Round Tiny House ‘Escape Pod’ by Podmakers

The “Escape Pod” from UK-based design firm Podmakers, is a spherical hideout that lets you get away from it all. This unique space is a versatile backyard dwelling cab be used as a garden retreat for workers, visitors, a music or writer´s studio, or anyone in need of a little timeout. Crafted from a mix of birch plywood and European oak, the 75-square-foot prefabricated unit can be easily customised depending on what the owner wants from distinct window designs, heating source, to window placement and built-in furniture. To add to its uniqueness, the entrance is through a unique aircraft-style plug door with a wooden hinge. Don’t forget to check other great examples of round houses: Podzook and Skydome.

Variomobil Signature 1200 is a Luxurious $1M Motor Home

Variomobil Signature 1200 is the largest and most expensive motorhome on the market right now. VARIOmobil, the German company behind this incredible project, made sure that the 523-hp six-cylinder turbo diesel Mercedes engine will take you anywhere you might want to go in comfort, style and safety. This outrageous motorhome drives to camp and then it allows its lucky owner to take his (or her) Porsche, Mercedes or BMW to enjoy a trip around the area. But the extraordinary 39-ft (12m), three-axle, 6×2 Mercedes Actros-based motorhome is so amazing that they’ve decided to ask $1 million for it.

The Rook Tiny House – High End House On Wheels

Today we want to tell you about the Rook Tiny House. This 22-foot long abode made by the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Wind River Homes has a surprisingly urban vibe to it despite being built for anywhere but the city. The exterior of the home features painted vertical siding with exposed stainless screws that give off a stark and masculine vibe while the interior sports a herringbone floor, exposed brick veneer, floating rebar stairs, and a handful of other rugged accents. Despite being incredibly small, the home has a full bathroom, loft with washing unit, built in book shelves, a fold down desk, and a bevy of other creature comforts. But it isn’t what Wind River fit into this home that makes it interesting. Take it out of context and the inside of the Rook tiny house could be mistaken for a renovated big-city industrial loft. And given all the hard work and detail that Wind River put into the home, it’ll cost you about as much, too. Price tag is $100.000.

Compact Living Unit Adaptable To Various Climate Conditions And Terrains

Slovenian architecture firm OFIS Architects developed a living unit. Research for the cabin was initiated by OFIS Architects and Permiz, C+C, C28 and AKT to develop a self-contained wooden shell, flexible and adaptable for different locations, climate conditions and terrains. This compact house can be used as holiday cabin, a hideaway, treehouse or even a temporary habitation for research. OFIS Architects’ basic living unit (4.50 m x 2.50 m x 2.70 m) offers accommodation, including a kitchen, bathroom, bed and seats. It joins horizontally and/or vertically and can be upgraded to twins-sized, triplets or similar. The structure is made using timber frames, which are reinforced by plywood boards on both sides. The cabin can be fixed on the ground either by steel anchors or removable concrete cubes. The interior treatment is changeable and flexible and the unit furnishings can be used in various site contexts.

Innovative Folding House From Wood And Glass

This dynamic house was designed and built by Caspar Schols as a hobby space for his mother. Schols designed the pavilion with no formal architecture training after his mother asked for a pavilion that could be used for dinner parties with friends, theatre performances by her grandchildren, painting and meditating.The Garden House sits on the edge of a pond in Schols’ parents’ garden. It is made almost entirely of douglas fir wood and at first glance looks like a typical garden shed. But Schols separated the inner beam-and-glass structure from the outer wooden walls and metal roof and set them on runners. The walls part in the middle and can be wheeled inwards and outwards to create different layouts. “I was looking for a design with a lot of flexibility, if possible a design that has the flexibility of clothes,” said Schols. “You should be able to get away with changing the layers of the house almost as easily as changing clothes when desired.” The pavilion contains a bed that lifts out of the structure’s raised decking base, and a small black wooden fireplace is set in its centre. In inclement weather, the walls can be closed to create a warm and cosy shelter with outdoor terraces on either side. But as the weather gets warmer the outer shell is designed to be slid open to offer more light, leaving the inner glass shell to protect against any rain or wind. Doors on the east and west side of the house can be opened up to create a breeze. In sunnier weather, this glass shell can be parted to create an outdoor living space in the centre, where the bed, fireplace and furniture are open to the elements. “Think of how you can sleep under the stars, go sunbathing, have a barbecue party, or just relax and enjoy your freedom while being perfectly comfortable,” said Schols. The final layout option, which Schols describes as “dinner party mode”, involves sliding the two glass shells outwards and creating a covered space in the centre. This creates a large indoor space with room for a 10-metre-long table to hosts a dinner part of 30 people.

Viking Seaside Summer House by FREAKS Architecture

Repurposed from an existing fishing shack, the Viking Summer House by FREAKS Architecture is a minimal beach retreat on the coast of France. Although construction regulations kept the structure’s size and shape unchanged, the roof and exterior facade were upgraded to a galvanized metal. The interior consists of only the basics — a kitchen, living room, and dining area — left in an open floor plan with a lofted bedroom above. To make the most of the modest space, bathing is done seaside in the outdoor shower. Along with a couple of large sliding windows, the coastal setting can also be enjoyed on an outdoor terrace created by the rocky landscape.

Sydney-Inspired Luxury Mobile Home

Rob Vos Design’s “Opera” camper takes a traditional two-person trailer and combines it with all household amenities in the form of the Sydney Opera House. This private suite on wheels features two electrically adjustable beds, a boiler supplying warm water to the kitchen and shower, heating, ceramic toilet, refrigerator, plus low-energy LED lighting – like a typical holiday home, with an added sense of theater. Rob Vos Design’s “Opera” camper aims to camping into the 21st century as a unique form of high-quality tourism, combining the atmosphere of yesterday with the amenities of today. Unlike some, who may see camping as a means of holiday-making on the cheap, the Netherlands-based design company sees camping as a goal in itself. With this in mind, it developed the “Opera” camper trailer in 2008: a luxury mobile home combining tent accommodation, with optimum travelling pleasure, convenience and comfort, and an architectural image. Within minutes the camping trailer unfolds to reveal its characteristic outlines, resting firmly with a sculptural form. The teak veranda welcomes campers into its homely interior. The electrically adjustable beds and mattresses with two comfort zones offer an excellent night’s sleep, and in a simple stroke they can be transformed from two single beds into a double. The boiler supplies hot water to the compact kitchen equipped with a stainless steel sink, a mixer faucet, pull-out faucet head, plus a top loading refrigerator that holds up to 36 with a volume of 36 liters. The mini-bathroom features a ceramic toilet, and a corian fountain with a pull-out faucet head, that can be used as outdoor shower. Hot air heating and low-energy LED lighting provides the convenience of a complete holiday home with an ambient atmosphere. Completing the ensemble the outdoor kitchen opens up with two modular elements: a piezoelectric two-pit stove, piezoelectric gas barbeque, charcoal barbeque, and a beech wood cutting board, all of which folds away in the kitchen cupboard. The cookers are integrated with the vehicle’s onboard gas supply,removing the need to carry extra, heavy gas bottles. When connected to a vehicle, the ‘opera’ has an extra-wide track, double axle, hydraulic shocks, and very low centre of gravity, for added stability. The only time you’ll notice a little extra weight behind you is when the foot is on the throttle. The width and height of the unit offers unobstructed view to the rear, with no extra outside mirrors required.

Tiny Adventure Home By Tiny Heirloom

For as cool as they are, tiny homes are synonymous with compromise. In order to fit into a house small enough to be towed by a truck, you have to make some hard decisions about what you do and don’t want to keep in your life. The couple who own the Tiny Adventure Home by Tiny Heirloom, however, found a way to get the best of both worlds. Measuring in at 28 feet long the home is just as small as any other tiny house out there, but thanks to a Rockwerx climbing wall placed on the exterior of the building, the couple can still train for big climbs while living their paired down lifestyle. When they’re not training they can enjoy the impeccably finished interior featuring a dining room large enough to seat six, and a loft area just above the table for lounging and socializing. On the other end of the home, adjacent to the fully equipped kitchen there is a full bathroom with a corner soaking tub, on top of which sits another loft that serves as the bedroom. On nicer days, the side of the home opens up via a large garage door, letting in all the light and fresh air. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

Beautiful Tiny House From Concrete

Imagine waking up in a room with a stunning view, eating your breakfast on a terrace, walking to a secluded beach for a short dip in the ocean, then drinking wine near a private pool while watching the sunset. That is exactly what Casa Tiny offers to its guests, who can now rent it through Airbnb. The cozy house is located on the Oaxaca Coast in Mexico near Casa Wabi, an artists’ retreat founded by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi. But if the retreat is a larger complex featuring several villas, a gallery, art studios, and public spaces, Casa Tiny is aptly named as it is designed for 1-2 people. The structure was inspired by “Walden”, a book written by Henry David Thoreau about living a simple life in a natural environment. Inside, guests will find a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area. A terrace with a concrete table becomes the ideal outdoor dining space. Guests can relax in the comfortable hammock, cool down in the private pool, walk through the nearby gardens, or take a swim in the ocean, which is just five minutes away from the house. The minimalist structure is made of concrete and features wooden accents that add a rustic warmth to the interior. Surrounded by vegetation and sand, the peaceful, comfortable and simple house is the perfect choice for a relaxing getaway in the middle of nature. Like it? Get $25 for your travel via Airbnb!

Koda Tiny Home by Kodasema

Estonia-based firm Kodasema creates creative tiny Koda house. This thing is essentially a nice big concrete box with one side made primarily from glass. That isn’t to put this down at all – much of the appeal of the home comes from its simplistic design. Taking just seven hours to build, this minimalist 326 square foot concrete home contains a full bathroom, laundry room, and loft bedroom space. Designed to be energy efficient and less reliant on the grid than your common home, the Koda comes with solar panels and glazed glass. Kodasema has recently announced that they will be exploring options to use similar construction methods to build office and retail spaces so while you may never live in one, you may start seeing some around in the near future. Prices for the homes start at $111,000.

Innovative Nautilus Houseboats for Modern Lifestyle

Nautilus Houseboats are specialized in the development and construction of innovative design houseboats for a modern lifestyle. The idea of living on the water used to be for people seeking freedom and adventure outside conventional society, but these days, houseboats aren’t just for renegade captains. A houseboat lets you experience the world and have your own home wherever you go, with the same comfort as in your dream home on land. Nautilus offers 4 distinct models according to your needs and family size, you can choose from various equipment options and floor plans, giving you the opportunity to build a boat according to your wishes and budget.

A Compact Mobile Office on Wheels

Belgian-based studio FIVE AM designed a compact, mobile office, or training facility, on wheels that they call “dojowheels”. Built within a camper trailer, the “dojo” reflects the design studio’s idea of working together. The modular design lets you change the setup easily making a small space more functional. The pop-up table lets you access storage underneath while also giving your legs a place to rest when you’re working. Instead of commuting to the office, you can take your office anywhere you want and even conduct meeting inside. When the table is down, the cushion slides out so you can sleep.

Eco-Friendly Pod ‘Podzook’

Judy Bernier instantly fell in love with Archipod, a new concept in backyard office design. The sad fact was that they were only available in the UK. After working with Archipod’s inventor Chris Sneesby, the trained architect formed Podzook to bring them to the United States and Canada and have them crafted in Maine out of local, sustainable resources. Along with the locally-sourced wood, a close-by company makes the insulation out of blue jeans. The shingles come from a small company just a few towns over. While they could cut corners and crank them out, Podzook wants to keep the quality top-notch and made one at a time. Whether you want a backyard office, playhouse, guest room, or just a place to call your own, the Podzook is the coolest eco-friendly pod you’ll probably come across.

Tiny House POD Idladla

The POD Idladla is pre-fabricated, modular nano-home that has been crafted in South Africa and which will really provide an eye-catching, versatile space for you to use as you see fit. A home office conducive to creativity is something that we crave and with the POD Idladla, we might just have found exactly what we’re looking for. With a design that can be put together in a number of different configurations to suit your own particular requirements, the POD Idladla can range from small office workspace right through to a larger dwelling depending on how many of the pre-fabricated 17m square units you use.

The Tiny Leaf House: Version 3

Tiny homes are a great way to setup shop in the middle of the great outdoors, but their stationary nature is their major downfall. The Leaf House is a portable tiny home that lets any man live like a nomad. Maybe you want to spend a night, maybe you wanna spend a year – it really doesn’t matter with the Leaf House. Essentially a small dwelling on wheels, each one is custom built to the exact specifications of the owner. And they’re more than just a gimmicky trailer; each one was built to withstand the harsh Canadian winters, keeping you warm all through the colder seasons. In order to make a home that was portable, the design team had to cut back on weight opting for solutions like concrete coating foam board for the counter tops as oppose to traditional granite. At around $40,000 a pop, it’s most certainly a steep investment, but with the ability to add things like a complete solar/wind system for power, you might consider ditching the mortgage for a life off the grid.

Traditional Slovenian Compact House

Designed by Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti this simple-looking house is located in Slovenia and represents a modern take on a traditional cottage. Compact and designed as a monolithic structure it features concrete walls inlaid with stone. Small and compact houses are popular in this region and this particular one combines elements of both modern and traditional architecture. The exterior of the house features a rugged texture because of the combination of materials but the interior is a lot more friendly and inviting. The structure was built using the house within a house concept. A series of wooden volumes were inserted into the house and they delimitate the areas and the functions while also allowing the rooms to look and feel like tiny individual homes. The wooden volumes feature pitched roofs, just like the main house itself. The ground floor is a semi-public space that contains the living room, the kitchen and a shared bathroom. It’s an open space with a minimalist design. The color scheme is simple and based mostly on neutrals, featuring gray as the star shade combined with natural wood accents and white portions. A wooden staircase leads to the second floor. The bedroom, the playroom and the children’s room are located here. The staircase also doubles as a bookcase, featuring storage compartments that complement a desk situated just beneath. Each bedrooms resembles a separate wooden house with a lovely pitched roof and a stand-alone look. The two bedrooms look down onto the ground floor living space, featuring a rope wall. The house has very few windows. This type of design is common to the region and gives it an authentic look, allowing it to seamlessly blend in. The upper floor areas enjoy views of the sky and the surroundings while the ground floor spaces get to connect with the outdoors. A concrete fence surrounds the house on one side, softening the harsh texture and straight, clean angles but also emphasizing the rugged look at the same time.

Arcadia the Spirit Shelter

Neither a tiny house nor a treehouse, Arcadia the Spirit Shelter is a furnished backyard hangout for exploration and meditation. The Allergutendinge design can be assembled and reassembled in any place, allowing the users to define where or what Arcadia is for themselves. Furnished with a built-in bed, dining table, and storage, the little enclave is fine for a siesta or a half-day stay. The lightly decorated space is made of naturally finished wood and painted white on the outside. A skylight, a window, and a porch open up the space to the surrounding environment, connecting the spirits of the person, the shelter, and the surrounding paradise.