stepping into a shoe that fits every contour of your foot perfectly because it was designed from a scan of your foot. How would that feel? This method ensures that everyone gets a shoe that feels right, not just size-wise but shape-wise too, embracing the uniqueness of each foot.

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Then there’s the use of “stratas” instead of traditional layers in the shoe’s design. Borrowing terms from geology to describe the layers in shoes adds a poetic touch, don’t you think? These stratas involve materials like Nylon 12 polymer and vegetable-tanned leather, which not only promise durability but also a nod to sustainability. It’s refreshing to see such attention to environmental impact in fashion design.

And the cultural depth – Slassi draws inspiration from her heritage, infusing the shoes with elements that touch on both spiritual and earthly themes. This approach adds layers of meaning to the shoes, making them more than just footwear. They become a statement, a piece of identity. “The work draws influence by shoes and feet at judaism. Relaying on a spiritual yet earthly ground, my project allows me to inner examine my heritage and its values,” Hadar Slassi mentions.

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What I find truly inspiring is how these shoes bridge the gap between modern digital technology and old-world craftsmanship. It’s a bold reminder that innovation doesn’t have to mean letting go of the past. It can also mean enhancing traditional techniques with new insights and technologies.

The Walk Of Mind shoes are a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020. As someone who loves both technology and tradition, I see “Walk of Mind” shoes as a beautiful synthesis of both. They challenge us to think about our roots while eagerly embracing the future. How do you see this blend of tradition and technology shaping our choices in other aspects of life? And don’t forget to check the list of the most expensive shoes in the world.

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